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A letter from
Shafin de Zane
Writer, Teacher, Counselor


Consider the chances of you being here on this page right now reading these words. You could be anywhere doing anything else, but something brought you here today and not any other day. This page has been here since 2006 but you are reading this today. Consider also that such a medium of communion didn’t even exist just 30 years ago. And yet here we are.

Welcome to our little garden of mind magic: the theme here is more awareness. More awareness means more love, which means a richer, fuller, more expanded experience of life. And that process of expansion begins with the astounding realization that we are essentially “One Mind” playing a game called “Many Lives”. When we finally “wake up” to that realization, life loses the quality of “me against the other”… the fight ends, so to speak, and a great adventure of Self-discovery begins.

We humans are complex things, to say the least. We have inherited a brain and mind whose evolution has simultaneously left us with many mechanisms not suited for modern life, and also the potential for accommodating visions of relationships and connections that span infinity and eternity.

My personal service and role in this game is primarily research and exploration on the frontiers of brain and mind. Secondarily, it is showing up in people’s lives as a teacher/therapist/coach when they begin questioning the absolutely convincing concreteness or validity of the game.

The game is real enough, make no mistake, just a visit to the dentist or lawyers office and we all find out how real the game is. What I do is help those who want to play the game of life with more elegance and joy and serve others as a conscious bearer of light instead of an unwitting agent of darkness.

If you are here for the first time, I suggest you start with the free eBook "5 Gold Keys" (link below). If you want to book a personal session with me or hire me for your organization, please scroll down, you'll find the relevant links. Links to upcoming live programs are also below.

All my products and services are pro bono (free) for you if you genuinely do not have the means to pay. Just write me an email, explain your need in detail, and you'll get whatever it is you want for free. (Live workshops and seminars not included because those come with a lot of costs that are beyond my reach).

Hope that's enough introductory chit chat. Now lets make this world a better, prettier, more loving place, than how we found it.




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5 Gold Keys for Practical Life Magic (Free)

From USA to Uruguay, Australia to Azerbaijan, Ireland to India... thousands of seekers of truth found something in this little book something to turn their lives around. Packed with some of the most powerful principles of personal development and focusing on the key areas of life, this quick read will probably change the way you look at life forever. If you are visiting our website for the first time, start here before you do anything else.
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Redefine Your Reality eBook
Here is where it all started. The book that has changed literally thousands of lives. Possibly the only self help book available today that takes you step by step from beginning your journey of self discovery to learning to see beyond the material obvious of finance and economics, to spiritual healing, to attraction and relationships. The final twist comes when the reader is introduced to a more advanced level of spiritual growth... the realm of the miraculous.
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Miracles Today Guided Meditation
Is there a place within each one of us where miracles are as natural as breathing and sleeping? Can we train ourselves to first find that place and then find a way to stabilize our brain in that state? Find out by reading the experiences of many others who have used this meditation recording to do exactly that. Whether you are a beginner at meditation or have a long experience, this may change the way you approach life altogether.
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Advanced Mind Programming

The Advanced Mind Programming programs are approximately 1 hour long and layered with two super powered transformational tools known to man - professional hypnotic induction and cutting edge brain entrainment technology. Combining the effects of these two mind altering super tools, you are guaranteed to experience unbelievable results in a very short time. 

The Dream Manifestor
This is one of our unique programs that supercharges your journey of manifesting your dreams and material success. This audio program is designed to keep the listener on track with their goals and dreams, motivate daily and keep reminding some of the most powerful success principles known to mankind. Repeated listening not only changes ones belief system in the deep subconscious mind level but also creates powerful inspiring states that supercharges the listener to move forward immediately. The result? Fast inspired action in the right direction with massive energy and total focus.
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I teach meditation for insight and clarity, and mind control through self-hypnosis to organisations, corporations and young adults. This is for people who are interested in boosting their clarity, creativity and inner peace to a whole new level. Programs can be anything from 2 hour lectures to 3 day long workshops. If you are interested to hire me for your organization, please send an email to shafin(@)shafindezane.com


Personal Sessions with Shafin de Zane

Whether you call it therapy, training or coaching, I believe having a one-on-one approach can accelerate your success and take you to a whole new level of being that is simply not possible by reading a book or going through a product. So if you need help in making a jump in your personal evolution, this is your path to it.

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More Stories Of Life Transformation...









I have been using the Dream Manifestor Meditation Program by Shafin for about 3 weeks now and wanted to share my opinion and experience so far.

