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Your Diet Coke Is Killing You!

Hello Folks,

I am here once again with lots of uplifting good news! Your diet coke is killing you!

You heard that right. If you are drinking any kind of diet cola or drink, or consuming any sugar free gum, or any sugar substitute like Equal, Nutrasweet or Spoonful, I got news for you.

This article can save you or your loved ones from serious illnesses like brain tumors, leukemia, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, epilepsy, birth defects, chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson’s and many more! So I suggest you start paying attention and share it with as many people as you can.

Ok, here is the background:

The substance that is used to sweeten your diet drink and sugar free foods (including Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Kool Aid, Listerine Strips, different sugar free gums etc) is called Aspartame. Aspartame is also the technical name for brand names like NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful and other sugar alternatives. Aspartame was discovered by accident in 1965 by a chemist of G.D Searle Company. G.D Searle tried to get approval from the FDA in United States in 1974 but failed due to objections from a neuroscience researcher named Dr John Olney and a consumer attorney named James Turner. For the time being, the FDA put the approval on hold to carry out further investigation. However, aspartame was allowed on 1981 for dry goods and 1983 for carbonated beverages.

Aspartame is, by far, the most dangerous substance on the market that is added to foods. It is responsible for headaches/migraines, heart palpitations, fatigue, irritability, tachycardia, insomnia, vision problems, breathing difficulties, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, seizures, nausea, numbness, muscle spasms, weight gain, depression, vertigo, memory loss, and joint pain.
According to recent studies it is also responsible for triggering or worsening brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, birth defects, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, mental retardation, and diabetes.

So why was aspartame approved by the FDA? Well, for many years FDA not only refused to approve it, but took G. D. Searle to court indicting them under Title 18, Section 1001 for “their willful and knowing failure to make reports to the FDA required… and for concealing material facts and making false statements in reports of animal studies conducted to establish the safety of aspartame.”

You know why? Because in 1969, Searle conducted a study with Dr Harry Waisman on the effects of aspartame on primates. Seven baby monkeys were given Aspartame in milk. One died after 300 days; five others had grand mal seizures. Searle eliminated these findings when they submitted this study to the FDA!

So that’s pretty huge right? And Searle should have been stopped from producing this dangerous chemical forever right? Unfortunately there was a famous man in this story who had very high stakes in Aspartame.

The CEO of G D Searle at the time was Donald Rumsfeld (retired defense secretary for the Bush administration who de facto led the Iraq war)! Mr Rumsfeld said he would ensure that aspartame gets approved even though the FDA said no. He was also on President Reagan’s transition team at the time.

Here are some videos where you can see Mr Turner narrate the story of how greed kills millions of people for years to come!

In 1985, the G.D Searle Company was bought over by Monsanto. The first thing Monsanto did was make the Searle Pharmaceuticals and NutraSweet Company separate subsidiaries.
Now Monsanto is also one of the world’s biggest companies that produce genetically modified foods and other chemicals that go into foods and food production. Monsanto is also known for producing pesticides.

Now we are talking about a multi billion dollar industry called the diet drink industry. Just like CFC (which almost destroyed the earths climate because of its long term destructive properties yet was popularized for more than 40 years as the magic chemical that makes money yet is environment friendly, until we had the Ozone Hole) and Trans-fats (that clog your arteries and makes you obese and responsible for numerous other diseases yet millions of people around the world are eating KFC), Aspartame also is very preciously protected because its HIGHLY PROFITABLE!

In 1992 the Flying Safety Magazine published articles about the dangers of Aspartame and mentioned that some people could be immediately affected by Aspartame with as small doses as a chewing gum. And here is the most interesting piece of information:

Major airline pilots are not allowed drink or consume Aspartame containing goods! You know why? Because it increases the risk of headaches, seizures, heart palpitations, depression, slurred speech, loss of memory, loss of sensation in lower legs, loss of equilibrium, vertigo, anxiety attacks, chronic fatigue, vision loss, etc. How nice is that? Now you can stop worrying because even if you might be killing yourself with Aspartame poisoning, you should be happy knowing that at least you are going to reach your destination in one piece.

Now I know, in your mind you might be thinking well, diet drinks at least keep your weight in check! Right? Well, does it really?

Aspartame has actually been known to contribute to weight problem and obesity even though it is used in diet drinks. Of course it doesn’t cause over weight issues the same way that sugar does, but it causes obesity by creating some very harmful toxic materials in the body. It also makes you crave carbohydrates which makes you gain weight. These toxins are often stored by the body in fat particularly on the hips and thighs. Not surprising that millions of overweight people around the world are drinking diet Coke, Pepsi and other drinks for years and still not loosing any weight!

