The 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® System

The 7th Path Self Hypnosis System combines the transformational power of hypnosis, meditation and your spiritual system to move you more quickly toward being your true self, reaching a much higher level of consciousness, releasing your latent talents, and helping you to realize your calling.

Yes, this hypnosis empowered meditation will work when other kinds of meditation were difficult. It is so simple when you use a system that works with how your mind was designed to work. 

Take back control of your life and live the life you were meant to live!

Change your mind and you change your life! Here a just a few things that 7th Path Self-Hypnosis can help you with:
Increased self confidence, loose weight, cure insomnia, improve concentration, find inner peace… the possibilities are unlimited.
Create new habits such as exercising regularly, self-motivation, being more patient with others and more.
Self-improvement such as reducing stress, improve love life, better public speaking, overcome fears, and more.
What is so special about 7th Path Self-Hypnosis?
It is the first self-hypnosis program that we know of that allows you to first remove the old programming that blocks success. It is designed to heal the deepest of the wounds and self limiting beliefs.
It is designed to work with a Mind-Body-Spirit approach, often not included in so many other self improvement or self-hypnosis programs.
It is especially easy to do, and most practitioners will be successful at achieving self-hypnosis from the very first session. Why? Because you learn 7th Path self-hypnosis while in a state of hypnosis!
Redefine Your Reality Live Event
The 7th Path Self Hypnosis System®
Venue: NOVOTEL Hotel, Clarke Quay, Singapore
Venue Information:

Date: 12 - 14th November 2009
Time: 5 pm - 10pm everyday



I do not have the words to express my thanks for what I have received in the past few days. Shafin is gifted not only with his talent for hypnosis but with compassion and empathy. It was a long road that led me to seek the help of a professional and I am immensely grateful that it led me to him.

It was a great experience in class meeting all those wonderful people and seeing Shafin’s ever smiling face. He led me through a difficult road that I never thought I’d be able to cross.

This feeling of happiness that I have now is so intense that it's difficult to believe that it's real but it's lasted for sometime now and I'm beginning to believe that it's permanent.

Thank you for this awesome experience.

Amy Rogers
It opened a new experience of cleansing for me. Wish it would last a little longer because everyday it opened up more queries. Shafin knows what he is talking about, and is clear in his explanations. And he has a great sense of humour.

Amelia George
This experience for me was not only one of the most unique and memorable but also a turning point in my life. It amazed me how each and every step in the course surprised me. It changed my idea about hypnosis (which was something out of this world), and most importantly the way I used to think bad about myself. It helped me concentrate in my work and also the way I handle things in my everyday life which was actually something I was not expecting.

About Shafin de Zane, I don’t think there is a word in my vocabulary good enough to describe him but personally I don’t think anyone else could have helped me the way he did. God bless him!!!

Anika Ahmed
This is the first time I attended a self hypnosis course. Been guided and enjoyed the 5 levels of recognitions. I would like to be taken further and I would be interested in more levels offered by Shafin.

Annie Yap
If there was one word to describe this experience, I’d say “astonishing”! I have studied with some of the world class gurus of self improvement but I can confidently say I have never even thought that transformation of this kind was even possible. It took me by surprise and changed me from inside.

At the end of the first day I was amazed at how much I have learnt. At the end of the second day, I went back home in a daze… crying at what I had just experienced. At the end of the 3rd day I was euphoric, knowing that life has changed forever for me.

There is no price to judge this courses worth. It’s priceless!

Carsten Friesen
All I can say is that this experience was waaay beyond what I had expected! I feel like a massive rock has been lifted off my shoulders. Shafin is definitely one of the best teachers I have ever had.

Dominique Lee

It has been a very spiritual and healing experience. I will keep practicing on what I have learnt. I have also learn more knowledge (very valuable), which I have never expected from this seminar. It's a very refreshing experience. Shafin is a very dedicated instructor. He is giving more than I have expected. I shall recommend him to others to learn this experience.


Dennis Sim

A great 3 day course that has somehow opened my eyes of knowing myself. It has also opened my soul and I feel so privileged to have attended. I am indeed blessed!

