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Meaning Of A True Spiritual Life


If you are like the rest of the world today, when you hear the words spirituality or spiritual life, you probably imagine monks in a monastery or a naked yogi up on the mountains. We are living in a time when most people don’t even prefer to talk about the word spirit in public as its considered too controversial. Most people, it appears to me, think of a spiritual life to be one that requires sacrificing everything and allows no fun, freedom or passion. The truth is couldn’t be further away! Ironically, as you will realize eventually, a true spiritual life not only takes you to heights of ecstasy you have never dreamed of, it also brings you freedom you could never imagine.

While many schools of thought hold many different ideas, basic spirituality can be summarized as follows:

a. There is an omnipotent intelligence that is the Source of this universe.

b. All creation comes from this divine Source or Energy.

c. The universe exists for a reason and a purpose.

d. Very simply put the reason is evolution. The universe evolves itself from lower states of intelligence and energy to the higher and higher levels until it merges back with the infinite Intelligence that created it.

e. We as human beings have always felt the painful separation from God or the Divine Intelligence since our birth into a body of flesh and bones. Trying to distract themselves from the pain of separation (or more appropriately unawareness), humans have struggled in many different ways. Some of these unfruitful ways are trying to control other people, food, drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, making money (yes that too can be a major distraction) etc.

f. When we find our way back again and reconnect with God, we experience an absolute sense of freedom and peace.

g. Once someone experiences this bliss and enjoys the direct blessings of God, he or she is automatically driven to help others experience the same.

This is the essence and goal of a true spiritual life.

Fascinatingly, as you awaken spiritually more and more, you begin to discover that there are many hidden forces that shape the way your life unfolds! These invisible deeper forces begin to make a lot of beneficial things happen to you, things you may have not even asked for or imagined! These are the miracles that people commonly experience on their spiritual journey. As you focus more and more with discipline and dedication on your spiritual journey, these miracles and serendipities begin to happen at ever greater extents. It’s like God, in a very realistic way becomes a part of your daily life on this physical plane. No prayer is too small, no wish is too insignificant. In the most extraordinary ways all prayers are answered and fulfilled. Something that is beyond the wildest dreams of most people, you begin to enjoy a freedom that is simply incredible!

When people see the yogi on the mountain what they do not see is here is someone who has given up silly little material gains and received a kingdom full of treasures. Someone who has bargained with by giving up the false sense of physical freedom with a freedom beyond time and space. Someone who has traded paltry physical pleasures to receive divine ecstasy! Looking at it this way we may suddenly understand the absurdity of our corporate culture and our struggle to exchange our life for a credit card and a house. This does not mean that to live a spiritual life, you have to give up all your material gains. You can keep whatever you want to, but sometimes it just makes no sense to keep the unnecessary chains of our materially focused societies.

A real spiritual life trains your mind and your senses to go beyond the material obvious and perceive the deeper spiritual truths. Slowly you begin to understand the deeper laws of the universe and use them in your own life. When you get there, your life becomes filled with real magic and miracles. The whole universe seems to conspire to help you achieving your dreams. For now, your dreams and dreams of the universe has become one. They have become the dreams of God.


Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach

Spin of Life

Today I got really worked up with this email I received from a (well educated, well traveled, usually open minded) friend. The email contained an article with propaganda against a certain religion (I won’t tell you which one, I’ll leave it for your imagination). The article was basically total misinterpretation of verses including one where it mentioned “It (the religious text in question) advises men to take a green branch and beat their wives, because a green branch is more flexible and hurts more”! It gave a reference link to all the verses from where it was quoting. A quick research showed that this specific article is found all over the web in literally hundreds of variations. Only God knows how many thousands of zealous people have shared this propaganda with how many thousand others!

When I followed that specific link to see how in the world a major religious text can contain something like this, I found that it was something about Job being asked to strike the ground with a bundle of rushes (a green plant) to a. keep the satan away or b. produce water from the ground (I couldn’t be sure because it was a bit confusing) but nothing to do with women, or hitting them, or anything about the choice of green branches for more pain!

Having gone through this it really made me upset thinking about the situation the world is in right now. What are we doing to each other and the planet? With so much of propaganda against each other and our faiths, with so much brainwash in the hundreds of channels on TV, with so much of ignorance in the hearts of these so called educated folk of the world, are we really going to survive or actually become the cause of our own extinction?

Being around so many spiritual teachers and like minded people, having so many students around the world who write so many wonderful things about my work, most of the times I feel there is a great awakening happening in the world right now. That people are slowly waking up to realizing that there is more than what meets the five senses. That there is a deeper reality with miracles and magic that we can access right right now if we choose to. That God does exist, not in our hearts, but we in the heart of God. That we are all brothers and sisters, part of a cosmic drama, playing our parts, spiritual beings having a physical experience and not the other way round. That what I am doing is actually making a difference and setting off a chain reaction around the world…

But some other times, on days like this, when I see so much of darkness in the minds of, not the villagers of third world countries, but our educated folk who travel around the world and apparently “see” a lot… it pains me. On days like this, it appears to me, the world is in its teen ages, spiritually speaking. Bad attitude, bully type mentality, and total disregard for anything beyond our own understanding of what is RIGHT. Ignorant of our ignorance, wise in our own esteem. The result? Countries like Nigeria and Ecuador being crippled for oil, trillions of dollars being spent on wars, planes flying into buildings and about 24,000 people dying every day from hunger or hunger-related causes (Source: The Hunger Site at

Anyway, the fact that I don’t like to feel this way, and the fact that I understand the power of our mind projecting outwards, makes me quickly find out something powerful that can snap me back and help me feel optimistic again. So today, the video that helped me smile back is below. Its the Spin Of Life. Somehow, in its own offbeat funny way, it made me think of how all things are interconnected and how we are all in this great journey together.