In the famous book Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills, Russell Blaylock, a neurosurgeon, says aspartame may trigger clinical diabetes! He says that excitotoxins such as NutraSweet literally stimulate neurons to death, causing brain damage of varying degrees. “What really concerns me about aspartame,” he says, “is its association with brain tumors as well as pancreatic, uterine and ovarian tumors. … and that so many develop an Alzheimers-like syndrome with prolonged exposure.”

Dr Blaylock also commented: “The new study released in the European Journal of oncology by Morando Soffritti and co-workers should terrify mothers and all those consuming aspartame sweetened products…”

“This study confirmed the previous study by Dr. Trocho and co-workers, which also found the formaldehyde breakdown product of aspartame to be damaging to cellular DNA and that this damage was accumulative. The type of damage was a duplicate of that associated with cancers. Along with this most recent study, this means that drinking a single diet cola sweetened with aspartame every day could increase one’s risk of developing a lymphoma or leukemia.”

Unfortunately, even as I write this today, millions of people around the world are sipping on their “sugar free” and “zero calorie” poison. Every year millions of dollars are spent on marketing and advertising diet drinks with slim and petite women in on the billboards and TV. Little do the ignorant consumers realize that they are paying with their health, their children’s health, and their grandchildren’s health everyday to make people like Rumsfeld and companies like Searle and NutraSweet richer and richer.

On the other hand people like me, Dr Betty Martini (who is the world leader in exposing the ill effects of chemical sweeteners) and hundreds of others are trying their best to reach as many people as possible around the world. But we are up against billions of dollars worth combined advertising and marketing budget of the diet drink companies, processed food companies etc.

How much chance do we have to break through the noise of these mega budget campaigns? I don’t know. But I would like to believe that we are making a difference… That you would read this letter today and never touch any aspartame related product ever again. That you would take the initiative to tell as many people as you can in person, on the phone, via email, in the next office meeting or whatever else you can think of. If you do that, we take a step forward and we shall win. If you don’t, then all of this effort is worthless.

Think about it.

Would you like to help the movement and help thousands, if not millions of people around the world? If so, read on and follow the 3 steps given here to help the world today.

Step 1: Forward this email to at least 5 of your friends, family or loved ones.

Step 2: Let me know that you have forwarded it at Just send me just an empty email. Don’t write anything as it is an auto responder. If you have questions or comments follow the email link below.

Step 3: As a thank you gift I’ll send you two motivational ebooks for free. One on a true story of how to bounce back at life when you got nothing more to loose and the other an excellent 49 page special report on motivation. This applies to all readers of this article.

Spread the word and let more and more people live a life of health, abundance and happiness!
I wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy, poison free day.


Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach

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PPS: For a more detailed report of aspartame poisoning with medical research, go to:

The story of how Rumsfeld accomplished this was told by the attorney James Turner in a documentary on aspartame called “Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World” you can visit the site here

What Your Doctor DOES NOT Want You To Know

Here are two important notes first:

a. If you are a doctor, you are probably not going to like this post very much.

b. This is not against the medical profession itself which saves millions of lives everyday, it is against the ignorance and arrogance the profession is engulfed in – that harms millions more.

So here goes…

Did you know that Doctors are one of the leading cause of death in the USA?

An article published in the Journal of The American Medical Association (one of the most respected in the industry) shows that in the US there are approximately:

* 12,000 deaths per year from unnecessary surgery
* 7,000 deaths each year from medication errors in hospitals
* 20,000 deaths caused from other errors in hospitals
* 80,000 deaths caused annually from infections in hospitals
* 106,000 deaths caused annually from adverse affects of medications

This adds up to a total of nearly a quarter of a million people that die each year due to IATROGENIC causes (i-at-ro-gen-ic adj.: induced inadvertently by a physician or surgeon or by medical treatment or diagnostic procedures); third only to heart disease and cancer. (Of course the numbers will vary every year, but you get the idea.)

Four times as many people die in one year from doctors’ mistakes than died in the entire Vietnam War and more than TEN times the amount of American soldiers that have died in the Iraq war. These are just deaths in hospitalized patients and does not include disabilities and disorders received from IATROGENIC causes.

Studies released in the last 15 years show similar trends in the Australia, UK, Canada and New Zealand. Most other countries don’t even publish numbers like this to know the exact situation.

Now why this shocking situation prevails and how to avoid it is something I cannot go into right now because it will challenge the very foundation of our current medical science. It will require much more space and time than what is possible within the scope of this little blog post. But here is a little piece of good news that can potentially keep you away from the hospitals forever…

I just came across a book that contains a miraculous healing therapy so powerful that it’s constantly having to fight off powerful enterprises, cartels and agencies whose financial interests are threatened by it are keeping this info from reaching the general public. Now you know why this is something that you will probably not hear from your doctor very often.