Shafin has proved without a doubt to be a very caring human being and with so much wisdom. His kind and thoughtful ways of teaching and his gentle manner has made him top ‘teacher’ on my list. Highly Recommended! TWO THUMBS UP!!!

After receiving the 1st recognition, I did my self hypnosis session, it was like “WOW”, I could feel tremendous amount of energy flowing down from top of my head downward to my lower body. The session thereafter was really very good. Never felt it better. It a tremendous aid to my mediation practice definitely!

A patient and soft spoken coach, Shafin makes you feel comfortable in the session sharing the experiences. We learnt even more through his coaching in class. His instructions are simple and clearly understood. His voice exudes calmness and peace. His body postures radiates serenity. His control of the class attention is very good.

George, Lim Joo Hock
More than the course contents I was impressed by Mr. Zane. He is a born teacher, everything a pupil looks upon in an instructor. Mr. Zane has given me the key to unlock my mind and slowly but surely dissolve the frustration, anger and other negative feelings that were blocking every aspect of my life. I have no words to repay what I have been taught. I will cherish his teachings for as long as know I have a soul and want to cleanse it.

I. B. S

I came in being skeptical and was brought in by my boyfriend who came across this course at 4am on the very first day of the course. Since he paid for me already, I had no choice but to attend this course.

Today, being the 3rd day and the last day of the course, I can say I simply love this course. If you were to ask me whether i would attend this course, I would say I will definitely! I wouldn't want to miss this course at all! I will want to bring my close friends and siblings to attend this! this time, I will pay for them, all I need is to get them to attend!!!!  Shafin is a simply great teacher!!!


Jacqueline Siah

Doing a soul searching experience, I want to practice more often to really get the thrill. Great teacher!

Jasper Tan

I found that by understanding myself is so important, and 7th path helped me so much to face the world even by myself.

Shafin is so patient and very very helpful. His passion of giving and teaching really different from all the classes I attended.


Joey Ong

I didn’t have any idea about Hypnosis or Meditation, I just heard about these things and had a lot of misunderstanding about it. Now my impression is totally changed “positively”. The course of 7th path is totally scientific and I am experiencing a lot of changes everyday and don’t know what I am going to do with it!

I have undertaken 14/15 workshops in the past and for the first time I found a very very good instructor like Shafin, his smiling can make anyone feel happy and uplifted.

M. J
It is a pleasant experience and the hypnosis takes me into a very deep, relaxing state of mind. I felt much calmer. I would recommend the course to anyone who is experiencing stress at work or personal life.

Shafin is a dedicated and patient mentor. It’s a great experience to be in his class. He definitely gave us a powerful tool with limitless use.

Lloyd Gan
Its amazing how things can change in just 3 days. I would never have thought that I could feel so good, smile so much though out the day! What has changed? Nothing and everything! I feel that my core has been changed. All the negative beliefs that held me back for so many years have disappeared. My cup has been emptied!

Today is the last day of the class and I don’t know how I am going to say thank you to Shafin. How do you say thank you to the person who changes your whole perception of reality? I don’t know. But I wish him all the luck and a long life. This man is an asset to humanity.

Laura Shortland
I think this is a very good course to cleanse and get rid of the dirt within us.

However, personally, I have gone through cleansing 2-3 times before and feel that most of the dirt has been cleansed; However, I’m really looking forward to the advanced levels with Shafin.

I’ve attended quite a few spiritual classes and read many books. But I feel that Shafin summarizes the truth and teaches it very well. One of the best I’ve heard. Simple and easy to understand.

Lim Hui Fang
I truly enjoyed the course as it was easy to follow and understand. What I liked most about the course was the respect of boundaries allowed for individuality of growth.

Shafin has a calm and soothing demeanor and energy. I can relate well to his teachings and sharing.

Lily M.
Very helpful through visualization. Very Insightful. Shafin is willing to listen and hear. Provided very meaningful answers through simple concepts /explanations.