So this is for you, not just for today but for all days when life makes you feel down. But in exchange for my efforts (if it has ever helped you at all) I have a request for you (its 6.30am where I am and I still haven’t slept, that’s how bothered I got): do something today to eradicate the idea of separation from the minds of our friends and family. No matter how small your step, do something today to spread the love and the idea that we are all One, in this planet together, and when one is hurt, we all suffer. Whether we realize it or not.

With lots of love for you and everyone you care about.


And if you too need some inspiration and lightening up, here is our collection of Motivational Videos For Spiritual Awakening

Miracles and Patience in a Spiritual Life

This post was taken from my newly updated book Redefine Your Reality – Awaken To Light

I’d like to tell you about the role of patience when living a spiritual life. In the very beginning, let me clarify that this letter is meant for people who have already attained a certain level of spiritual awareness, have gone through a considerable amount of healing process, and who are already aware of their “journey” or purpose of this life time. If all this sounds gibberish to you, this letter will probably make no sense.

We have all heard the overused idiom “patience is a virtue”, however if you think about it that’s quite an idiotic thing to say only by itself. Patience about what? That something good will happen? That if you wait long enough circumstances will change? If you have no pattern or trend to base your decision to be patient, then you could be waiting for all eternity and get no results.

I am not talking about that type of patience. The patience I am referring to has to do with opening yourself up to miracles in everyday life. The patience I am talking about is only 20% of the equation.

So what is the other 80%? Here goes:

50% Faith + 30% Guided Action + 20% Patience = Miracles!

Let me clarify what each of these terms mean as all of these words have lost their meaning due to overuse.

Faith: Faith is the knowingness that your life is being guided by the all pervading intelligence that most of us call God. That you are part of God, experiencing life in a human body, going through a great adventure the end of which is merging back to where you came from. It is the true knowing (not just a belief, which is only the minds working hypotheses, a fill in the blank where knowledge is not available) that you are not your body, you are not even your mind, you are definitely not what you have accumulated in this lifetime or your degrees or relationships. It is the knowing that you are beyond all of that, you are part of the Great Spirit, of God, participating in this illusion called physical life and playing a part in a cosmic drama. Faith is knowing that your role in this enormous drama is more than just your personal needs and desires. That there is more to this story than what your conscious, thinking, rational, analytical mind can understand. Faith is knowing that you are being guided, you always have been, you always will be.

Guided Action: If you truly understand the above and actually have faith, then you have already experienced direct communication from God. You have received signs and heard the voice of God in many ways; sometimes through people, sometimes through books, sometimes through dreams, or sometimes through one of the countless many ways that God chooses to communicate with us. You may have chosen to ignore it, you may have doubted it or you may have followed it, but whatever is the case, if you have FAITH, you are aware of the guidance…

When you have stood in the cross roads of life and asked God what should I do, invariably God gives you a sign and speaks softly in your heart about the right path to take. When you listen to that guidance communicated through synchronicities and teachers and butterflies and stars in the sky… and you take action based on that inspiration, you have completed the second step. This is guided action. This is asking for help at every cross road of your life because you realize that you (your conscious ego mind) simply don’t know what is the best course for to take since you cannot see the infinite interconnection between all things through all eternity. It is waiting for the answer and then when you absolutely feel the right way in your heart, taking the guided action.

Patience: Far from waiting for things to change, patience in a spiritual life is remembering the saying of King Solomon “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” It is knowing that sometimes what is waiting for you is so much bigger and better than what you want right now that it’s not even funny. It’s realizing that everything has a perfect time to unfold, that all that our heart desires will be fulfilled, but before it is fulfilled we have to learn a lesson, we have to grow, and we have to become ready to receive what is waiting for us. Like children we want the candy NOW, but the ultimate Teacher knows if you give the child the treat before he has learnt his lesson, he cannot even appreciate what he has received. Patience is realizing that the whole universe is revolving around EACH of us. And all that we want, all that we seek, all that we ask for will all come true, but we need to grow first. That is the purpose of this life.

Patience is a word we use because our mind cannot handle the word SURRENDER. Surrender can neither be taught nor explained. True surrender is falling in love with the Divine Beloved. It is being One. Words are inadequate here so I will stop. Those of you who understand need no explanation, those of you who don’t will have to make your own journey into understanding this.

Patience is resting into the knowingness that at the right time, in the most perfect way, the most perfect outcome will manifest your hearts desires. It is simply having faith, asking for guidance, taking the actions as guided, then resting in joy for you know… there is nothing to rush, nothing to push, never anything to push, nothing to struggle, nothing to wait for. Its simply KNOWING that… what will unfold will be nothing short of miraculous.

Miracles: Miracles are Gods gifts to us. They are bending of time, space, cause and effect. They are the most improbable happening in the most extraordinary way. They are the whole universe coming together to give you what you want (or sometimes way beyond what you ever asked for). Miracles are divine candies; a way of God laughing and saying to us “There you go! Look how I bent all rules for you because you are my favorite child!” Miracles are Gods way of showing his (her?) love to us. But then again, these are words we use to explain miracles because our language has no proper words to explain what it really is. It’s a natural way the universe works, like the sun rising in the east, when you understand the deeper secrets of reality.

So one more time, here is the formula for you to create some real magic and miracles in this amazing journey called life. Write it down somewhere where you can see it every day:

50% Faith + 30% Guided Action + 20% Patience = Miracles!

