Awakening To The Infinite – A map of the authentic spiritual journey

Here is something I believe you will find useful… an overview of the journey towards spiritual awakening and what lies beyond.

Awakening To The Infinite - A Map Of The Authentic Spiritual Journey

Awakening To The Infinite – A Map Of The Authentic Spiritual Journey

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21 thoughts on “Awakening To The Infinite – A map of the authentic spiritual journey

  • Unfortunately, the file seems to be corrupted. I download it but Adobe is unable to open it, I get the following message: "Adobe Reader was unable to open "Awakening to the Infinite.pdf" because it is either not a supported file or because the file has been damaged."

    • I think you are experiencing a download problem. Try clicking on the link above instead of trying to right click on it.

  • Thank you dearest Shafin for confirming what I’ve recently realised! I started my conscious journey in 2007 and it’s been the most difficult but profound years of my life. You assured me today that I’ve been on the right path and I can’t thank you enough!

    Last week, I had a realisation that I have to stop resisting and instead love everything that I have created so far, like a mother who loves her children no matter what! I have realised that what I’m seeking is already here and it seeks me! But I have still a long way to go perhaps as this realisation is not constant, I have to remind myself every second. What I am concerned is that for a long time as you said, I was running away from all the discords in the world but now I face them but when I face them I smile and all I feel is love as I feel like what I see is not real truth but it’s how my mind sees it! I don’t know how to feel compassion but at the same time I become aware that it is in my consciousness and I should not resist what I see! Is that what compassion is?!!! What should I do to be compassionate towards them?!! Also I want to know where does our desire come from? Are they from ego or the self?

    I am sorry for writing such a long message but I guess it needed to come out 😉

    With love,

  • Thankyou for sharing. Definitely give me more insight as to what I am feeling. My "ego" is definitely struggling with conflict inside and out.
    Now I understand what is happening.

  • Hi Shafin.
    Thanks for sharing. Your words remind me of the novel Sidharta written by Herman Hesse, We can play life as long as we remember that it is only a game and we should not take it seriously.

  • I realize the ultimate journey would be at a point when my consciousness is at NEUTRAL LEVEL of happiness or sadness, love or hate, good or bad, like or dislike, and without ego or pride. Many Thanks !

  • Dear Shafin,

    Namaste, I was following your guidelines when I was in problem, I am following you when I am happy and I keep following you till my last time.

    Thank you!

  • HOLA Shafin;que alegría el volver a saber de Usted.Lo había extrañado desde hace rato y me complace el acordarse ..MUCHAS PERO MUCHAS. GRACIAS POR COMPARTIR LO SUYO…Ojalá empezando por mì pudiésemos,compartir lo nuestro… …No nos deje solos…..

  • Dear Shafin, Thank you!!

    I don’t know how to express my gratitude towards you. I don’t know beautiful words. But since I found you through web search, I have read the materials that you posted and I took 7 days e-course too.

    I still face troubles and problems yet and I am solving and moving forward too. I somehow know about Law Of Attraction so I meditate to make my thoughts like a beautiful garden of sweet fruits, herbs and flowers and again I take out unnecessary and harmful plants of my mind.

    Whenever I face problems in my life I think that my exercise of spiritual journey is still not enough and again myself tells me ” Life is not only flower but lots of thorns, accept it with happiness.

    By the way, whenever I read your email and other web materials, I feel more spiritual guidance which empowers me to fight against my difficulties.

    My Enlightenment or happiness might be temporary but I thank you forever till I am alive. I may or may not meet you personally but I feel you through your email and guidelines. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

  • Hello, this is the first time I have found this website and I am grateful for it. I am in the process of awakening. It came as quite a surprise as I was an atheist for many years. I am young in this process because after reading this piece I see that I am just on the edge of falling into the dark area or "dark night". I have been tempted to jump into this crevice for some time but I was afraid that it wasn't healthy to let your thoughts go there in case they might manifest themselves in real life but I see that maybe this is a necessary step.

  • ?__As for the Law of Attraction, I have had problems with this since the first time I heard of it. I believe the sentiment is lovely but when we create these situations in our lives are we not messing with the plan that perhaps was already in place for us for a reason? Not only that but I do not trust myself to manifest a thing without somehow harming someone else in the process. I am not wise enough to know all the possible outcomes of a wish or whatever you call it. __I have no teacher and though that is frustrating sometimes I trust myself to go through this process organically and at the rate that is right for me. I think the mystery of the thing grounds us all deeper in the process because it requires our focus so much more when we don't know what to expect though I know that no teacher will spoil the process as it is so complex and personal to each individual.__Thanks for writing this. You clearly are in line with your calling and your readers (myself included) are so lucky to have you.

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