This will require some brain power. So… buckle up and get some coffee or tea. As a reward you may get a free upgrade of your reality. So let’s look at things a little differently. Beyond all the personal conflicts and political dramas that plague the world, here is another layer of the cake: we Read more about THE BUTTERFLY TRIGGER[…]

Love, Sex & Neuro Chemicals

Question From A Reader: Dear Shafin, I have found your website a few months ago and read a lot of your articles, which are quite amazing. I never did have the time to write about a specific problem of mine and i would appreciate your opinion about this. I heard actually so many different opinions Read more about Love, Sex & Neuro Chemicals[…]

Dealing With Depression

If you want to understand why and how people get depressed and what to do about it, you have to understand exactly what depression is and how people get there. Depression is NOT an illness that is caused by a viral attack or something, it is an advanced stage of a spiraling journey that you only reach after crossing a few other stations first. The key to dealing with depression naturally and in a holistic way is ensuring that you don’t begin the journey, of if you already started, don’t cross the stations, or if you have reached “depression city” already, to get on the train and start going back to where you started. Alien speak? Don’t get depressed (pun intended), I’ll make everything clear soon.

Save Earth : Are We Going To Make It?

Take 2 minutes to contemplate on each of these little facts first: In October 1999, the world’s population reached 6 Billion, which is double that of the year 1959 (the doubling occurred in 40 years). The world’s population is currently increasing at the rate of about 80,000,000 per year (about 1.2 %). The current world Read more about Save Earth : Are We Going To Make It?[…]

Spin of Life

Today I got really worked up with this email I received from a (well educated, well traveled, usually open minded) friend. The email contained an article with propaganda against a certain religion (I won’t tell you which one, I’ll leave it for your imagination). The article was basically total misinterpretation of verses including one where Read more about Spin of Life[…]