I hope this helps all of you to verbalize a little better what you may have always known in the depths of your heart.

For those of you a little lost after reading my words or need some help to begin, I have one word for you: Meditate.

Always with you on the journey back home…

Lotsa love,


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I remain

I remain.

I remain when the night has passed and the sun shines high above the sky. I remain when the sun shines on the other side of the world and I see it not.

I remain when the rain sweeps across the horizon. I remain when a thousand flowers bloom in the autumn.

I remain.

I remain when life is miraculous and joy filled. I also remain when the stars align to make me grow through challenges.

I remain when my friends love me with all their hearts. I also remain when they find me completely unbearable.

I remain when my lover surrenders completely into me. I also remain when she hates the very sight of me.

I remain through the summer heat, the winter snow, the rainy days; I also remain when all seasons have ceased to remain and it’s simply an indistinguishable blur of a sweaty afternoon. I still remain. Something in me is beyond all change.

I remain when I have a lot of money, I can give freely and spend joyously. Yet I also remain when I don’t have so much money and have to worry about feeding myself in the next few days.

As I remain, I watch. As I watch, I understand. As I understand, I relax. As I relax, I rejoice. As I rejoice, I become grateful. As I become grateful, I feel love. As I feel love, I become one. As I become one, I remain…

Physical life arises from the dance of the opposites. The positive and negative. The masculine and feminine. The yin and yang. The good and bad. Birth and death. Yet we are not physical beings only. We are divinity in a body having a physical experience. The nature of this drama is such that it will always have the opposites ingrained into it. True joy will never arise from following the changes of this cosmic dance but from getting in touch with that part of you that never changes, that is beyond birth and death, that is eternal and non-physical, that is a silent witness to all change.

Be still and breathe. Take the time each day to sit quietly and remember who you truly are.

Changes will never cease to be. When the yin has reached its climax, it already contains within it the seed of its opposite. The dance of the opposites is what makes this physical experience so beautiful. It is the sorrow that carves your being deep enough to contain the joy that follows.

Be still and breathe. You shall remain when all change will cease to be.

Be still and breathe. You are beyond birth and death, success and struggle, pain and pleasure, love and hate.

Be still and breathe. You are beyond your looks, your financial status, your job description and your divorce count.

Who you are has nothing to do with your physical body or its achievements (or lack thereof). You are here to experience, to witness, to learn and to grow. The eternal Mother and Father are looking after you. The changes are all part of the plan. You are being guided. You are taken care of. You are going forward. You are loved beyond comprehension.

If some days all these changes become a little unbearable, say to yourself “I am in this change but not of it. I am the witness. I remain. I always have. I always will. These changes always keep going in cycles yet… I remain.”


On Love


I have a simple message for you today, my brothers and sisters. You are one and inseparably connected to all that is. You are one on the material level and you are one on the spiritual level. Love means awareness of this simple truth. Love means seeing yourself in the other person. Love means seeing God in everyone and everything.

Until you accept this truth fully, unconditionally and wholeheartedly, life will always be a constant struggle against fear and uncertainty. Love will free you from all fear for you will know in your heart that at any given moment you are experiencing God. Love will heal your mind from all fear from uncertainty for you will know in your heart that every moment is unfolding in the most perfect way towards growth and evolution.

My friends, there is miracle and there is magic, not in the pages of history but right now in this world today. You will have to awaken to experience it in your own personal life. All struggle is a struggle with the separation that exists in your own mind, separation from everyone and everything. But separation is the other name of confusion. It arises from the illusion created by the five senses. Until you are able to free yourself from this confusion called separation, you will not be able to experience the miracles of love. Love is recognizing God in your lover and enemy.

So be open and know beyond doubt that you too can experience everyday miracles and magic just as easily as the mystics and the sages of the scriptures and history. Know that you too can be free, joyous and abundant. You too can give without worrying how you will get back, love without fear of being hurt, forgive without risk of being harmed. The world is a reflection of your inside, as you learn to truly love and give and forgive your brothers and sisters, the whole world changes. You think it takes a long time, but time is an illusion just like separation. Love can compress, reverse and reorganize past, present and future.

When you read these words, take the first step for the journey of a thousand miles begin with those very first steps. Take the first step. If nothing make it a habit to say every morning “I am a loving Soul, eternal and whole. I see beyond the illusion of my five senses and I am ready to love at all costs.” Remember love is the ultimate reality, the end truth, the final understanding. Love is the recognition of your true source. Love all for all is you.

My friends, errors are all forgiven, for in the mind of God you have already awakened and understood. It is you who is having a vicarious experience through time to enjoy the diversity of a physical experience. You chose it this way. And you will end it when you are ready to. No one is judging you except yourself. There is no reason to. Through your mistakes and confusion, you make very important contribution the Universe. You are perfect right now. But this journey will be so much more enjoyable for you when you understand the rules of the game. It will be so much more fun to play. There will be so much more magic and enchantment in your journey. That is why you seek, that is why you ask… and we answer.

Have fun with all of this. There is great love for you. All you need to do is open your heart to feel it. Don’t forget to practice today.

I bow to the creator in you.



Love Is The Key

Last night… as I floated between being and non-being, deep in meditation, happily suspended within the comfort of knowing who I truly am, not through the eyes of the flesh or even the mind but through the eyes of my soul… I realized, once again: Love is the key.

Surrender and be open to infinite possibilities. Nothing else is necessary. All things are unfolding in the most perfect way. All that you perceive to be broken, is nothing but an appearance. Be love, be One. All doors will open. Its all perfect, right now. It all love, in its most basic form. Its all God.

If you understand, nothing more is necessary. If you don’t, have heart, you will. We all will. Sooner or later.