It’s a simple therapy based on increasing oxygen levels in the blood and it has been scientifically proven to prevent virtually all known diseases – and even cure diseases from minor ones like the flu to “incurable” and life-threatening ones like cancer, AIDS and Alzheimer’s Disease!

Over 6000 scientific articles attest to the validity of this amazing yet simple therapeutic procedure so you know that this is not some quack theory! In fact, this is not even new! Its been around for hundreds of years now yet we rarely hear about it.

You can learn more about this therapy on the link below along with medically documented cases of cancer disappearing, late stage AIDS reversing, remarkable recovery from Emphysema and many more. Read every word on this page and go get the book if you value your health at all:

Healing With Oxygen Therapy

And if you are one of those few people who will say “I don’t need to know all this because I have a great health…” or “I really don’t have the time to read all this”… well good luck to you but do take the time to forward this email to your friends and loved ones so they may benefit from this. You never know whose life you will end up saving.

I wish you a healthy, drug free, doctor free, sunny day!


Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach

eCourse Day 6: Spiritual Enlightenment – Biggest Obstacle On The Way


Today’s lesson is Q&A style. Its also going to be a bit lengthy and probably the most important lesson so far, so you may want to take a printout for reading it more than once and for future reference.

Question From A Reader:

Dear Shafin,

My name is Shazia. I am 33 years old. I have been reading lots of articles on Law of Attraction. Amongst all the articles i have read, your articles seem to be one of the best. Thanks for providing this free 7 day E-course.

Shafin, I used to be working for a travel agency. However i quit the job because i really could not take the work load. I have no idea as to how i have to move forward. My mind is blank. There used to be lots of interests before but nothing seems to interest me anymore like the way people call it burning desire. Once upon a time i used to be interested in Drama, Music, etc. I loved to entertain my friends and make them laugh. Now, I have to support my family as my husband does not earn well and i am like wasting lot of time. The only thing i do is to find out if anyone is offering free lessons on law of attraction and read them.

Shafin, i dont know why i felt like opening up to you. I understand that you help lot of people and bring a better change in their lifes. Can you please change mine too?? I intend to lead a beautiful and a successful life. Please advise me Shafin and share your knowledge with me in order to redefine my life. I shall remain grateful to you for ever.

Please take time out to read my mail and reply.

Thanking you in advance.



Answer from Shafin:

Hi Shazia,

First of all, I want to congratulate you for doing two things:

1. Taking the time to look deeper inside, educate yourself and trying to find a solution within yourself, rather than distracting yourself with all sorts of things like TV, food, relationships, children etc.

2. Reaching out to me and asking for advice with honesty and openness. I know how difficult it can be to open yourself up and asking for help.

So before I tell you how to change anything let me assure you: you are on the right track!

Whatever your situation maybe, however desperate, right now you are moving forward, going deeper, asking why, finding answers, seeking help, attracting teachers, learning lessons, getting better, becoming more aware… And that in itself is reason enough to be grateful for all that has ever happened to you so far. What has happened has brought you here. Be grateful for that.

But then, that is not what you want to hear from me, do you? 🙂

So here is a little background and then I’ll tell you what to do to go forward.

See one of the most difficult obstacles to cross when it comes to spiritual enlightenment (and financial freedom for that matter) is our attachment to the known. Now as I keep saying to my students: like it or not, your life is probably working better than 90% of the world out there. And it very well applies to you too. How do I know? Well, simply from the fact that you have enough money and education to afford a working Internet connection, enough food in your stomach to think straight, enough intelligence to write a letter like what you have written, and enough stability in life to think about the higher level needs in life like happiness and fulfillment. Anyone with all these things working in their lives is living a better life than about 90% of the world out there. And that, unfortunately, CAN BE one of the biggest obstacles towards going forward in life.

The reason it can be one of the biggest obstacles is because consciously you may not be happy at the moment but your sub-conscious mind knows that what you have right now is “working”. Whatever you have done so far has put you in the upper 10% category in this intensely competitive world right now. And while you are willing to do whatever is necessary to bring about a change, change is something your sub-conscious mind is quite afraid of… especially if it means letting go of old patterns of behavior and belief systems.

Purely from a biological perspective (and not considering other factors), there are two things your sub-conscious mind or your animal side is concerned with:

a. Survival
b. Replication

It is not concerned with spiritual development, law of attraction, building Eiffel Tower, conquering the Himalayas or becoming the world champion in hop-step-jump! It is concerned primarily with survival and secondarily with replication. That’s it! And so far you seem to be managing both quite successfully. But then that is not what makes you a human being does it?

