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Story Of The Velveteen Rabbit


“Real isn’t how you are made…” said the Skin Horse. “It’s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.”

“Does it hurt?” asked the Rabbit.

“Sometimes,” said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. “When you are Real you don’t mind being hurt.”

“Does it happen all at once, like being wound up,” he asked, “or bit by bit?”

“It doesn’t happen all at once,” said the Skin Horse. “You become. It takes a long time. That’s why it doesn’t happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in your joints and very shabby. But these things don’t matter at all, because once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand…”

~From “The Velveteen Rabbit” by Margery Williams

Sometimes the only way to deliver the most powerful ideas are through poetry or parables. The Velveteen Rabbit is a little Christmas story for children that is timeless, profound, beautiful and it contains messages that can only be understood, if at all, through a mind that knows humility. Read this message over and over again, take a printout and store it somewhere safe, for maybe one rainy afternoon, ten years from now, it will remind you once again, how to love, to be humble, to be real…

With lots of love to you all…


Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach

How To Pray For Miracles


I remember a number of years ago I was listening to Marianne Williamson in one of her talks. At this particular talk she was saying (I am paraphrasing it) that there are two ways of manifesting your desires. The first way is something like white magic which encompasses everything from law of attraction, visualization, mind power etc. The second way is surrender to God and allowing God to decide what the best is for us, it is manifesting your desires through prayer.

At the time, I remember thinking to myself, that the second way is just way too much religion for me. God didn’t create us so we could just allow him to decide everything for us. God created us so we can grow and become like God. And the way that happens is by using our will power, learn the deeper secrets of the universe and master the art of willful creation. As we get better at creating things consciously, we grow spiritually.

This was a time when I was learning aspects of alchemy (and certain other secret arts) and was pretty successful at manifesting things with mind power and law of attraction and so on and so forth. I had multiple businesses, offices in 3 continents of the world and a fantastic social life.

So what has changed? Not much really, except that along my journey of self realization, along the many paths that I have trodden that took me to extreme highs and lows, I have learnt the greatest secret of them all. The secret that has changed my entire life; from one that was filled with struggle and fight, also money and glamour, along with speed and excitement, to one that is filled with peace and surrender, miracles and magic.

The change happened as I slowly realized that along with the recent global re-discovery that we are indeed in charge of our destiny (and we do indeed create our own reality and there are, indeed, very specific ways of manifesting our dreams using our mind power), we are still stuck in the same basic misconception that human kind has been plagued with for the last two millennia. The misconception is that YOU are a separate being from everything and everyone, from nature, from God.

Now at this point most people who know anything about, lets say, Law of Attraction, as its known by most who take interest in self improvement topics, may be tempted to say that that is not correct. That you do realize we are one. That you do understand your Oneness with God. But do you really? When you practice visualization, create your “vision board”, or perform any other ritual that has to do with manifesting your desires, do you ever take into consideration that what you are asking for may not be the right way for you? That maybe, just maybe, you having a “million dollars” right now may not be in the best interest for yourself? Do you realize that in your quest for realizing your dream, you maybe drifting far off your personal destiny? How would you know the difference? How would you know how all things are interconnected between infinite past and future? How would you know what your responsibility is in this infinitely complex web of time, space and causation? Could it be that your being poor actually serves a purpose for the greater mass? Could it be that you having an accident or even dying could serve as a valuable lesson for others so they may grow? Are you even ready to accept such a concept?

It’s been two millennia of socio-cultural-religious-scientific brainwash that has taught human beings that you are a separate being from everyone and everything. Thing about it: modern man (and woman) is absolutely incapable of experiencing anything other than himself. He may feel compassion, but it is he who feels compassion, which is very different from experiencing what the other person is going through. He may appreciate beauty, but it is he who looks at the scenery and enjoys it, which is very different from the experience of being one with the scenery. Everything is dependent on him existing first, then letting everything else having the privilege of being experienced by him. When he dreams a dream, it is he who needs to manifest his dream, at any cost, regardless of how his dreams may alter the course of time and web of interdependent components. He wants to be rich, right now! He wants to be successful, right now! Regardless of what his responsibilities of learning and growing maybe. What if his destiny is to learn humility? Or patience? Or maybe help some one else learn a difficult lesson by sacrificing his own self? Can the modern man even humor such a strange concept?

