Q&A On Songs Of Inspiration

The following Q&A is response to the video “Songs Of Inspiration 01 – It Is Time”: QUESTION: Thank you for the new inputs. but one question that has always and still intrigues is “why am i here?” i did not ask to be, or at least i don’t know that i did. To be good Read more about Q&A On Songs Of Inspiration[…]

Spin of Life

Today I got really worked up with this email I received from a (well educated, well traveled, usually open minded) friend. The email contained an article with propaganda against a certain religion (I won’t tell you which one, I’ll leave it for your imagination). The article was basically total misinterpretation of verses including one where Read more about Spin of Life[…]

Your Diet Coke Is Killing You!

Hello Folks, I am here once again with lots of uplifting good news! Your diet coke is killing you! You heard that right. If you are drinking any kind of diet cola or drink, or consuming any sugar free gum, or any sugar substitute like Equal, Nutrasweet or Spoonful, I got news for you. This Read more about Your Diet Coke Is Killing You![…]