So there are other things you are concerned with. There are other needs you have. Other parts of you that dream of things that no human has ever laid eyes upon, that imagine things that exist beyond time and space, that wants to reach for the stars so far away that even its light will never reach earth… So there is the spiritual part of you, which keeps you awake night and day.
The reason I mention these two sides is to show you that there is a conflict of interest between different parts within you. Remember that to understand what follows.

In a small little nutshell, here are the 6 universal Human needs that drives all our behaviors. These are not mere wants or desires but deep driving needs that makes us what we are. These needs are not found in other animals, not in this specific way at least:

1. Certainty: That you will be alive in the next hour, that you will be loved, that you will have enough food to eat tomorrow etc.

2. Uncertainty: If everything was always how you predicted it to be, you would get bored and die.

3. Significance: That you are worthy of love and affection and success.

4. Love and Connection: From other human beings. Love from a goldfish is not a substitute.

5. Growth: Constant growth is a deep human need. When you stop growing, you start dying.

6. Contribution: To be able to help humans and all other beings in their own journey.

Every time you fulfill one or more of your needs you will feel happy. Conversely, when you are not fulfilling your human needs in life, you will be unhappy. In a nutshell, that is how your emotions guide you through life. Happy = needs met. Unhappy = needs unmet. And life goes on. Got it?

Now understand this: every choice people make in life is to fulfill one or more of their needs, EVERY CHOICE. And remember this: if one of your behaviors is able to consistently fulfill 3 or more of your needs, you will get addicted to that behavior!

Now coming back to your problem, which happens to be a very common problem, the structure is very simple:

You begin life, you make choices that presently fulfill your needs, if you are able to successfully keep 3 or more of your needs fulfilled, you get hooked to that “modus operandi” or strategy for life. And life moves on until one day you find that you are deeply unhappy with what you got, surrounded by responsibilities that are not so much fun!

So what went wrong? See there is a basic problem with this formula. The problem is the formula is not based upon following your deepest desires or what is your true hearts calling, but mostly based upon what others told you to do. What others “approved” of. What others told you was the “right” thing to do. Who are these “others”?

Prepare for some hard honestly here: the others are your family, your friends, the school teachers, the books you read when you were growing up, the movies you watched etc. Now take an honest accounting of all those factors right now and see if you can find how successful, balanced and happy these “others” are in their life. Chances are, as you will find out, they are no better off than you are. And the movies (that taught you the meaning of love and shaped your idea of relationships) with the actors within them, and directors who directed them, along with writers who wrote the stories the movies were based upon, are some of the unhappiest individuals on the planet, trying to drown themselves in the most destructive ways known to mankind with drugs and alcohol (of course this is a generalization but I’m sure you get the point).

Unfortunately, that is the model you probably followed directly or indirectly. And now you find that it’s no longer enough to just get their approval, its no longer okay to just follow the norms, it’s no longer acceptable to allow the “others” tell you how to live your life. Life has become a mess and it needs to be fixed now!

Which brings us back to where we started from which is: having said everything, where you are, is a good place. It is a place where you have, probably for the first time in life, started asking the right questions and that is the most important requirement to find the right answers.

So what is the bottom line? The bottom line is there is no quick fix to this. And more importantly, something that may not be very agreeable to you right now, there is nothing that needs to be fixed either! It is perfect where you are. It is better to have messed up in one lifetime and awaken, than live a thousand lifetimes of blissful unawareness. You have all the basic ingredients necessary to make a leap right now, but will you???

So here are the next steps you could take to chart brand new game plan:

1. Take note of the major decisions in life that has brought you where you are today. Write down the top 5 things decisions you are not so happy with. Then knowing what you know now, analyze yourself with what needs were met having taken those decisions. If you are to go forward, you need to learn from history.

2. Take note of your life right now and write down, which of the 6 human needs are being met or unmet right now. Find out ways to fulfill them. Not knowing what to do is not an excuse. The answers you don’t have will be given if you know how to ask the questions. Most of us have no idea even how to ask the right questions. Here are some right questions to begin with:

a. Am I with the right man? Is he performing his duties as a man? What are his real duties as a man? (Hmmm) Am “I” the man in the relationship? Am I too afraid to even ask this question? (Hmmm) How can I invite him to be that Man so I can be the Woman that he can truly love and worship (without threatening him or attacking him)? (MEN: Go vice versa)

b. What is it that makes me truly happy doing? If money wasn’t an issue what would I do with my time in life? What is it that I was born in this world to do?

c. What do I really feel? What is my deepest fear? What is it really that I want in my life? Money, fame, success and power has time and again failed to make human beings truly happy. Then what is it “really” that I am looking for?

