Your Diet Coke Is Killing You!

Hello Folks, I am here once again with lots of uplifting good news! Your diet coke is killing you! You heard that right. If you are drinking any kind of diet cola or drink, or consuming any sugar free gum, or any sugar substitute like Equal, Nutrasweet or Spoonful, I got news for you. This Read more about Your Diet Coke Is Killing You![…]

What Your Doctor DOES NOT Want You To Know

Here are two important notes first: a. If you are a doctor, you are probably not going to like this post very much. b. This is not against the medical profession itself which saves millions of lives everyday, it is against the ignorance and arrogance the profession is engulfed in – that harms millions more. Read more about What Your Doctor DOES NOT Want You To Know[…]

Lessons from The Dog Whisperer

A few days ago one of my VIP Program student from Florida told me about this unusual TV program they are showing on the Discovery Channel called The Dog Whisperer! Do you know what it’s about? If not I’ll tell you about it in just a short while but before that I want to tell Read more about Lessons from The Dog Whisperer[…]

How to Create INSTANT Attraction

Hey There! Let me tell you about an interesting movie I watched recently. It’s called “Match Point”. Have you seen it? If not, let me tell you about it a little…The story is pretty simple with the poor Irish one time tennis pro Chris joining an English upper class country club as an instructor. Chris Read more about How to Create INSTANT Attraction[…]