Don’t Be Here Now

Are you here fully now, or are you pursuing a worthy future? Nothing wrong with pursuing a worthy future and dedicating the details of the present moment to that vision, but as long as you are not permanently stuck in endless loops of future.

Or are you hiding in the future, not willing to acknowledge or straight out resisting some aspect of the present, some way the Cosmos is configured right now? Hiding is usually not an optimal way for problem solving or even learning from a difficulty or obstacle; hiding brings temporary relief, and rarely long-term lightness in life.

So don’t be here now if you don’t want to, if you have worthy things to build in the future, but don’t forget to check once in a while if you still remember how be here now, fully, for half an hour, thats just enough time to refresh your brain; for if you can’t even do that you might be stuck in endless simulations of future: an ideal candidate for saying “Life is what happened while I was busy doing other things.”

Or if you are hiding, “Life is what happened and I haven’t a clue why.”

If either is your story, quickly learn or practice meditation, for that’s the best known antidote to this peculiar human predicament. Meditation is the practice of sitting still, inwards and outwards, no extra brain activity, clear consciousness, fully present, here, now, which is where life is always happening.

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