Now don’t be mislead into thinking that I am against conscious manifestation of desire. I am not. My whole existence is dedicated to teaching humanity how to redefine reality. It is your birthright to create consciously and I am here to help you learn the art. All the things I mentioned above are possibilities and all can be worked through while having a fulfilling life filled with joy and adventure, but that topic is for another day. Right now I just wanted to demonstrate how difficult it is for our current state of consciousness to experience anything apart from itself.

I know how difficult it is to face everyday with uncertainty. I know what its like to live from day to day not having enough money to even buy food. To be so depressed that the only way out seems like suicide. I know all of that because I have lived through it. And I am here to tell you that there is a middle ground between being desperately helpless and a manifestation zealot. The middle ground is realizing that our human consciousness has its limitation, that we cannot see the infinite interconnection between all things and past and future. That no matter how smart we act or think we are, the truth is we know so very little about the deeper laws of reality, it’s not even funny. That we do live in a very noisy world with an average of 1500 advertisements and marketing messages being bombarded on us each day. That what we think, what we dream of, what we want, what our thoughts are, are not always our own, and most definitely not always beneficial to our own selves.

There is an intelligence that pervades all reality. The Universe is a living organism that we are all part of. God is the creator and IS all that is. God is within you and around you. You are in the heart of God. You are being taken care of and loved beyond comprehension. God became human in you, unfolding through you, everyday. And while you will always have free will to choose your path, just like the ultimate loving parent, God will protect you from going too far off from your personal destiny, one that is not confined within your personal story of birth and death. When you dream, God dreams with you. But sometimes what you want right now is not what is in your best interest, especially when your desires are heavily influenced by socio/cultural conditioning, marketing messages, personal pain or fear.

So how do you manifest your dreams when you don’t even know what the right path is for you? Surrender. Surrender your dreams to God. Pray. Pray in the right way. How to pray? Here is how…

First, go into deep meditation. Meditate to the point where all noise dissolves away. Meditate to the point where you no longer have a name. Meditate to the point where you feel the absolute joy of being One with God. Keep saying “Father, I am your son. You are my Father. We are One. Love me Father. Love me Free. Open my heart so I can feel You. Open my heart to Love. Open me to Love. Love me free my Father so I can feel you, hear you, see you, touch you.” Keep praying till you absolutely feel the joy and love of being One. When you feel it, God is listening to you. It’s the right time to pray.

(Replace Father with Mother if that’s what you are comfortable with, it’s the same thing; choose the one that makes you feel the closest to God in a very real sense. This is not a clever formula to make things happen quickly but to be one with God. When you do that, miracles happen but there is no faking it.)

Second, state your desire. Say “This is my desire I am willing to work for it and grow through it. This is what I think will make me happy. But I realize I don’t know what the best is for me. So guide me my Father. Guide me towards the right path. Show me the right way to take. Send me signs, inspirations, guides and teachers. Open my eyes so I can see. Above all else, I want to love You and be One with You. Guide me my Father through all these dreams and desires so I can find my way back home again. This is what I want, I surrender my dreams to You. Guide me my Father. Show me the way…”

Third, keep praying until you see the signs. They will arrive very fast. But not always what you thought it would be. Follow the signs, no matter how scary. This is detachment. This is surrender. If you follow them, miracles will happen. You will always, ALWAYS win. Sure the path will test you beyond belief, sure everyone will think you’ve gone mad, but you will constantly receive signs and help and teachers and guidance to lead you on the way, through the darkness of the unknown, to a destiny so fantastic that no one could ever imagine. But above all that something more unbelievable will have happened: the world will be a better place because you followed your dreams. Whole humanity will take a step forward because you have awakened. Entire human consciousness will awaken a little more because you opened your eyes.

That is the difference between white magic and surrender. The difference is simple yet it is most difficult to make a part of our life. The difference is realizing that we are all One. That God is truly within us, around us, IS all that there is. That the divine plan is inconceivably bigger than our 3 dimensional existence between life and death. That when we awaken, we will realize, when we realize, we will be able to relax, but until then… we need to surrender, or love, which is really the same thing, when you think about it.

With you always on the way to miracles and love!


Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach

PS: Thanks to Francesca from Singapore for asking the right questions which helped me bring about these answers.

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Meaning Of A True Spiritual Life


If you are like the rest of the world today, when you hear the words spirituality or spiritual life, you probably imagine monks in a monastery or a naked yogi up on the mountains. We are living in a time when most people don’t even prefer to talk about the word spirit in public as its considered too controversial. Most people, it appears to me, think of a spiritual life to be one that requires sacrificing everything and allows no fun, freedom or passion. The truth is couldn’t be further away! Ironically, as you will realize eventually, a true spiritual life not only takes you to heights of ecstasy you have never dreamed of, it also brings you freedom you could never imagine.

