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Private Coaching


Ready to take your life to a whole new level of evolution? 

If so, you can reserve a session for a date and time that suites you. Click on the link below to book your session:

Private Coaching Sessions with Shafin de Zane

Here is an example (out of many) of what our previous students have to say…

So if you are interested to learn directly from me, if you would like to supercharge your self and give your life a massive boost, if you are stuck in a rut or a life situation where you need some help to solve the problems, or if you just need some guidance to help you decide which path to take, this is for you.

Personal Coaching Session is for you only if you are ready to really take responsibility of your life and make a leap in personal growth and evolution. This is designed for people who are seeking the answers to deeper questions in life, or need some strength to make it through a difficult time, or help in making a jump in personal growth.