That is the beauty of this amazing journey called life!


eCourse Day 6: Spiritual Enlightenment – Biggest Obstacle On The Way


Today’s lesson is Q&A style. Its also going to be a bit lengthy and probably the most important lesson so far, so you may want to take a printout for reading it more than once and for future reference.

Question From A Reader:

Dear Shafin,

My name is Shazia. I am 33 years old. I have been reading lots of articles on Law of Attraction. Amongst all the articles i have read, your articles seem to be one of the best. Thanks for providing this free 7 day E-course.

Shafin, I used to be working for a travel agency. However i quit the job because i really could not take the work load. I have no idea as to how i have to move forward. My mind is blank. There used to be lots of interests before but nothing seems to interest me anymore like the way people call it burning desire. Once upon a time i used to be interested in Drama, Music, etc. I loved to entertain my friends and make them laugh. Now, I have to support my family as my husband does not earn well and i am like wasting lot of time. The only thing i do is to find out if anyone is offering free lessons on law of attraction and read them.

Shafin, i dont know why i felt like opening up to you. I understand that you help lot of people and bring a better change in their lifes. Can you please change mine too?? I intend to lead a beautiful and a successful life. Please advise me Shafin and share your knowledge with me in order to redefine my life. I shall remain grateful to you for ever.

Please take time out to read my mail and reply.

Thanking you in advance.



Answer from Shafin:

Hi Shazia,

First of all, I want to congratulate you for doing two things:

1. Taking the time to look deeper inside, educate yourself and trying to find a solution within yourself, rather than distracting yourself with all sorts of things like TV, food, relationships, children etc.

2. Reaching out to me and asking for advice with honesty and openness. I know how difficult it can be to open yourself up and asking for help.

So before I tell you how to change anything let me assure you: you are on the right track!

Whatever your situation maybe, however desperate, right now you are moving forward, going deeper, asking why, finding answers, seeking help, attracting teachers, learning lessons, getting better, becoming more aware… And that in itself is reason enough to be grateful for all that has ever happened to you so far. What has happened has brought you here. Be grateful for that.

But then, that is not what you want to hear from me, do you? 🙂

So here is a little background and then I’ll tell you what to do to go forward.

See one of the most difficult obstacles to cross when it comes to spiritual enlightenment (and financial freedom for that matter) is our attachment to the known. Now as I keep saying to my students: like it or not, your life is probably working better than 90% of the world out there. And it very well applies to you too. How do I know? Well, simply from the fact that you have enough money and education to afford a working Internet connection, enough food in your stomach to think straight, enough intelligence to write a letter like what you have written, and enough stability in life to think about the higher level needs in life like happiness and fulfillment. Anyone with all these things working in their lives is living a better life than about 90% of the world out there. And that, unfortunately, CAN BE one of the biggest obstacles towards going forward in life.

The reason it can be one of the biggest obstacles is because consciously you may not be happy at the moment but your sub-conscious mind knows that what you have right now is “working”. Whatever you have done so far has put you in the upper 10% category in this intensely competitive world right now. And while you are willing to do whatever is necessary to bring about a change, change is something your sub-conscious mind is quite afraid of… especially if it means letting go of old patterns of behavior and belief systems.

Purely from a biological perspective (and not considering other factors), there are two things your sub-conscious mind or your animal side is concerned with:

a. Survival
b. Replication

It is not concerned with spiritual development, law of attraction, building Eiffel Tower, conquering the Himalayas or becoming the world champion in hop-step-jump! It is concerned primarily with survival and secondarily with replication. That’s it! And so far you seem to be managing both quite successfully. But then that is not what makes you a human being does it?

So there are other things you are concerned with. There are other needs you have. Other parts of you that dream of things that no human has ever laid eyes upon, that imagine things that exist beyond time and space, that wants to reach for the stars so far away that even its light will never reach earth… So there is the spiritual part of you, which keeps you awake night and day.
The reason I mention these two sides is to show you that there is a conflict of interest between different parts within you. Remember that to understand what follows.

In a small little nutshell, here are the 6 universal Human needs that drives all our behaviors. These are not mere wants or desires but deep driving needs that makes us what we are. These needs are not found in other animals, not in this specific way at least:

1. Certainty: That you will be alive in the next hour, that you will be loved, that you will have enough food to eat tomorrow etc.

2. Uncertainty: If everything was always how you predicted it to be, you would get bored and die.

3. Significance: That you are worthy of love and affection and success.

4. Love and Connection: From other human beings. Love from a goldfish is not a substitute.

5. Growth: Constant growth is a deep human need. When you stop growing, you start dying.

6. Contribution: To be able to help humans and all other beings in their own journey.

Every time you fulfill one or more of your needs you will feel happy. Conversely, when you are not fulfilling your human needs in life, you will be unhappy. In a nutshell, that is how your emotions guide you through life. Happy = needs met. Unhappy = needs unmet. And life goes on. Got it?

Now understand this: every choice people make in life is to fulfill one or more of their needs, EVERY CHOICE. And remember this: if one of your behaviors is able to consistently fulfill 3 or more of your needs, you will get addicted to that behavior!

Now coming back to your problem, which happens to be a very common problem, the structure is very simple:

You begin life, you make choices that presently fulfill your needs, if you are able to successfully keep 3 or more of your needs fulfilled, you get hooked to that “modus operandi” or strategy for life. And life moves on until one day you find that you are deeply unhappy with what you got, surrounded by responsibilities that are not so much fun!

So what went wrong? See there is a basic problem with this formula. The problem is the formula is not based upon following your deepest desires or what is your true hearts calling, but mostly based upon what others told you to do. What others “approved” of. What others told you was the “right” thing to do. Who are these “others”?