While many schools of thought hold many different ideas, basic spirituality can be summarized as follows:

a. There is an omnipotent intelligence that is the Source of this universe.

b. All creation comes from this divine Source or Energy.

c. The universe exists for a reason and a purpose.

d. Very simply put the reason is evolution. The universe evolves itself from lower states of intelligence and energy to the higher and higher levels until it merges back with the infinite Intelligence that created it.

e. We as human beings have always felt the painful separation from God or the Divine Intelligence since our birth into a body of flesh and bones. Trying to distract themselves from the pain of separation (or more appropriately unawareness), humans have struggled in many different ways. Some of these unfruitful ways are trying to control other people, food, drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, making money (yes that too can be a major distraction) etc.

f. When we find our way back again and reconnect with God, we experience an absolute sense of freedom and peace.

g. Once someone experiences this bliss and enjoys the direct blessings of God, he or she is automatically driven to help others experience the same.

This is the essence and goal of a true spiritual life.

Fascinatingly, as you awaken spiritually more and more, you begin to discover that there are many hidden forces that shape the way your life unfolds! These invisible deeper forces begin to make a lot of beneficial things happen to you, things you may have not even asked for or imagined! These are the miracles that people commonly experience on their spiritual journey. As you focus more and more with discipline and dedication on your spiritual journey, these miracles and serendipities begin to happen at ever greater extents. It’s like God, in a very realistic way becomes a part of your daily life on this physical plane. No prayer is too small, no wish is too insignificant. In the most extraordinary ways all prayers are answered and fulfilled. Something that is beyond the wildest dreams of most people, you begin to enjoy a freedom that is simply incredible!

When people see the yogi on the mountain what they do not see is here is someone who has given up silly little material gains and received a kingdom full of treasures. Someone who has bargained with by giving up the false sense of physical freedom with a freedom beyond time and space. Someone who has traded paltry physical pleasures to receive divine ecstasy! Looking at it this way we may suddenly understand the absurdity of our corporate culture and our struggle to exchange our life for a credit card and a house. This does not mean that to live a spiritual life, you have to give up all your material gains. You can keep whatever you want to, but sometimes it just makes no sense to keep the unnecessary chains of our materially focused societies.

A real spiritual life trains your mind and your senses to go beyond the material obvious and perceive the deeper spiritual truths. Slowly you begin to understand the deeper laws of the universe and use them in your own life. When you get there, your life becomes filled with real magic and miracles. The whole universe seems to conspire to help you achieving your dreams. For now, your dreams and dreams of the universe has become one. They have become the dreams of God.


Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach

Spiritual Prayer


My Brothers and Sisters,

Here is a spiritual prayer that I say every morning. It allows me to re-focus, to remember, to re-orient and to be grateful. It reminds me where the Source of all creation is and where I need to focus. It allows me to center and see beyond the veil of material illusion. It reminds me of my purpose and the responsibilities of my journey. It allows me to differentiate between what is real and what is not. It allows me to be.

Believe it or not, this one prayer has the capacity to turn your life around if you use it right. Write it down and say it every morning… from the heart. Miracles will happen!

With all my love,


You can get the prayer text here

On Integrity


Miracles and Patience in a Spiritual Life

This post was taken from my newly updated book Redefine Your Reality – Awaken To Light

I’d like to tell you about the role of patience when living a spiritual life. In the very beginning, let me clarify that this letter is meant for people who have already attained a certain level of spiritual awareness, have gone through a considerable amount of healing process, and who are already aware of their “journey” or purpose of this life time. If all this sounds gibberish to you, this letter will probably make no sense.

We have all heard the overused idiom “patience is a virtue”, however if you think about it that’s quite an idiotic thing to say only by itself. Patience about what? That something good will happen? That if you wait long enough circumstances will change? If you have no pattern or trend to base your decision to be patient, then you could be waiting for all eternity and get no results.

I am not talking about that type of patience. The patience I am referring to has to do with opening yourself up to miracles in everyday life. The patience I am talking about is only 20% of the equation.

So what is the other 80%? Here goes:

50% Faith + 30% Guided Action + 20% Patience = Miracles!

Let me clarify what each of these terms mean as all of these words have lost their meaning due to overuse.