3. Study like a mad woman! Buy books and tapes and videos and audios like you have never done before. DON’T BORROW! If you don’t have money to buy a book this week, sell your toaster or something. But buy a book and read it. It doesn’t matter what you read. The answers will be given as you take the step forward. You will be guided.

If you want to learn from me, go take a look at the Redefine Your Reality package. We just added over a HUNDRED hours of audio/video on everything to do with success, abundance, law of attraction, business, metaphysics, spiritual knowledge and many more topics! This promotional package is here for a limited time. So get it here while it lasts:

Finally here is what I have to tell you: Follow your heart right now! You don’t need to know all the answers today. But if you follow your heart right now, it will guide to the places that has some of the answers. The way will unfold slowly. It has been a long time of not listening to that faint voice. Listen to it today.

How do you listen? Sit down everyday for minimum 15 minutes (an hour if you can manage it without going crazy) and focus on your breathing. Slowly you will find guidance from here. Listen to it. I know it’s damn scary at times. I know it’s saying all kinds of things that you know will lead you into trouble. But that is YOUR truth. Follow your truth. Take some action. What have you got to lose anyway?

In the end… smile! It’s all okay. You are being guided. You are loved beyond comprehension. You are being taken care of all the time and you always will be. Sometimes we come too far off from what was our chosen way and life becomes a mess. But it doesn’t take a long time to go back to the way once again. It’s all about making a choice… and as I said right in the beginning: you are already on the right way!

Till we meet one day…


Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach

Lessons from The Dog Whisperer


A few days ago one of my VIP Program student from Florida told me about this unusual TV program they are showing on the Discovery Channel called The Dog Whisperer! Do you know what it’s about? If not I’ll tell you about it in just a short while but before that I want to tell you something on a little different tangent.

600 years before Jesus’ birth, a man called Lao Tzu lived in ancient China. He was a man around whom many mysteries and myths surround but as far as I can tell from cross referencing history, this man worked for the imperial government as a record keeper or librarian of sorts. According to biographies and legend, he got tired of the city life and the continuous wars and traveled to the west to live as a hermit in at the age of 160! At the gate of the kingdom he was recognized by a guard and the guard requested the old master to write something that would preserve his wisdom. This is the legendary origin of the Tao Te Ching (loosely translated as: the book of the great way). This book, in its 81 beautiful short verses, captures the essence of spirituality like no other text I have personally encountered. Some scholars say that it is one of the wisest books ever written and I very much agree.

The philosophy of this work focused on the following concepts: tao, wu (emptiness), wu -wei (nondoing) and Fu (the return of all things to their origins). The goal of the Taoist philosophy is, to become one with Tao, the great way, by aligning your self with the universal laws and return to origins. But to achieve this, the student has to achieve emptiness and simplicity, practice non-doing, and dedicate his life to the understanding of the great way.

Here is the very first verse of Tao Te Ching for those of you who would like to appreciate the beauty of this master work:

The Tao that can be spoken of is not the eternal Tao.
The name that can be named is not the eternal name.
The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth.
The name is the mother of the ten thousand things.
Send your desires away and you will see the mystery.
Be filled with desire and you will see only the manifestation.
As these two come forth they differ in name.
Yet at their source they are the same.
This source is the mystery.
The mystery itself is the gateway to all understanding.

~Verse 1: Tao Te Ching

The reason I am mentioning Tao Te Ching right at the beginning is this. In my journeys and adventures over the years in search of the truth, I have come to understand that there is indeed a great way (and then eventually found Tao Te Ching and many other similar teachings and saw the parallels of my own realizations). You can call it the universal laws, the archetypal patterns, the natural forces or will of God.

This “great way” is simple and observable in all of nature. It is said in certain secret traditions that there is a language of the world that is spoken by everything and everyone. And if you understand that language, there is guidance for you directly from your Source, or the Universe, or God on every step of your life. Unfortunately, most of the time we are too preoccupied in our material pursuit to notice this guidance, and eventually we turn our entire life into one great struggle.

But this guidance, or the great way, or language of the universe exists. And even if on a small scale, I am a living example of someone who constantly follows that guidance or pays attention to that language which shows you the right way at every turn of your life. I am not saying this to boast, there is still a long personal journey for me before I can feel that I have truly mastered this language, but I simply want you to know that this is the truth. I have lived with this for years now and I would be lost if this guidance stopped making itself known to me for some reason. That is just the fact.