Prepare for some hard honestly here: the others are your family, your friends, the school teachers, the books you read when you were growing up, the movies you watched etc. Now take an honest accounting of all those factors right now and see if you can find how successful, balanced and happy these “others” are in their life. Chances are, as you will find out, they are no better off than you are. And the movies (that taught you the meaning of love and shaped your idea of relationships) with the actors within them, and directors who directed them, along with writers who wrote the stories the movies were based upon, are some of the unhappiest individuals on the planet, trying to drown themselves in the most destructive ways known to mankind with drugs and alcohol (of course this is a generalization but I’m sure you get the point).

Unfortunately, that is the model you probably followed directly or indirectly. And now you find that it’s no longer enough to just get their approval, its no longer okay to just follow the norms, it’s no longer acceptable to allow the “others” tell you how to live your life. Life has become a mess and it needs to be fixed now!

Which brings us back to where we started from which is: having said everything, where you are, is a good place. It is a place where you have, probably for the first time in life, started asking the right questions and that is the most important requirement to find the right answers.

So what is the bottom line? The bottom line is there is no quick fix to this. And more importantly, something that may not be very agreeable to you right now, there is nothing that needs to be fixed either! It is perfect where you are. It is better to have messed up in one lifetime and awaken, than live a thousand lifetimes of blissful unawareness. You have all the basic ingredients necessary to make a leap right now, but will you???

So here are the next steps you could take to chart brand new game plan:

1. Take note of the major decisions in life that has brought you where you are today. Write down the top 5 things decisions you are not so happy with. Then knowing what you know now, analyze yourself with what needs were met having taken those decisions. If you are to go forward, you need to learn from history.

2. Take note of your life right now and write down, which of the 6 human needs are being met or unmet right now. Find out ways to fulfill them. Not knowing what to do is not an excuse. The answers you don’t have will be given if you know how to ask the questions. Most of us have no idea even how to ask the right questions. Here are some right questions to begin with:

a. Am I with the right man? Is he performing his duties as a man? What are his real duties as a man? (Hmmm) Am “I” the man in the relationship? Am I too afraid to even ask this question? (Hmmm) How can I invite him to be that Man so I can be the Woman that he can truly love and worship (without threatening him or attacking him)? (MEN: Go vice versa)

b. What is it that makes me truly happy doing? If money wasn’t an issue what would I do with my time in life? What is it that I was born in this world to do?

c. What do I really feel? What is my deepest fear? What is it really that I want in my life? Money, fame, success and power has time and again failed to make human beings truly happy. Then what is it “really” that I am looking for?

3. Study like a mad woman! Buy books and tapes and videos and audios like you have never done before. DON’T BORROW! If you don’t have money to buy a book this week, sell your toaster or something. But buy a book and read it. It doesn’t matter what you read. The answers will be given as you take the step forward. You will be guided.

If you want to learn from me, go take a look at the Redefine Your Reality package. We just added over a HUNDRED hours of audio/video on everything to do with success, abundance, law of attraction, business, metaphysics, spiritual knowledge and many more topics! This promotional package is here for a limited time. So get it here while it lasts:

Finally here is what I have to tell you: Follow your heart right now! You don’t need to know all the answers today. But if you follow your heart right now, it will guide to the places that has some of the answers. The way will unfold slowly. It has been a long time of not listening to that faint voice. Listen to it today.

How do you listen? Sit down everyday for minimum 15 minutes (an hour if you can manage it without going crazy) and focus on your breathing. Slowly you will find guidance from here. Listen to it. I know it’s damn scary at times. I know it’s saying all kinds of things that you know will lead you into trouble. But that is YOUR truth. Follow your truth. Take some action. What have you got to lose anyway?

In the end… smile! It’s all okay. You are being guided. You are loved beyond comprehension. You are being taken care of all the time and you always will be. Sometimes we come too far off from what was our chosen way and life becomes a mess. But it doesn’t take a long time to go back to the way once again. It’s all about making a choice… and as I said right in the beginning: you are already on the right way!

Till we meet one day…


Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach

Random Ramble: A Day in The Life of Shafin

This was a letter I originally wrote to a friend so forgive me if I am a bit incoherent at times (more than I normally am that is). Do leave me a comment if you enjoy it.

Today I spent the whole day at the east coast park near the beach. It was so much fun. In the morning I noticed it was all cloudy and lightly drizzling, I checked on the weather sites and it said it would rain all day today due to some low pressure something. This made me decide that it would be the perfect day to spend outdoors! I know, I know, doesnt make sense, why would I want to be outdoors when it was going to rain all day right? Well, I can control the rain you see! 😉 Well, not really, but I have learned to trust divine providence in such matters. If my heart says lets go to east coast and weather channels say its gonna rain all day, I follow my heart, which is connected to something bigger than the weather people.

Anyway, so I am at east coast and I had a nice Coffee Bean breakfast with earl gray and started walking. As promised, it was drizzling, but I tried to find a nice bench with a canopy above it that would keep me dry. I walked all the way to the to the end of the stretch (about 1 kilometer) but no lemon. There were many benches but all wet and rainy! Hmm.. thought I could control rain huh? What happened now? Well, I told myself, happiness is something you decide on, not something that happens to you, so I was going to be happy anyways 🙂 I got in one of those covered sitting areas with an indian fellow enjoying his beauty sleep on one of the benches and I sat on one of the other ones. I hooked up my mp3 player and started to listen to Bruce Springsteen: Streets of Philadelphia.. and it was magic! The world dissolved away for 5 minutes and all that remained was me, Bruce, the endless drops of falling rain, and millions of waves of the sea crashing on the beach and turning into foam.