Faith: Faith is the knowingness that your life is being guided by the all pervading intelligence that most of us call God. That you are part of God, experiencing life in a human body, going through a great adventure the end of which is merging back to where you came from. It is the true knowing (not just a belief, which is only the minds working hypotheses, a fill in the blank where knowledge is not available) that you are not your body, you are not even your mind, you are definitely not what you have accumulated in this lifetime or your degrees or relationships. It is the knowing that you are beyond all of that, you are part of the Great Spirit, of God, participating in this illusion called physical life and playing a part in a cosmic drama. Faith is knowing that your role in this enormous drama is more than just your personal needs and desires. That there is more to this story than what your conscious, thinking, rational, analytical mind can understand. Faith is knowing that you are being guided, you always have been, you always will be.

Guided Action: If you truly understand the above and actually have faith, then you have already experienced direct communication from God. You have received signs and heard the voice of God in many ways; sometimes through people, sometimes through books, sometimes through dreams, or sometimes through one of the countless many ways that God chooses to communicate with us. You may have chosen to ignore it, you may have doubted it or you may have followed it, but whatever is the case, if you have FAITH, you are aware of the guidance…

When you have stood in the cross roads of life and asked God what should I do, invariably God gives you a sign and speaks softly in your heart about the right path to take. When you listen to that guidance communicated through synchronicities and teachers and butterflies and stars in the sky… and you take action based on that inspiration, you have completed the second step. This is guided action. This is asking for help at every cross road of your life because you realize that you (your conscious ego mind) simply don’t know what is the best course for to take since you cannot see the infinite interconnection between all things through all eternity. It is waiting for the answer and then when you absolutely feel the right way in your heart, taking the guided action.

Patience: Far from waiting for things to change, patience in a spiritual life is remembering the saying of King Solomon “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” It is knowing that sometimes what is waiting for you is so much bigger and better than what you want right now that it’s not even funny. It’s realizing that everything has a perfect time to unfold, that all that our heart desires will be fulfilled, but before it is fulfilled we have to learn a lesson, we have to grow, and we have to become ready to receive what is waiting for us. Like children we want the candy NOW, but the ultimate Teacher knows if you give the child the treat before he has learnt his lesson, he cannot even appreciate what he has received. Patience is realizing that the whole universe is revolving around EACH of us. And all that we want, all that we seek, all that we ask for will all come true, but we need to grow first. That is the purpose of this life.

Patience is a word we use because our mind cannot handle the word SURRENDER. Surrender can neither be taught nor explained. True surrender is falling in love with the Divine Beloved. It is being One. Words are inadequate here so I will stop. Those of you who understand need no explanation, those of you who don’t will have to make your own journey into understanding this.

Patience is resting into the knowingness that at the right time, in the most perfect way, the most perfect outcome will manifest your hearts desires. It is simply having faith, asking for guidance, taking the actions as guided, then resting in joy for you know… there is nothing to rush, nothing to push, never anything to push, nothing to struggle, nothing to wait for. Its simply KNOWING that… what will unfold will be nothing short of miraculous.

Miracles: Miracles are Gods gifts to us. They are bending of time, space, cause and effect. They are the most improbable happening in the most extraordinary way. They are the whole universe coming together to give you what you want (or sometimes way beyond what you ever asked for). Miracles are divine candies; a way of God laughing and saying to us “There you go! Look how I bent all rules for you because you are my favorite child!” Miracles are Gods way of showing his (her?) love to us. But then again, these are words we use to explain miracles because our language has no proper words to explain what it really is. It’s a natural way the universe works, like the sun rising in the east, when you understand the deeper secrets of reality.

So one more time, here is the formula for you to create some real magic and miracles in this amazing journey called life. Write it down somewhere where you can see it every day:

50% Faith + 30% Guided Action + 20% Patience = Miracles!

I hope this helps all of you to verbalize a little better what you may have always known in the depths of your heart.

For those of you a little lost after reading my words or need some help to begin, I have one word for you: Meditate.

Always with you on the journey back home…

Lotsa love,


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I remain

I remain.

I remain when the night has passed and the sun shines high above the sky. I remain when the sun shines on the other side of the world and I see it not.

I remain when the rain sweeps across the horizon. I remain when a thousand flowers bloom in the autumn.

I remain.

I remain when life is miraculous and joy filled. I also remain when the stars align to make me grow through challenges.

I remain when my friends love me with all their hearts. I also remain when they find me completely unbearable.

I remain when my lover surrenders completely into me. I also remain when she hates the very sight of me.

