This will require some brain power. So… buckle up and get some coffee or tea. As a reward you may get a free upgrade of your reality. So let’s look at things a little differently. Beyond all the personal conflicts and political dramas that plague the world, here is another layer of the cake: we Read more about THE BUTTERFLY TRIGGER[…]

Q&A On Songs Of Inspiration

The following Q&A is response to the video “Songs Of Inspiration 01 – It Is Time”: QUESTION: Thank you for the new inputs. but one question that has always and still intrigues is “why am i here?” i did not ask to be, or at least i don’t know that i did. To be good Read more about Q&A On Songs Of Inspiration[…]

Love, Sex & Neuro Chemicals

Question From A Reader: Dear Shafin, I have found your website a few months ago and read a lot of your articles, which are quite amazing. I never did have the time to write about a specific problem of mine and i would appreciate your opinion about this. I heard actually so many different opinions Read more about Love, Sex & Neuro Chemicals[…]

What is Enlightenment?

Question from a Reader: Hello Folks, And hello Shafin! My question and response is some what short and straight to the point. It’s basically this: Once a person has gained a very high level of enlightenment about many of the important things in life. Where does that place such a person in regards to everyday Read more about What is Enlightenment?[…]

On Law Of Attraction And Giving (MP3)

Today I have a very special gift for you. Something I believe has the potential to really change the way you live life. Something that has the potential to not only change your life but change the world. Not everyday I am this excited about one of my own work. But I am today, and Read more about On Law Of Attraction And Giving (MP3)[…]