It always happens like this.
Sea turns itself and foams,
and with every foaming bit
another body, another being takes form.
And when the sea sends word,
each foaming body
melts back to ocean-breath.

I looked for my self, but my self was gone.
The boundaries of my being
had disappeared in the sea.
Waves broke. Awareness rose again.
And a voice returned me to myself.

The song came to an end and I started walking again. I had understood a lesson one more time: the magic and the miracles are never out there somewhere, it is always in you. Sometimes in our obsession to control outcomes according to how we want it to be, we forget to trust the wisdom of the Father who weaves away the universal fabric of infinite time and causation in the most inexplicable way. When you learn to trust that wisdom, you can relax, for it is always working out in the best possible way.

I came back to coffee bean, right where I originally started (funny how these things work out), ordered the brewed coffee of the day (anything else is milk in disguise) and a cranberry michel.
I sat outside in coffee bean in the part that overlooks the sea, opened my book on the nature of electro-magnetism and its relationship quantum mechanics, and studied for 3 solid hours! It was so much fun! I made some connections that I had been studying upon for the last 7-8 months and couldn’t connect the dots! I was so happy. It was like for the first time when you learn how to tie your shoe laces. Remember the excitement? Thats how I felt. And it was so beautiful and pleasant. The falling rain, the sea, the ships floating at the distance like old men with umbrellas in a bus station in the rain, the soft music from the Irish Cafe next door singing, of all things in the world, “…what if God was one of us…”

Later in the evening, when my brain was completely saturated with my new found knowledge, I decided to go biking. The bike rental people gave me a water bottle along with the bike for $6 and one hour free ride.

Anyway, I went biking but it was so breezy and chilly that it got too tempting for me. So I sat down on the bench that had a coconut tree exactly 3 feet away and very close to the sea. I sat there enjoying the breeze and watching the ships slowly turn on their evening lights. The waves were crashing and crashing. The one sound in the world, I imagine I could never tire of.

The sky was so big… the breeze was so strong… the sun was setting and the colors were all red and orange. I felt that enormous love inside of me that began to swell my heart. I didn’t know how to handle it. I walked over and touched the coconut tree and said: thank you, I love you, I am so blessed, thank you, I have no more words, thank you, you are my life, my love, my purpose, my everything. Guide me everyday and allow me to unfold you through me everyday. It is such a magnificent and glorious life. And I thank you for giving it to me.

The moment was perfect. But then, once again, I realized… aren’t they all?


The Bug, The Banana, and Me

Let me tell you a story that happened to me very recently. It’s a true story and quite a weird story at that so please prepare yourself for a ride in the weird world of Shafin because this is going to be quite a glimpse!

The story begins yesterday when I was having a talk with one of my Spiritual Coaching Program students who is at an advanced stage of the program. She is one of my students who has reached a stage where she is simultaneously able to create reality according to her wishes and at the same time face challenges that are given only to people who are destined to help countless others.

Recently she was given the challenge of really practicing unconditional love (which is an essential capacity for the conscious creator) by means of accepting and showing love to a person who tried to harm her after she offered him a job, a supportive work environment and compassion (this person was jobless, depressed and on drugs before that). The person in turn came up with ingenious and planned ways to harm this student of mine for his own benefit.

Anyway, in our last session together, I helped her see beyond the material facts and helped her realize that this is an opportunity, not a disaster, to really use all that she has learned so far and make that quantum leap into the next level. (The next level is where she is able to consciously carry the realization that we are all one, playing off one another, and these events that come into our life are only opportunities for learning a lesson to grow into the next level. ) That these people who come in our life bringing these “tests” are only our teachers in disguise and NOT our enemies. That there are no enemies, only reflections of ourselves manifesting in different bodies. That the only way to transcend these tests is to learn the hidden lessons as soon as possible and act from a place of total trust on your “source” and unconditional love. If you are able to do that, the tests transform into some form of serendipity (a fortunate accident) or miracle sometimes almost instantly and some other times in a short while.

So that was yesterday…

Today, I was in my room with my doors and windows open, working on my next book and enjoying the breezy Singapore afternoon. I live on the 30th floor and this afternoon was particularly peaceful with beautiful white clouds all over the sky and a cool breeze flowing through my room. Until the little pest came in from no where!

It was a pretty “scary” looking bug that seemed to me that it could “kill” a horse with its “venom”. It flew in and settled on a lamp that was right next to the window and starting making circles on the edge of the lamp. It was as if it was taking an afternoon stroll!

Now I’m going to be honest here, I don’t like bugs! Matter of fact I have a mild phobia of cockroaches and any other flying object that could potentially sting. I know its ridiculous and I understand the entire mechanics of the phobia but its not something serious so I just accept this as a “known malfunction” that I have.

Anyway, back to the bug who, of all places in the world, had to fly into my 30th floor apartment (God knows how, very few birds come up this high!) and now ruining my perfectly peaceful afternoon which I dedicated to getting some serious work done. Now before I go any further, please take a look at the picture of the bug to understand my situation:

As you can see, it’s NOT a pretty little insect! It has a bulging tummy, which I always safely assume is carrying deadly poison, waiting to empty it on me. I know its ridiculous and most bugs are harmless, but say that to my primitive brain which has some how collected this programming that something that flies and can sting has to be “deadly” and goes on auto pilot every time it encounters something like this. And that’s exactly what happened this time.

