Awakening To The Infinite – A map of the authentic spiritual journey

Here is something I believe you will find useful… an overview of the journey towards spiritual awakening and what lies beyond. Awakening To The Infinite – A Map Of The Authentic Spiritual Journey Leave your questions and comments below. Enjoy! Shafin

On Law Of Attraction And Giving (MP3)

Today I have a very special gift for you. Something I believe has the potential to really change the way you live life. Something that has the potential to not only change your life but change the world. Not everyday I am this excited about one of my own work. But I am today, and Read more about On Law Of Attraction And Giving (MP3)[…]

Webinar Download Link

To download it to your computer, right-click on the link below and click “Save Target As”, then save it to your desktop. Mac users, click-and-hold.Download The Webinar In this webinar you will learn: What is the best way to go forward spiritually? How to speed up the process of enlightenment? Should we even try to Read more about Webinar Download Link[…]

What Your Doctor DOES NOT Want You To Know

Here are two important notes first: a. If you are a doctor, you are probably not going to like this post very much. b. This is not against the medical profession itself which saves millions of lives everyday, it is against the ignorance and arrogance the profession is engulfed in – that harms millions more. Read more about What Your Doctor DOES NOT Want You To Know[…]

Guided Meditation : “Miracles Today”

Not so long ago I created a 1 hour guided meditation audio called “Miracles Today” and gave it to a very limited amount of people to see the response. Here are some of the responses I received so far… “Its pretty astounding what is coming out of this simple practice. I wasn’t expecting it to Read more about Guided Meditation : “Miracles Today”[…]