Maneesh Sah
Every person has at least one pivotal moment in their life. A time when axis of reality shifts… and nothing looks or feels the same anymore. For me, this course has been one such experience.

This is no stereotypical, Hollywood-style, hocus-pocus. You take out of the course only as much as you are willing to put into it. This course has given me very effective tools. I feel more capable of handling not just the nitty gritty problems of life, but also the larger issues- things I have avoided for years! I never expected just a few days could bring so much change in me and for me, but it has.

Kudos to Shafin for his excellent training style. From the get-go he was tuned into every one’s specific issues and he dealt with each one of us on a remarkable touching - but never intrusive - manner. A wonderful teacher that I will never forget.

Munize Khasru
A journey… within me. I can’t pen my experience as there are no words to fully explain and express the way I feel. I am really grateful and thankful for this initiation. Thank you so much. Shafin, thank you, thank you, and thank you.

MSL Jayanthi
The 7th Path Program of self Hypnosis helped me come out of my shell and share my inner thoughts and emotions with others. The program enabled me to organize my thoughts and see the big picture from a maze of intricate and interconnected experience in life.

Shafin de Zane is indeed a master hypnotist and all the credit goes to him for making each of us a more empowered human being.

M. R
This is a great experience for anyone who is ready open to changes, a deeper understanding of self and being. It brings clarity, clears up emotional baggage and generally brings much peace and happiness within. This is definitely an easy approach for anyone who is ready to accept who you are.

Shafin, firstly, I really want to thank you for bringing me through this journey. I know this perhaps is the beginning or perhaps I have found the purpose in life that brought me here. Your knowledge, wisdom, patience and love have shown me a lot. A lot of things which I always doubted if I will be able to achieve have suddenly become clearer and attainable.

Once again, thank you.

Nancy Low
It has been a beginning of an enlightening journey... A bit nervous, a bit scared but a lot of courage & confidence I achieved here. Shafin is an excellent teacher. He has helped in a great way –truly UNDESCRIBEABLE! Thank you. Lot of love and good health for you.

N. A

Great course. especially enlightening on the mind as a separate entity. Emotional resonance was very useful too. Very useful tool and be used everyday. Shafin is a great story teacher. Could relate well to his stories and remember the points better. Great stuff! Thanks.


Nigel Tan

The whole experience has been way beyond my expectations. We were told we would be surprised! I don’t think I released how surprised I’d actually get. After getting to Level 4, I can actually physically feel the change in my life, the freedom from pain.

I now have a deep sense of calm knowing that I now have a very powerful tool and I am excited about practicing this regularly and improving the quality of my life.

Shafin is a fabulous trainer - patient, explicit, communicative and wise. I have enjoyed learning from him and believe that a lot of the success I am having is because I have been well taught. Looking forward to more.

Nishka Crishna
Excellent!!! The knowledge that Shafin shared with us is very powerful.

Noraini Abdul Ghani
I cannot explain why 7th path works, but it definitely works amazingly. I could see my concentration has increased and I am able to focus lots better. Marvelous! I strongly recommend this course to all.

Shafin is a great teacher, has in-depth knowledge about what he teaches. I feel lucky to have attended both his courses.

Rangan Narasimhan
Generally very, very relaxing! A very quick and simple way to get to a relaxed, hypnotic(of course!) and meditative state. The physical benefits so far has been to have a real good sleep. The others… have to wait and see. The last day opened the mind to a whole lot of possibilities in my life and was very exciting.

I think that Shafin is prefect as an instructor. Just his voice does the work. And also that you realize that he has so much more knowledge than what is discussed at class! Allows you to fully trust in his guidance.

Rema Kunjappan
I have never experienced any thing so powerful ever. I came to this course with the expectation of finding focus and direction. But what I encountered took me completely by surprise… It was like hell broke loose, a veil was lifted and a doorway to understanding my self was opened. Shafin’s positive enthusiasm is what kept me going forward despite the negative reactions and feelings that I was experiencing. I wish him best of luck.