This may get a bit long but I do have a lot to say as to how this program relates to my particular situation at this point in my life and how Shafin's words are starting to awaken my soul, which has been in hibernation for much to long. As you can see by the attached picture I am very fortunate to be married to a wonderful woman.

As is in most relationships we have had our share of ups and downs and recently went through a very difficult period which almost dissolved our 15 year union. The short version of the story is that we re-found each other and are stronger and more committed than we have been in many years.

This new found rekindling actually happened before I started the Dream Manifestor program but what I have found is that by using the program I now am able to see my life with greater clarity and look forward to the future.

During this 3 week period of I have missed doing my meditation 3 times (Nobody's Perfect) but have always re-continued my journey after missing a session which in the past I would have giving up and went on to something else. This fact alone is a testimonial to this program and my faith in what it will do for me.

My biggest challenge with this new journey is (Staying Focused) during meditation. Some days are smoother than others but my mind often stays very busy and I find distractive thoughts "Crashing The Party" so to speak.

I'm not exactly sure how to address this but I know in order to get the full benefit from the program I will need to find the answer to this. It's interesting that in your email you address this issue in the webinar so obviously I am not alone in contending with these distractions.

I feel my biggest personal challenge is that of self fulfillment. Like many if not most people I find my self unfulfilled in my career which I have been at for 21 years now. I have in the past spent a lot of "Mind Time" regretting how the years have sped by and how I should have changed my circumstances rather than stay with a career which I truly don't feel I was meant to be in.

The more the years pass, the harder it is to make a change. The DM program (Dream Manifestor) has helped me greatly to let go of the past and focus on the present and future which I am now realizing can be whatever I choose it to be. Although I still struggle daily with this, I feel myself getting a little stronger each day, I attribute this directly to this meditation and Shafin's words which are helping me to transform my thoughts into new actions.

I learned of Shafin's program while reading post's on the Warrior Forum. For some reason many of the things he said resonated with me and that's how I ended up here. For most of my life I have been like the "Plate Juggler" in the circus, searching for one opportunity after the other trying to find my "Place" in the world, all the while spinning plates on each finger and dropping them only to spin the next plate thinking this one will be "The Best Plate" and will answer all my questions and solve all my financial and personal challenges.

The Dream Manifestor Program is slowly helping me to find what it is I need to do and then do it. Specifically, I want to be a highly successful affiliate marketer and plan to market Shafin's work as well as other programs in different niche's. Doing this will allow me to give back to the world which in turn will enrich my life. I now realize this is my ultimate goal. This specific journey does scare me a bit because there is so much to learn and so many ways to be led astray by many in the Internet Marketing arena.

Never the less I am committed to do this and know I must do this. The alternative is not an option. I end this long and heartfelt email now with a quote from Henry David Thoreau.

"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation, only to die with the song still in their heart"

Before listening to Shafin and his works I felt I may end up being one of those men, I now vow to never feel this way again!

Sincerely grateful and hopeful.



Shafin, Not only have I taken the eCourse, but I have read Redefine Your Reality! I whole heartedly recommend that anyone who is seeking to make a powerful change in their life take full advantage of this opportunity!


One year ago today, I had an auto accident that dramatically altered my life! I became disabled with a serious neck injury that ended a job that paid me $60,000 the year before and sent me on a journey that led me to the Redefine Your Reality eCourse and book.

During the last year I've been studying on The Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Meditation, Visualization, Affirmations, Limiting Beliefs, The Power of Thought, The Universal Laws, etc., and although I have learned much and have grown immensely, have been freed of decades of negative, bitter bondage, it all didn't really come together until I read your material.


I have been able to "piece together" the puzzle of the things I had learned in the previous year. As you well know, it is one thing to know "about" these things, but quite another to experience and comprehend them as it pertains to your life. As I read your writings, it was as if you became "the Teacher" sent to me to help me put it all together. Thank You!

I have now begun a journey that involves me seeing my present and future more clearly, and my purpose in life guides me onward in ways I'd only dreamed about in the past!

Thank You once again,

Frank J. White, USA



Dear Shafin, I thank GOD for my virtual connection to you. From the very moment I found your site - of course, it wasn't an accident at all, I have been guided to you - and started to read, I realized that I'm not alone in this world.


I ordered your book "Redefine Your Reality", started to read and work on it - many interesting things started to happen to me. I created around $10,000, that I needed that time, in one week, after months of thinking that I have not enough money.