Now what has all this got to do with a television show called The Dog Whisperer? Patience my friend… If you have not already experienced my roundabout way of telling stories, you might as well get used to it. Because I don’t think I’m changing any time soon 🙂

So here is the relevance. One of the great realizations that came upon me right from the beginning of my own personal transformations (incidentally through my professional practice of hypnotherapy) is this: the world outside is a reflection of your inside. People, circumstances, animals, relationships, success, failure, work, play etc are all reflections of your inside. All these things and their relationship with you dynamically change according to your own personal and spiritual development. As I keep saying over and over to all my students: when you take care of the inside, the outside automatically takes care of itself. The great way shows its guidance through everything and everyone. And according to how the world is treating you, you can tell quite accurately what is happening on your inside, and vice versa.

Now here is one of the best indicators of what is happening on our inside: our dogs! They will always react according to your inner energy patterns. If you are frustrated and angry and have a scrambled energy pattern within you, your dog will be challenging and undisciplined and have a restless energy within them.

We have been living with our dogs for hundreds of thousands of years now. They have walked with us as a committed friend since we lived in caves and hunted the prehistoric animals. They are our personal direct communication module with nature. And they know more about us that we’d like to admit. They cannot tell us in words what they know, but they sure do express themselves which we most times misinterpret. But one man in California, originally from Mexico, Caesar Milan, has decoded this language and brought us some very valuable teachings through his TV show “The Dog Whisperer”.

The Dog Whisperer is a show where Caesar rehabilitates some of the most impossible type of dogs. The dogs that are sometimes so disturbed that they are flagged as “red zone dog” meaning they can actually kill another dog or seriously harm a human being if they get the opportunity. Caesar rehabilitates those kind of dogs and shows over and over that nearly EVERY dog can be the perfect dog that you want them to be: disciplined, friendly, fun loving, social and able to follow basic instructions. But YOU have to be the leader to lead them to it.

Here are some of the lessons I have learnt from watching The Dog Whisperer about leadership, energy and relationship with our dogs (and children). Please understand these are a combination of my own interpretations of Caesars actions and words and NOT specifically what he says or does. Also a lot of what is given below is literal as well as metaphorical. See if you can find the hidden meanings within them:

Your dog’s behavior is a reflection of you. They are our mirrors.
Your dog doesn’t care how much money you make or what car your drive or how you look like. They care if you are a balanced individual or not and how happy and contented you are. They can’t tell you with words but they reflect your inner being just like a mirror. They feel your energy, not your external personality.
Mother nature does not rule by fear and anger but calm assertiveness. Harnessing calm assertive energy will not only improve your relationship with your dogs, it will improve YOU and your relationship to the world.
Never fight against Mother Nature. Allow Mother Nature to help you rather than dis-empower you.
Every dog can be a great dog (unless it has a neurological problem which is very few). It can be fun, playful, obedient and able to follow basic commands. But it needs to be lead. And your dog needs to be lead by YOU. Remember, just because you and your dog share unconditional love, does not mean you have a balanced dog.
To be a leader you need to be calm and assertive. You also need to make decisions for the well being of the whole pack (or group or family) and lead them accordingly. You need to go above your personal interests and decide what is best for the pack. Dogs get frustrated when you are unable to lead and start challenging you.
Dogs are social creatures, just like human beings. And they are naturally meant to be social, playful, seek to be in packs like human families or groups of other dogs, follow the leadership of the pack leader. If they are hostile, or unfriendly, or hates other dogs, it is because the dog is either scared, or frustrated, or lacks confidence.
Take note of your household: who is the leader? You, your dogs, or your children? Is it truly a happy balanced family where everyone knows their duties, boundaries and roles? Or is everyday another battle with your dogs and children where they do whatever they like with total disregard to others? If that is the case, understand that it does not have to be that way. (Your young children, by the way, also follow the same patterns as dogs as they too are more sensitive to energy and less with logic and social norms.)
Remember: your dog DOES NOT want to serve the role of the leader. It has been biologically programmed over thousands of years to follow human beings. (Your children does not want to be the leader of the house either. They want to enjoy your guidance and protection and love and affection. They want YOU to guide them towards what is the best for them and not the other way round. And if you fail to perform that duty, they become frustrated and express that frustration in many different ways.)
To live a healthy and balanced lifestyle dogs need exercise, discipline and affection. In that order!
Discipline does not mean bossing over your dog. It means taking responsibility and educating the living being that is in your life. It does not “kill” its spirit or make it less playful, discipline only allows your dog to enjoy a balanced lifestyle. Think about it, what would you rather have? A undisciplined playful dog who is unable to participate in social situations (jumps over people, intimidates others, picks fight, or isn’t able to stay still)? Or would you rather have a disciplined dog who is not only playful at appropriate times but is able to accompany you in most social situations as well? It is your DUTY to discipline your dog so it knows its limitations and boundaries. The dog appreciates that because it allows him greater freedom in the long run. (Do you see the parallels with your children?)
Love-love-love does not work. You have to give discipline and boundaries also. Freedom doesn’t mean you need a big open area, freedom is a mental thing.
Dogs live in the present. They don’t think about the past, or worry about the future. They forgive you quickly and love you unconditionally. When you communicate with your dogs (or little children), over everything else be CONSISTENT and CONGRUENT. If you don’t clearly understand what those words mean, do your research, they will do you great good in life. When you communicate anything, keep it simple and precise. Do NOT send mixed messages. If you tell your dog not to chew the carpet, NEVER let him chew the carpet or ignore his mischief just because he’s so damn cute. Be consistent. If he has done something bad and you are disciplining him, do NOT immediately follow up with love and baby talk. I know he has big brown sad eyes which makes you want to hug him like a baby, but remember if you are not congruent with your words and actions, you will only CONFUSE him and nothing else. And next time it will be even harder for him to understand what he did wrong and why you are upset.
Once again, who you are in the animal world is energy, your name and job description doesn’t matter. IF you are calm and assertive, they WILL be calm and submissive. If you are consistent and congruent, they will be disciplined and obedient. Your dog can pick up even the slightest bit of negative energy and that can make a ripple effect on its behavior, remember that.
Never deal with your dogs when you are angry and frustrated. Do not hit them. Remember the keywords: Calm and Assertive.
Anytime you expect your dog to fulfill the role of your missing child or spouse, friend or lover, you are putting undue pressure on him. You are taking away his dignity. His dignity of being a dog. While your dog can give you much love and support, he wants to be a dog before anything else. And unless his dog needs (exercise, discipline and affection) are fulfilled first, he will eventually get frustrated and become an unbalanced dog.
Okay, so that’s about it for now. I hope this article will help you to see some of your relationships in new light. If you have liked what you read, please forward it to the countless mums and dads and dog owners and cat lovers and husbands and wives who are perpetually struggling with their respective relationships not knowing what is going wrong. As you can see, the truth most of the time is pretty simple, but it takes great courage and honesty to accept it.
Have fun and do leave your comment below with your own insights and understandings that you may have gained from this (don’t forget to sign your name).

Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach

PS: A special thanks to Danise for recommending the Dog Whisperer to me.

PPS: Below are some videos of Caesar in action and here is the official site of the Dog Whisperer:

The Dog Whisperer 1 – Alfie and Daisy Fuentes

The Dog Whisperer 2 – Alfie and Daisy Fuentes

The Dog Whisperer: Handling an Angry Caged Dog:

How to Create INSTANT Attraction

Hey There!

Let me tell you about an interesting movie I watched recently. It’s called “Match Point”. Have you seen it? If not, let me tell you about it a little…The story is pretty simple with the poor Irish one time tennis pro Chris joining an English upper class country club as an instructor. Chris makes friends with this rich dude Tom whose dad is a big business man. Chris quickly charms the entire family including Tom’s sister Chloe with this amicable personality and good looks. Chloe is a sweet looking woman who instantly falls for him and Chris seems to like her quite a bit also… until he meets Tom’s impossibly cute and sensual fiancée Nola.

Now Nola also gets attracted to Chris also but she plays it cool by acknowledging the attraction, but asking him to stay away since she is engaged to Tom. Unfortunately, that doesn’t last too long as the attraction grows too strong and they end up having sex one rainy afternoon on the paddy fields during a weekend holiday on the countryside. However, Nola still plays it cool by telling Chris that it was a one time affair and it cannot go anywhere.

This drives Chris crazy and he becomes obsessed about Nola but it still goes nowhere. Fast forward- Nola breaks up with Tom and goes back to America where she originally came from and in the meantime, to everyone’s happiness, Chris marries Chloe.

Fast forward more – Chris joined the family business quite some time now and he enjoys the kind of money and success that he could only dream of. Everything goes fine until Chris meets Nola accidentally one day and the affair is resumed.

In the beginning Nola acts all cool but as the days go by she becomes more and more demanding about Chris divorcing Chloe. But obviously Chris is not too keen on that since divorcing Chloe means divorcing all the riches that came with her, and even though he’s having a hard time at home as Chloe becomes hell bent on having a baby and practically forces Chris to have sex with her, he stays put. As the story continues we see Nola getting more and more demanding, and Chris getting less and less interested until Nola gets pregnant!

