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eCourse Day 3: Deeper Into Your Belief System

“My face is set, my gait is fast, my goal is Heaven, my road is narrow, my way is rough, my companions are few, my guide is reliable, my mission is clear. I cannot be bought, compromised, detoured, lured away, turned back, diluted, or delayed. I will not flinch in the face of sacrifice, hesitate in the presence of adversity, negotiate… at the table of the enemy, ponder at the pool of popularity, or meander in a maze of mediocrity. I won’t give up, shut up, let up, or slow up.” — Robert Moorehead

This universe is MINE! — Shafin de Zane

Hello My Friend,

Have you ever asked yourself if this is all that your life is going to be? Going to work, coming back home, watching the American Idol or Desperate House Wives or the CNN, waking up in the morning, going to work, hanging out in the bar or club on the weekends…

Have you ever wondered how long is this going to go on? How long will you let someone else tell you what time to work, what time to rest, what time to go back home, and what time to take a holiday? How long are you going to live worrying about earning enough money to support yourself? Is this really what you think you were created for? Is this what you dreamt of becoming when you were a little child? Do you even remember what you dreamt of?

I remember I heard a very interesting story somewhere: It was about this eagle that had to lay its egg near a chicken community for some reason. Maybe it was in danger or it was injured or something. This egg was hatched by the chickens and the eagle baby started growing up in the chicken community. Although it looked a little different, everyone thought that it’s just a little different looking “chicken”. And life went on. It would go looking for throwaways and seeds and grains everyday with the other chickens and come back home in the evening back to the lair.

One day while it was as usual searching for food with its “family”, the eagle baby suddenly noticed a large bird flying high above in the sky with its wings wide open. The baby was awestruck, it asked a fellow chicken what that was and the chicken replied “That’s an Eagle! The king of all birds.” The baby asked “Can I fly like that also?” And the reply was “Ofcourse not idiot! We are chickens remember? Our wings are not strong enough to fly like that.” The eagle baby understood, but somehow somewhere deep inside it felt a strong urge to see the world, to fly high above, to soar bravely on the eternal winds of change… It felt sad wondering why it had to be born as a “chicken”? Why couldn’t it be just born like an eagle so it could fly like that? As it wondered all those things, the eagle baby sighed deeply and went back to looking for grains.

Now be honest… Do you ever feel that you are meant to do much more than what you are doing right now? Do you feel an enormous urge to be free, to travel around the world, to earn more money than any of your friends ever imagined, to change lives of people, to give your family something they never dreamed about?

Do you ever feel that you are underplaying what you are capable of? Does your life lack that burning passion? Do you remember the last time you felt completely alive, when you loved your life, when you really lived? Do you want everyday to be like that? To be filled with abundance, fun, laughter, freedom and passion? Do you want to live a life where all your dreams come true?

Sadly even if you are capable of achieving all of that, your belief system is probably getting in the way. But that can change! And I know this for certain because if you were not willing and capable of becoming more than what you are right now, you wouldn’t be reading this letter today!

And that gives me all the resources I need to help you learn to fly!

Tell me something, when you dream where you want to be or what you want to achieve, what is your mental talk? Let me guess. Is it “get real, you have no special qualities” or “you have to be born rich to avail a life like that” or “I’m not smart enough” or “reality is different, life is hard” etc… Have you ever wondered if that is your belief system, how far would you be able to go anyway?

My teacher, the world famous Hypnotherapist, Cal Banyan once told me there are two definitions of belief. The first definition is: “To believe is to not know!” Think about it, everything that you believe are basically things you do not know if it is true or not. If you knew for certain, you would say “I know!” Think about it, EVERYTHING that you “believe” to be true are things that you are not sure if they are true or not. Everything!

And that brings us to the second definition of belief which is: “To think and act like you do know”! Interesting isn’t it? But that’s exactly how our minds are programmed from childhood. First off, we learn to believe things we have absolutely no idea about. Then we actually pretend as if we know for sure that it’s true.

Now that brings us to a very good news! And that is we get to choose our beliefs! Now I am not asking you to go create a new religion, there are thousands of other self limiting beliefs that we have about ourselves that continuously hold us back.

