eCourse Day 1: Nature of Reality

Dear Friend,

I am going to start your E-Course with a little difficult concept to grasp. I know I could have started it with something lighter and more interesting such as how to create INSTANT attraction, or how you can quickly and easily find your true purpose in life. I know that would have made my life easier and you more “comfortable”. But the problem is, unless you get this first concept, all the others will be somewhat of a bordering impossibility. So please be a little patient, take the time and try to go through the whole thing slowly…

(This is going to be a long letter, so you may want to print it out for an easier reading.)

The world I am going to show you is the world of the unseen. Rules of the physical reality that you knew so far, means nothing here. This is the world where anything and everything is possible and happening! This may sound a little far out to you right now but believe me when I say this: this is as true as the sun rising in the east.

What you “see” is simply not what is “real”. What is “real” has so many level of existence that its mind boggling! Now don’t freak out on me okay? I know this sounds a little complicated already but I am trying my best to keep it simple. And don’t worry, the fun stuff is also coming your way on the next few lessons, but today just bear with me please.

So let me start with the very basic first:

The first thing I need you to totally accept and realize is the fact that reality can be redefined. Any and ALL of it. I know this can be one of the hardest concepts to accept right now. After all, this is the world that has your difficult boss who never changes, requires you working like a dog and getting a measly pay, where half the world is struggling not for a better car but just enough food and drinking water… These can never change right? So you may be thinking that I’m talking to you about some pie in the sky theory about visualization and mind power, right? WRONG.

Neither am I talking to you about some new age hocus-pocus nor can all those things can not be changed. Everything, I repeat, EVERYTHING can be redefined. And I am one of the living proofs of that. Now before you dismiss yourself by saying that “yeah maybe he’s just some kinda genius / maybe he got lucky”, I’d like to remind you that I was born in a third world country, in a poor family and the first 23 years of my life was pretty much spent trying to make ends meet and struggling.

If you read my personal story you’ll find that I am not a big genius and I certainly did not get lucky, well… not in the traditional sense that is. I was extremely lucky however to have met some teachers who brought me out of my little eggshell and taught me how to fly. Undoubtedly, without my teachers, I would never be able to bring this to you today.

So the first thing you need to get inside your head is reality can be redefined. It can be redefined through a series of easy to use tools, none of which require you to lie down on the ground and count the stars. What it does require, however, is that you to accept and open your mind to the possibility that what you are learning might be possible.

Now there is a reason why reality can be redefined. Do you want to know why? As I said in the beginning, this was not going to be an easy thing to digest. But here goes… Reality can be redefined because… everything that you see around you has been created by YOU. Everything!

This may be an entirely alien concept to you or you may have heard of this before, but I can assure you (even if you think this is the most wacky theory you ever heard) that this is not some wishful thought or everyday self help advice. What I am about to tell you is NOT some un-scientific, cannot be proven or measured, realized in a dream idea. This concept is very much part of deep Quantum Physics and have been proven beyond a shadow of doubt through countless scientific experiments and research that it is the “human consciousness” that creates material reality.

The ancients knew this… it is written quite clearly (in the language and examples of the ancients) in “The Zohar” which is the foundation for mystical Judaism (from which comes the cosmology and theology of Christianity and Islam); in the ancient texts of Hinduism (Vedas and Upanishads) which strongly influenced the birth of Buddhism; and not to mention the secret doctrines of Alchemy, Hermeticism, Freemasonry etc. This knowledge has been around for thousands of years and now we are re-discovering it through cutting-edge scientific disciplines like sub-atomic physics.

Here is the key idea:

Without YOU there literally is NOTHING out there. Well, at least nothing “material” that is. The Universe is a soup of information and energy suspended in a state of infinite possibility that is converted into material reality by your consciousness that gives birth to the physical reality you call “real”.

“Hold on Shafin! How is that possible??? Does this mean that I have created the broken leg (or marriage)? Does this mean I chose to attract failure, poverty, struggle? (or winning the lottery, having a great life, making a lot of money?) Does that mean that I am responsible for everything that happens to me?”