Rachel Lee
Having gone through a major transformation process 15 years ago, and doing my own teaching and transformation, yoga, mediation, healing, I was surprised to find myself in the class. I expected little, but learned a lot. I learned hypnotherapy from a clinical base. In this class I find Hypnosis can be used for a higher purpose, even up to the spiritual level! Shafin is a very good teacher. A serious subject with a light touch. A very understanding approach; with an understanding of everybody’s levels.

Sita Binwani
It is something I never experienced before. It made me to look right inside me deeply. Unblock some of my emotional issues hidden inside me. It is the only beginning.

Shafin is precise, clear, understanding, interesting.

Shally Yip
It’s a wonderful experience! The reason for me to attend this course was to build my self confidence. But what I realize is that things that happen in my past had affected me tremendously that it affected my character. This course has shown me vision, felt a connection with the higher self, saw lots of colors, light, and relieved pain (neck and lower back)

Shafin’s one of the instructors who can deliver his speech so well. He’s able to guide through the whole course amazingly. Shafin’s one of the best instructors I’ve come across. I am grateful to him for helping me to come out of past issues.

A unique experience. Though haven’t fully experienced a lot of things but I can feel the energy of change. Hope to experience more ‘things’ after the initial experience.

Shafin is very calm and knowledgeable. His sharing sessions are very useful. Something about his calmness makes the experience even more soothing.


Energizing and inspiring. Hypnosis is great for anyone who wants to let go of negative beliefs and experience, and embracing a new perspective towards life.


Mr shafin is frank and patient. He dares to question you gently. It’s an encouraging way to discover new stuff about yourself. I would say doing hypnosis with Mr Shafin was comfortable and something to look forward to.


Yip RouJun Jyn

This is a new experience in my spiritual journey. I am particularly thrilled about my ability to perform self-hypnosis and instantly come to a ‘thoughtless’ state. The emptying of the cup was particularly meaningful as it signifies a new beginning where I can take control of my life and I am excited by it!

Though young, Shafin possesses knowledge that would typically be associated with gurus who are much older in age. He is very articulate in his thoughts and able to provide good answers to difficult questions. In a word, Shafin is “impressive”. He has definitely made a ‘difference’.

Y.S. Low
Redefine Your Reality Live Event
The 7th Path Self Hypnosis System®
Venue: NOVOTEL Hotel, Clarke Quay, Singapore
Venue Information:

Date: 12 - 14th November 2009
Time: 5 pm - 10pm everyday

Here is the breakdown of the seminar:

Prepare to learn how your mind truly operates:
Understand how you truly think, every emotion you experience and every action you take.
You will learn:

  • The Model of the Mind – 3 Levels of the mind

  • Functions of the Unconscious Mind

  • Functions of the Subconscious Mind

  • Functions of the Conscious Mind

  • Critical Factor (Critical Faculty or Function) As A Comparing Function

  • Conscious Mind As A Point Of Focus (Past, Present And Future)

  • Your Seething Cauldron Of Emotions, Fueled By The Past, Present, And Future

  • Emotional Resonance, And Why You Sometimes Over React Emotionally To Situations

  • How This Approach Will Make You More Calm, Relaxed And In Control

  • How The First 4 Steps (Δ 1-4) Neutralize Erroneous Subconscious Programming

  • What Autosuggestion Is And How To Use Δ 1-5 As Autosuggestion

  • How To Use Self-Hypnosis When You Go To Sleep At Night

  • Using Δ Thoughts (Autosuggestion) As A Thought Stopping Technique

  • Daily Use Of Autosuggestion To Improve Attitude, Mood In Daily Life

  • Doing 7th Path Self-Hypnosis

  • How To Emerge From Hypnosis

  • You Can Expect Getting Results Right Away

  • Steps (Delta) 1 Through 4 Of 7th Path, Empty The Cup (Limiting Beliefs And Habits)

  • Why We Will Be Using The Symbol, “Δ” (Delta)