When I read about your guided meditation "Miracles Today", I knew immediately that I should buy it and practice it every day. Some voice inside of me told me that it would bring me miracles. And that is exactly what happened to me!


I have not meditated at all in my life before, I did some kind of focused meditation of my own for around 10 minutes. That's all. Now, It is one hour - so much time. My thought was "I have no time to do it..."  So, I decided to find a special time for this. But the next day...


Here the miracle starts. I have always awakened at 9 o'clock in the morning for around 3 years, it was the best time for me. Suddenly the next day I woke up at 6:30 and felt good. I couldn't understand what happened to me, but I did not begin to meditate yet.


The next day when I woke up at 6:30 once more, I understood that I have been awakened for the meditation. WOW! I had no choice - I started to meditate. On my first time of doing this Meditation, in the middle, I suddenly heard some very quiet voice telling me:


"You become healthy and wealthy. You have work to do".

I said: "I know, but I'm not ready yet".

And the voice said "You will be ready very Soon".


It was AMAZING! What do I feel !? - I'm full of good energy, full of quiet joy and faith! Amazing! I thank you, Shafin, so much for this gift for me!


My blessings, love and light.


Irene Bergin, Israel



Suspend your disbelief and life can change in a heartbeat...

Invest on the most important asset of your life: YOU!



What Are All These People Talking About?


Dear Shafin: I am so grateful for all the insights you have shared with your 7 day course and the additional information and tools such as the 1 hour meditation you are providing to all of the members.


This information has assisted in my personal development and the application of this information has improved my well being.  Thank you for sharing this with the world. Bright blessings and best wishes always.


Janice Scarinci Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Department Chair
Hotel, Restaurant & Resort Management, Northwood University, Florida


Dear Shafin, Your course has been a one on one conversation where l not only learned valuable lessons but also got to know my teacher.  

This gave me the added advantage of having a role model: warm, kind and also tough and matter of fact when needed. You are wise, generous and inspiring. Thank you.


Alfred D. Herger
Ph. D. Psychologist


Thank you Shafin de Zane! Thanks to God that you are in this world. I have too much to say but I will be short here.


You showed me the key to understand this world and to be happy. You gave the answer of the question "why?" that I have searching my entire life. I realized that all my life I was exercising to control my body, and my behaviour. I was trying to control the results. You explained how mind is working, what are the feelings. You showed the Source.


Now I'm learning from your course to create these results. Now as never before I can't stop. I want to go on, I want more. This course does miracles.


I'm beginner but already feel much calmer and happier. I'm on the way to buy Redefine Your Reality Package. Keep creating, keep making miracles with us!


Lilit, Armenia


Hello Dear Coach! So many things had happened since I bought the program Redefine Your Reality, amazing things! I feel more connect to the divine flow, secure and guided.


I meditated regularly, now following your guided meditation “Miracles Today” made it so easy. I felt more energy, peaceful and happy. I have already accomplished a few goals, and I know I will accomplish more!


Learning to enjoy every moment, feeling grateful, blessed and complete - here and now. Thank you for all!


Keep doing the good job!!


Verenice Flores,  Mexico


Shafin, I purchased your book and it's been inspiring!  Thanks to your inspiration, I've created a vision for myself, the life I truly want to live, in my integrity. I'm taking steps every day to make this vision a reality and I can feel myself getting closer to my goal.


I can see that I really can change my life, that I am the creator of my life.  In just a couple short weeks I had shifts I never imagined possible. 


Everything is changing forever. 


Thank you for giving me the tools and confidence to take this step. 


Rhett Bise

Redondo Beach, CA, United States


Hello Shafin! Your 5 Mindsets program has caused great things to happen in my life!

Each day is now exciting and my desire, direction and focus are ever more strengthened. I appreciate all of the hard work you have put into this program!

I am forever grateful for you and how you have given me the tools to reach further into myself than ever before!


Christopher Lord


Dear Shafin, I found your course to be incredible. Especially your Redefine Your Reality book -- as I went through the EXACT same break-up, leading to year-long depression and suicidal thoughts.


It was a real God-send, just when I thought there was no God, no Heaven, no goodness or hope left in this world anymore. Whenever I find myself thinking anything even the slightest bit negative, I open up those books or visit your website/blog or download a podcast.


Thanks to you, Shafin, my life is magical once again.


Yours fondly,

Sunita Rao



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