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Don’t Be Here Now

Are you here fully now, or are you pursuing a worthy future? Nothing wrong with pursuing a worthy future and dedicating the details of the present moment to that vision, but as long as you are not permanently stuck in endless loops of future. Or are you hiding in the future, not willing to acknowledge Read more about Don’t Be Here Now[…]


This will require some brain power. So… buckle up and get some coffee or tea. As a reward you may get a free upgrade of your reality. So let’s look at things a little differently. Beyond all the personal conflicts and political dramas that plague the world, here is another layer of the cake: we Read more about THE BUTTERFLY TRIGGER[…]

The Fly

Me and a little fly Trapped in the sky Says the little fellow “Who are you?” I reply “Who am I?” I stumble, I wonder I reach for my coffee I sigh. How do I explain to this little fellow Who am I? I am a writer, a poet, a man in search of magic Read more about The Fly[…]


(Listen with your headphones on.) If you have a dream – a wish that you want to see materialized in the real world – protect it. Nurture it with music, poetry, stories, books that inspire… and daily care, focus and perseverance – just like a child. We wait 9 months for a child to be Read more about EVERY DREAM CAN COME TRUE[…]

What Is Life?

What is life? An endless series of disconnected moments where we are random bags of flesh and bones going bump against one another in a never ending battle of survival? Or a mind bogglingly complex and indescribably beautiful cosmic drama in which God unfolds as Unity and Multiplicity all at once? Ready for this? I Read more about What Is Life?[…]

Q&A On Songs Of Inspiration

The following Q&A is response to the video “Songs Of Inspiration 01 – It Is Time”: QUESTION: Thank you for the new inputs. but one question that has always and still intrigues is “why am i here?” i did not ask to be, or at least i don’t know that i did. To be good Read more about Q&A On Songs Of Inspiration[…]

The Primary Mistake That Most Spiritual Seekers Make

There is a primary mistake that most spiritual seekers make on their journey towards enlightenment, growth or evolution. Not being aware of this basic mistake can result in a life time of going in circles, hitting against walls… without ever tasting that moment of rapture that is known as awakening. This mistake is the simple Read more about The Primary Mistake That Most Spiritual Seekers Make[…]

Awakening To The Infinite – A map of the authentic spiritual journey

Here is something I believe you will find useful… an overview of the journey towards spiritual awakening and what lies beyond. Awakening To The Infinite – A Map Of The Authentic Spiritual Journey Leave your questions and comments below. Enjoy! Shafin

Plan Your Happiness

Being in a positive and inspired state of mind most of the time is a skill. It requires focus, determination, work, persistence and above all the willingness to do whatever it takes no matter what. Being inspired is a choice. Being unhappy is a choice. Being productive is a choice. Being miserable is a choice. Read more about Plan Your Happiness[…]