  • Using Δ, Allows Us To Have A Mind-Body-Spirit Balance In Our Hypnosis

  • First session as a group doing The 7th Path Self-Hypnosis System

  • First Self-Induction Of Hypnosis

  • Subjective Experiences Of Hypnosis

  • Students Share Their Experiences: Emotional, Physical, Thoughts And Memories

  • Second Self-Induction Of Self-Hypnosis

  • Receiving The Second Recognition

  • Self-Emerging From The Sessions

Emptying the cup:
A massive emotional freedom from all emotional baggage.
You will experience:

  • Why All Feelings Are Good, And How To Understand Your Feelings

  • Understanding Anger, As An Example Of All Feelings Being Good

  • Discussion Of The Need To Release Old Festering Emotions

  • The biological aspects of emotion

  • Why One Recognition Will Affect You More Than Others

  • Introduction To Forgiveness

  • How To Use More Than One Recognition When Doing The Self-Hypnosis

  • Using The Focus Point When Doing The Second Recognition

  • Receiving The Third Recognition While In Self-Hypnosis and Talking About The Third Recognition


Creating new reality:
Learn to take control of your destiny and become the creator of your fate.
You will discover:

  • How To Use These Recognitions As A Thought Stopping Technique

  • Receiving The Fourth and Fifth Recognitions While In Self-Hypnosis

  • Discussing The Fourth Recognitions And Its Usefulness In Forgiveness

  • Discussing The Fifth Recognition, And It Was Like To Receive It

  • The Fifth Recognition And The Power To Choose (Freewill And Action)

  • Using The Fifth Recognition To Give Yourself Suggestions For What You Want

  • The 6 Rules For Writing Really Powerful Hypnotic Suggestions

  • The Role Of Fantasy In Using The Fifth Recognition

  • Summary And Discussion On How To Implement The 7th Path System In Your Life.


And much, much more – Prepare for the ride of your life!


Dear Shafin,

Thank you for the inspiring words.

Not sure if you wanted/expected us to reply to your email but I felt compelled to send you my thoughts. In any case, chalk it up as a 'hazard of your profession' because the One thing 7-Path has woken up in me is the need to do what I want to do (as opposed to what others/social programming deems to be correct).

So... For me it hasn't been so much of a "new life" but really more a "new chapter to the rest of my life". I keep thinking of how you said that all your successes and your mistakes, your experiences good and bad brought you to where you are today. That makes a lot of sense to me. I do believe my Delta has meticulously planned every step and misstep that I have taken to bring me where I am today.

And now for the rest of my life...

As per the 6 steps you mentioned in the workshop, I've charted out one of my 'burning desires' that I want to achieve. And everyday I take a small step towards it. And I feel that much better.

But truly for me, the breakthrough has been in enjoying who I am. Who I really am. It's been a long time since I felt so comfortable in my own skin. So I plan to enjoy that peaceful sensation for a while, before moving onto 'braver new worlds'.

Sometimes I have visions of me carrying the invisible placards. You know, the ones that proclaim to the world what we believe ourselves to be -- and thus, how we expect to be treated. I crane my neck to see what I've been carrying all these years. And when I do get a glimpse of them, I cringe. Could I really have been this emotionally bereft?

The good news is that I am tired of carrying such placards -- the ones that no one sees or reads or responds to. I've now decided to carry one that doesn't need responding to. It's actually a line from a poem of a little girl: "I like being who I am." There's some prelude to it about liking jelly and jam too but I've decided to forego that part ;)

A simple soundbite with an audience of one. The only one who can make a difference in my life --- me. 7th Path has taught me this.

Thank you.

--- M.K

Money-Back Guarantee
If after attending the full 7th Path Self Hypnosis Seminar, you don’t feel you have experienced enough changes within yourself to create a more fulfilling and inspiring life, simply let one of our staff members know. We’ll send you a full and complete refund, no questions asked.




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Redefine Your Reality Live Event
The 7th Path Self Hypnosis System®
Venue: NOVOTEL Hotel, Clarke Quay, Singapore
Venue Information:

Date: 12 - 14th November 2009
Time: 5 pm - 10pm everyday
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