For example, some people find that being pessimistic is smarter than being optimistic. They say it’s a kind of safety net; if it doesn’t work out, what the hell I wasn’t expecting it anyway! I marvel at the fact that these people actually succeed “sometimes”! I mean seriously, with that kind of a belief system, I wouldn’t be surprised if they failed “all the time”!

Here is what I believe (and I have modeled this from the people who I found enjoys massive success), I believe I will ALWAYS succeed! No matter how difficult the circumstances. And when I sometimes fail (which is only natural) I tell myself I have learnt my lesson and now I have even better chance of succeeding!

You know what effect this belief system has on me? First off, I’m not afraid to fail, because if I fail then I have gathered valuable experience (which means I succeeded in some way!). Secondly, I am at my best performing state because I already know I WILL succeed.

There are times however when I have a nagging belief that I’m not able to sort out by myself. These are the times I’ll find a teacher who can prove me wrong. If I cannot find a teacher, I’ll see a Hypnotherapist (and I am not ashamed even if I have a waiting list for my own clients). The point is I will do whatever it takes no matter what to debug my mind of all the negative programming that is there. After all, it is my most valuable asset. I’ll invest all my money if I have to, to keep it performing optimally.

See human minds are like computers. Sometimes we pick up these little virus programs while “browsing” through life and we can either slow down or start acting in ways that are not beneficial for us. So what do we do when we have a virus attack on our new computer? Do we throw it away? Ofcourse not, we run an anti virus software to get rid of the viruses. Similarly hypnosis, NLP, affirmation, meditation etc are all antivirus programs designed to clean your mind.

Now the question is whether or not you are going to take some action and get rid of the viruses of your mind? Whether or not you will take necessary action until you have brought yourself to the point where you are able to truly believe you will ALWAYS succeed!

Day 03: Exercise 01: Memorize the following statement and repeat it in your head as many times as possible every day — “I am willing to do whatever it takes, no matter what, to make myself better and better, everyday in everyway.” The more you repeat this silently and aloud, the more your mind will open up to the possibilities.

Day 03: Exercise 02: Make a list of ten things you want to learn or do that you think will stretch your limits beyond who you are now. Don’t do anything with the list. Just write it down on a piece of paper, that’s it. (If you have already bought Redefine Your Reality, read Chapter 26 now: The Billion Dollar Question)

In the end, if this letter has really touched your soul, if it got you thinking about what really is your true potential, if you are ready to bring yourself to the optimally performing state, go and get a copy of the Redefine Your Reality ebook at —

And you will surprise yourself!

Tomorrow we will cover some “juicy” stuff again. It’s about how we make the deadliest mistakes trying to attract someone, thinking this is the way to go!

Now go and have some fun. Life is slowly taking a U-Turn!


Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach

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“eCourse Day 3: Deeper Into Your Belief System”

  1. On April 3rd, 2009 at 11:47 pm Doreen Says:

    Dear Shafin,

    Yes, without the teachers in my life I would never have gotten where I am today as quickly as I have. So Grateful I am for all that they do. For all who they Be. And without the Willingness to Do Whatever It Takes To Make Myself Better and Better and Better and yet still even Better. That brings me to Trust, Faith, Surrender to knw that I don’t Know until I step another step into the unknown territory. The rough terrain. A process of lessons, some quicker, some slower that were taught to me. Which leads me to Gentleness, to Love. For with each lesson learned there came suring through me Love, Light, Truth, Peace, Joy. Balancing, Harmonizing in this Being I am. For I have learned to listen to my Heart and It whispers to me always of the Love of who It is I am. Oh, the Inner Guidance that is laid within always showing me It’s Great Way. And It’s in the times that I sit alone with the Only One there is, in the Stillness, in the Silence that surrounds everything that I see, hear, feel the Peace, relaxing as It grounds me on this earthly plain I stand. Giving me the Strength, the Courage to carry on. Always successful even when I am not. It’s in the thoughts that I think that I Become. So focused, concentrated, mesmerized, hypnotized by the power that dwells within. Living this Life that has been gifted me to Live with all my might. To serve to the All, which has been so freely given me. In Love, by Love. In Light, by Light. I am a Warrior Princess here in time.

  2. On April 19th, 2010 at 4:40 pm Rain Says:


    Am keeping alive myself because you sending those, but how long!!!! Even you could’t imagine my situation, sorry for my comment.

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