I remain through the summer heat, the winter snow, the rainy days; I also remain when all seasons have ceased to remain and it’s simply an indistinguishable blur of a sweaty afternoon. I still remain. Something in me is beyond all change.

I remain when I have a lot of money, I can give freely and spend joyously. Yet I also remain when I don’t have so much money and have to worry about feeding myself in the next few days.

As I remain, I watch. As I watch, I understand. As I understand, I relax. As I relax, I rejoice. As I rejoice, I become grateful. As I become grateful, I feel love. As I feel love, I become one. As I become one, I remain…

Physical life arises from the dance of the opposites. The positive and negative. The masculine and feminine. The yin and yang. The good and bad. Birth and death. Yet we are not physical beings only. We are divinity in a body having a physical experience. The nature of this drama is such that it will always have the opposites ingrained into it. True joy will never arise from following the changes of this cosmic dance but from getting in touch with that part of you that never changes, that is beyond birth and death, that is eternal and non-physical, that is a silent witness to all change.

Be still and breathe. Take the time each day to sit quietly and remember who you truly are.

Changes will never cease to be. When the yin has reached its climax, it already contains within it the seed of its opposite. The dance of the opposites is what makes this physical experience so beautiful. It is the sorrow that carves your being deep enough to contain the joy that follows.

Be still and breathe. You shall remain when all change will cease to be.

Be still and breathe. You are beyond birth and death, success and struggle, pain and pleasure, love and hate.

Be still and breathe. You are beyond your looks, your financial status, your job description and your divorce count.

Who you are has nothing to do with your physical body or its achievements (or lack thereof). You are here to experience, to witness, to learn and to grow. The eternal Mother and Father are looking after you. The changes are all part of the plan. You are being guided. You are taken care of. You are going forward. You are loved beyond comprehension.

If some days all these changes become a little unbearable, say to yourself “I am in this change but not of it. I am the witness. I remain. I always have. I always will. These changes always keep going in cycles yet… I remain.”


On Love


I have a simple message for you today, my brothers and sisters. You are one and inseparably connected to all that is. You are one on the material level and you are one on the spiritual level. Love means awareness of this simple truth. Love means seeing yourself in the other person. Love means seeing God in everyone and everything.

Until you accept this truth fully, unconditionally and wholeheartedly, life will always be a constant struggle against fear and uncertainty. Love will free you from all fear for you will know in your heart that at any given moment you are experiencing God. Love will heal your mind from all fear from uncertainty for you will know in your heart that every moment is unfolding in the most perfect way towards growth and evolution.

My friends, there is miracle and there is magic, not in the pages of history but right now in this world today. You will have to awaken to experience it in your own personal life. All struggle is a struggle with the separation that exists in your own mind, separation from everyone and everything. But separation is the other name of confusion. It arises from the illusion created by the five senses. Until you are able to free yourself from this confusion called separation, you will not be able to experience the miracles of love. Love is recognizing God in your lover and enemy.

So be open and know beyond doubt that you too can experience everyday miracles and magic just as easily as the mystics and the sages of the scriptures and history. Know that you too can be free, joyous and abundant. You too can give without worrying how you will get back, love without fear of being hurt, forgive without risk of being harmed. The world is a reflection of your inside, as you learn to truly love and give and forgive your brothers and sisters, the whole world changes. You think it takes a long time, but time is an illusion just like separation. Love can compress, reverse and reorganize past, present and future.

When you read these words, take the first step for the journey of a thousand miles begin with those very first steps. Take the first step. If nothing make it a habit to say every morning “I am a loving Soul, eternal and whole. I see beyond the illusion of my five senses and I am ready to love at all costs.” Remember love is the ultimate reality, the end truth, the final understanding. Love is the recognition of your true source. Love all for all is you.

My friends, errors are all forgiven, for in the mind of God you have already awakened and understood. It is you who is having a vicarious experience through time to enjoy the diversity of a physical experience. You chose it this way. And you will end it when you are ready to. No one is judging you except yourself. There is no reason to. Through your mistakes and confusion, you make very important contribution the Universe. You are perfect right now. But this journey will be so much more enjoyable for you when you understand the rules of the game. It will be so much more fun to play. There will be so much more magic and enchantment in your journey. That is why you seek, that is why you ask… and we answer.

Have fun with all of this. There is great love for you. All you need to do is open your heart to feel it. Don’t forget to practice today.

I bow to the creator in you.



Who Is God?


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