My immediate auto-response upon noticing the bug was this: “kill it!” But then I have long ago stopped killing bugs or insects just because I don’t like it. So I told myself “well, that’s not an option so what else can we do?” “Ignore it!” So I tried doing that and tried to concentrate on my writing but if you have any idea about how the brain works you’d know: if there is an impending threat nearby (imaginary or real), a region in the emotional brain called amygdala declares an emergency and overrides the frontal cortex which is the thinking rational part of the brain. In lay mans terms, it was impossible for me to concentrate.

So I decided that I’d chase it out. However when I tried to poke it with a book to make it fly away, it simply fell down on the floor from the edge of the lamp and quietly nestled itself in a corner. It appeared to have lost its capacity to fly and it looked tired. Now I was presented with an even bigger problem: previously I could poke it or make it fly away but now it was on a corner sitting quietly. So what was I going to do? “Wrap it with a tissue paper and throw it out!” Okay, that sounded like something I could pull off. That way I wouldn’t have to kill the bug and also get rid of it. So I got a facial tissue paper and tried to wrap around it but it wasn’t that easy! Somehow it would just walk out as I tried to put it inside the paper. And that’s when it happened!

I experienced something like a pure electric shock in my left leg! It was as if I had stepped into live wire or touched something that was electrified. I didn’t know what it was. I checked around there was no loose wires or anything that could give me a shock but I definitely felt it. I was so taken aback that I decided to quit the bug business and just go back to my study. I figured it couldn’t fly anymore anyway and it was probably here to die eventually because it didn’t look like it was going anywhere soon. The poor creature was just walking around on the corner of the room trying to climb the sealed glass pane that starts from the floor but wasn’t able to since it was too heavy to pull itself up. So it just went back and forth on the corner looking like it would expire sometime soon.

I tried to concentrate on my writing and this time I was able to do so since it didn’t appear to me anymore that the bug would bother me in anyway. However a few minutes down the line a question popped in my mind, a question I keep asking my students over and over:

“What do you think was the lesson involved in this little drama?”

And I wondered.

As I wondered, I remembered what I helped my student realize the day before. Love unconditionally and accept without judgments! Well, I said to myself, unconditionally means the fact its not a human shouldn’t stop you from loving it. Don’t forget, the bug is also part of the same source that you come from. It is part of your creator. It is as “entangled” as I am with everything and everyone. It is a part of… ME!

As soon as the realization dawned upon me, I immediately asked myself what am I supposed to do here? What responsibility comes with this realization? What responsibility do I have being me – Shafin living in a penthouse on the 30th floor – towards the bug which is helpless and dying in my helping range?

The answer was simple: offer whatever relief you can towards this little creation of your Source! Make a gesture of love. Accept unconditionally and love entirely.

So I asked myself, what can I do to make this little bug feel a little better? I figured it must be hungry. But what do bugs eat? I don’t know, don’t they eat fruits?

I walked out to my refrigerator and found one lonesome but good looking banana in there. I took a bite out of it, put it on a piece of paper and came back to the bug who was still trying its best to climb the glass window and falling down, then walking to the other side and coming back again. I put the little peace of banana in front of the bug and silently offered a prayer of peace to its little heart (does it have a heart?). It took a look at the banana but didn’t do anything and stood still where it was. I figured it will eat when it feels like (if it does at all) and came back to my table leaving it alone to start writing again.

In about 30 seconds or so I saw something that was so amazing that I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The bug simply marched up towards the open window which was about 4 feet above where it originally was on the floor. Without taking a break, it climbed all the way to the outer edge of the window. This was the same bug that couldn’t even lift itself more than couple of inches just a few seconds ago! By this time I realized what I was experiencing was a major lesson and I had to share it with my students. I got my camera out just in time when it was still at the outside of the window, I took some pictures and just when I finished, it went away!

Take a moment to think about this.

So what did you learn from this? Really what did you learn from this? I would like to know. Do leave a comment here to let me know your opinion on this.

Here is what I learnt: I was reminded once again that we are all ONE. That sometimes our greatest teachers come in forms of “pests”, enemies, competitors, even bugs! That when you offer true loving compassion and act from a place of love and not fear, the greatest obstacles can transform itself into a gift. That whatever is happening in our life, is happening for a reason. That our lives are perfectly designed and opportunities to manifest miracles present themselves many times everyday. That no matter how horrible it sometimes look by our material standards, we are always being perfectly guided in every moment of our life. That if we just realized who we truly are and who is always taking care of us every moment of every day, there will never be a reason for us to worry again. That there we are all in this together… the rich, the poor, the Americans, the Indians, the Africans, the dolphins, the bugs, the rain forests and the stars… we are all ONE and we are not going anywhere without each other!

Hope this makes sense…

With you always on the road to love, peace and freedom!


Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach

How to Create INSTANT Attraction

Hey There!

Let me tell you about an interesting movie I watched recently. It’s called “Match Point”. Have you seen it? If not, let me tell you about it a little…The story is pretty simple with the poor Irish one time tennis pro Chris joining an English upper class country club as an instructor. Chris makes friends with this rich dude Tom whose dad is a big business man. Chris quickly charms the entire family including Tom’s sister Chloe with this amicable personality and good looks. Chloe is a sweet looking woman who instantly falls for him and Chris seems to like her quite a bit also… until he meets Tom’s impossibly cute and sensual fiancée Nola.

Now Nola also gets attracted to Chris also but she plays it cool by acknowledging the attraction, but asking him to stay away since she is engaged to Tom. Unfortunately, that doesn’t last too long as the attraction grows too strong and they end up having sex one rainy afternoon on the paddy fields during a weekend holiday on the countryside. However, Nola still plays it cool by telling Chris that it was a one time affair and it cannot go anywhere.