This is when Nola threatens Chris to divorce his wife or she will personally tell Chloe about the affair. As things start getting out of hand, Chris contemplates murdering Nola to save everything he has achieved by marrying Chloe… Now if you watched the movie already, you know what happens next, and if you didn’t, I urge you to watch it as it is not only a beautifully done movie, it also shows some interesting human traits in all of us. It shows how we sometimes mess up our almost winning games. And more importantly it shows how attraction is created and destroyed.

Over the many relationship problems that I have solved in my clients and students, one basic lack of understanding about attraction keeps surfacing over and over. And that is the expectation that somebody “should” love you because of some reason. Maybe it’s a wife expecting a husband to love her “because” they are married, or a boyfriend expecting his girlfriend to love him “because” they are dating, or, as we see more in men, the woman “should” feel attracted to him “because” of all the gifts he has bought and favors he has done for her.

What we don’t understand is that attraction is not logically created. We cannot love someone or feel attracted to someone just because we “should”. No matter what the relationship or situation is. No matter how someone is “obligated”. Attraction is not created out of obligation; it happens spontaneously if it happens at all.

On the other hand most men (typically) believe that to attract a very beautiful woman he has to be either very rich or very good looking or else he doesn’t stand a chance. When he is standing in front of a very attractive, potentially single woman, his mental talk is “don’t even think about it, you are not good looking enough for her.” And if they do manage to take it beyond a casual hello and end up on a date, they feel obligated to “impress” the woman with expensive gifts and dinners and favors and what not.

Wrong! Wrong!! Wrong!!! Remember attraction is not created through a logical choice. Logic is a guy thing. Attraction between man and woman happens because of challenge, because of unpredictability, because of scarcity. Think about all the material things in life you are attracted to, is it the banana in your refrigerator that is healthy and nutritious and you “should” eat it because, well, it’s your banana and you bought it! I guess not. Is it your old car that you drive to work everyday and you have been driving it for the last 7 years? I guess not.

So what do you feel attracted to? Is it the new Mercedes convertible? Hmm… Is it the bottle of rare French wine that costs more than your house? Can you imagine how it’d taste like if you could roll it on your tongue? Oh baby! Is it the house overlooking the ocean where you can go to sleep listening to the waves crashing on the shore at night? Hell yeah!

Hmm… looks like you are attracted to all the things that are probably out of your reach at the moment. That will require you to make a substantial effort if you did want to own one of them. That will challenge you to challenge yourself into becoming more than what you are right now.

Now think about another scenario, what if you are one of the super rich in this world? What if you own 3 jet planes and 5 mansions and 2 limousines? What if your wine collection is the envy of all the wine connoisseurs of the country? Would you still be attracted to all of the things mentioned above? Think about it…

The point I’m trying to make is that we are all attracted to the things that are in some way out of our reach. Something that requires us to make an effort. Something that is not predictably permanent.

Attraction has nothing to do with how you look or how much you earn or what car you drive. It has everything to do with how hard to get you are, how challenging you are and how unpredictable you are. If you want to create INSTANT attraction in someone, convey to that person that he or she cannot get you! This is one simple thing that drives men and women go crazy. When I say “convey”, I don’t mean go and brag to someone, or tell them on the face. I mean subtly communicate without coming off as a snob or being rude, that you are just out of reach for that person and he or she cannot get you unless she makes a substantial amount of effort… and even then its not sure, its just a possibility.

Now I’m sure some of you are going “yeah but..” or “the women (or men) I know are different” or “are you being sexist?” etc. But guess what? The bottom line is, attraction is NOT predictable, logical or rational… not at least on the surface. There is very concrete logic and patterns to the “science” of human attraction but that is something that will obviously take a lot more explanation to elaborate.

If you are interested to go into deeper levels of attraction you might want to check out what could be the best collection anywhere of ideas, strategies, insights and research on the subject of attraction, and how to make sure great things happens when the right man or woman comes along.

It’s all in my book, “Redefine Your Reality”.

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The reason I kept the price of this book so ridiculously low that almost everyone can get it. Make use of it. And if you don’t have a credit card to buy it, well take that as a challenge and get someone to pay it for you. Remember, before you make any breakthrough in life there will always be challenges. They are there to determine if you are ready or not. Don’t let them stop you.

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Exercise 01: Watch the movie Match Point even if you have watched it before. Notice what created the attraction between Chris and Nola, Chris and Chloe. And what destroyed it. What attributes made Chris attractive to both these women throughout the movie, and what influenced Chris to make his decisions in each step. Also notice what characteristics Chris had being a poor Irish tennis player that paved his way into the English upper class.

Exercise 02 (Optional): Get the book “The Art of Seduction” by Robert Greene and read it. It will give you some classical perspectives on what creates attraction.

Now make the world a little better today.Shafin

Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach

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