This drives Chris crazy and he becomes obsessed about Nola but it still goes nowhere. Fast forward- Nola breaks up with Tom and goes back to America where she originally came from and in the meantime, to everyone’s happiness, Chris marries Chloe.

Fast forward more – Chris joined the family business quite some time now and he enjoys the kind of money and success that he could only dream of. Everything goes fine until Chris meets Nola accidentally one day and the affair is resumed.

In the beginning Nola acts all cool but as the days go by she becomes more and more demanding about Chris divorcing Chloe. But obviously Chris is not too keen on that since divorcing Chloe means divorcing all the riches that came with her, and even though he’s having a hard time at home as Chloe becomes hell bent on having a baby and practically forces Chris to have sex with her, he stays put. As the story continues we see Nola getting more and more demanding, and Chris getting less and less interested until Nola gets pregnant!

This is when Nola threatens Chris to divorce his wife or she will personally tell Chloe about the affair. As things start getting out of hand, Chris contemplates murdering Nola to save everything he has achieved by marrying Chloe… Now if you watched the movie already, you know what happens next, and if you didn’t, I urge you to watch it as it is not only a beautifully done movie, it also shows some interesting human traits in all of us. It shows how we sometimes mess up our almost winning games. And more importantly it shows how attraction is created and destroyed.

Over the many relationship problems that I have solved in my clients and students, one basic lack of understanding about attraction keeps surfacing over and over. And that is the expectation that somebody “should” love you because of some reason. Maybe it’s a wife expecting a husband to love her “because” they are married, or a boyfriend expecting his girlfriend to love him “because” they are dating, or, as we see more in men, the woman “should” feel attracted to him “because” of all the gifts he has bought and favors he has done for her.

What we don’t understand is that attraction is not logically created. We cannot love someone or feel attracted to someone just because we “should”. No matter what the relationship or situation is. No matter how someone is “obligated”. Attraction is not created out of obligation; it happens spontaneously if it happens at all.

On the other hand most men (typically) believe that to attract a very beautiful woman he has to be either very rich or very good looking or else he doesn’t stand a chance. When he is standing in front of a very attractive, potentially single woman, his mental talk is “don’t even think about it, you are not good looking enough for her.” And if they do manage to take it beyond a casual hello and end up on a date, they feel obligated to “impress” the woman with expensive gifts and dinners and favors and what not.

Wrong! Wrong!! Wrong!!! Remember attraction is not created through a logical choice. Logic is a guy thing. Attraction between man and woman happens because of challenge, because of unpredictability, because of scarcity. Think about all the material things in life you are attracted to, is it the banana in your refrigerator that is healthy and nutritious and you “should” eat it because, well, it’s your banana and you bought it! I guess not. Is it your old car that you drive to work everyday and you have been driving it for the last 7 years? I guess not.

So what do you feel attracted to? Is it the new Mercedes convertible? Hmm… Is it the bottle of rare French wine that costs more than your house? Can you imagine how it’d taste like if you could roll it on your tongue? Oh baby! Is it the house overlooking the ocean where you can go to sleep listening to the waves crashing on the shore at night? Hell yeah!

Hmm… looks like you are attracted to all the things that are probably out of your reach at the moment. That will require you to make a substantial effort if you did want to own one of them. That will challenge you to challenge yourself into becoming more than what you are right now.

Now think about another scenario, what if you are one of the super rich in this world? What if you own 3 jet planes and 5 mansions and 2 limousines? What if your wine collection is the envy of all the wine connoisseurs of the country? Would you still be attracted to all of the things mentioned above? Think about it…

The point I’m trying to make is that we are all attracted to the things that are in some way out of our reach. Something that requires us to make an effort. Something that is not predictably permanent.

Attraction has nothing to do with how you look or how much you earn or what car you drive. It has everything to do with how hard to get you are, how challenging you are and how unpredictable you are. If you want to create INSTANT attraction in someone, convey to that person that he or she cannot get you! This is one simple thing that drives men and women go crazy. When I say “convey”, I don’t mean go and brag to someone, or tell them on the face. I mean subtly communicate without coming off as a snob or being rude, that you are just out of reach for that person and he or she cannot get you unless she makes a substantial amount of effort… and even then its not sure, its just a possibility.

Now I’m sure some of you are going “yeah but..” or “the women (or men) I know are different” or “are you being sexist?” etc. But guess what? The bottom line is, attraction is NOT predictable, logical or rational… not at least on the surface. There is very concrete logic and patterns to the “science” of human attraction but that is something that will obviously take a lot more explanation to elaborate.

If you are interested to go into deeper levels of attraction you might want to check out what could be the best collection anywhere of ideas, strategies, insights and research on the subject of attraction, and how to make sure great things happens when the right man or woman comes along.

It’s all in my book, “Redefine Your Reality”.

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The reason I kept the price of this book so ridiculously low that almost everyone can get it. Make use of it. And if you don’t have a credit card to buy it, well take that as a challenge and get someone to pay it for you. Remember, before you make any breakthrough in life there will always be challenges. They are there to determine if you are ready or not. Don’t let them stop you.

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Exercise 01: Watch the movie Match Point even if you have watched it before. Notice what created the attraction between Chris and Nola, Chris and Chloe. And what destroyed it. What attributes made Chris attractive to both these women throughout the movie, and what influenced Chris to make his decisions in each step. Also notice what characteristics Chris had being a poor Irish tennis player that paved his way into the English upper class.

Exercise 02 (Optional): Get the book “The Art of Seduction” by Robert Greene and read it. It will give you some classical perspectives on what creates attraction.

Now make the world a little better today.Shafin

Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach

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