Well… I wish I could give you an easy answer but this answer has many levels to it. In short the answer is: Yes! It is you who is creating your reality, all of it. It is you who is choosing between the possibilities. It is you who is bringing “things” into being. Without “you”, literally nothing exists “as it is”. (Bear in mind this is an oversimplified answer. Truth is far stranger than “you create your own reality”.)

Here is what we now know from science:

The world that we see all around us has many levels of existence. The very first is the one that you see, hear, touch and smell. This is the material reality. In the material reality we are all separate beings and objects and genders and personalities etc. In this level everything is governed by traditional laws of physics, Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion which basically says: things are separate and don’t move or change by themselves unless (with some external force) you heat it, burn it, push it, pull it, or give it a nice strong kick. If you are only concerned with this level of reality, then you understand that everything has a physical cause and effect, everything is separate individual objects, and if you want to make anything happen, you basically got to do it through some form of physical labor (or exchange of energy).

The material reality is the one that has the atoms and molecules and as you may have read or seen in the high school science book, it looks like a tiny solar system with electrons circling all around and a tiny nucleus at the justify. Looks like everything is in order and it makes sense too.

However, this is not the only level of reality. As you look deeper into the atoms and molecules that make you, your dog, your BMW Z4, the mountains and the stars, you see that the model that you were taught in high school is not at all correct. There are no little balls of electrons circling the nucleus at all! Then what is there? What is there is nothing but a hazy cloud of electrical charge. Oh okay, you say, big deal! So there is a cloud instead of little electrons. So what? Well, the thing is, the cloud is not really like a cloud that we see in the sky, but rather a cloud of POSSIBILITIES!

Okay, I hope I didn’t get you stumped there because it gets more interesting. What the cloud of possibilities mean is that not only there are no electrons in any particular place, it’s not anywhere and (buckle your seatbelt) its EVERYWHERE. It’s a cloud of possibilities that can be anywhere and everywhere. And with this we have now entered the realm of Quantum Physics…

So you get this so far right? And you are probably saying “okay so if the electrons are in a cloud of probability, I guess for my car to be a solid object, it’s the nucleus in the middle that’s the solid thing right?” Well not really. First off, the nucleus in the middle is so small you can imagine a baseball in the middle of a huge empty stadium, the baseball is the nucleus and the empty stadium is the space that surrounds it.

And what is the nucleus made of? Well traditionally we are taught that the nucleus is made of neutron and proton and that’s all there is to it. But as you look deeper within you see that even the nucleus is made of these sub-atomic particles like bosons, leptons, quarks, etc. However, at the most basic level, they are made up of pure energy… Traveling at the speed of of light (186,000 miles per second) AND flickering “in and out of existence”.

In and out of existence going where? Now that’s a million dollar question which upon asking you have to leave our known domain of verified science into the dark waters of mysticism. Not all questions at this level can be answered by remaining strictly within the confines of laboratory science so let us now venture a little further.

See the Quantum level of reality follows almost none of the laws of traditional physics. In this level, EVERYTHING exists in a state of pure potential, in a state of infinite possibilities. What becomes real is dependent on “the observer”… “the consciousness”… “you”!

Who is this consciousness then? And where does it exist? If everything is in a state of pure potential, who is the one “collapsing” this potential into reality? Now that brings us to the 3rd level of reality: the spiritual reality. And the spiritual reality is the zone of the universal ONE consciousness that surrounds, holds, creates, engulfs… and IS everything.

It is the one consciousness that is beyond time and space, “non-local” and “a-causal”, without beginning or end, universal and the “source” of all reality (don’t be concerned if some of the terms are a little confusing at this point). Now when I say universal, it means something very specific. It means that this Source is part of everything. That means there is nothing it is not a part of. That means YOU are also a part of it.

If you think this is way too far out, consider the following quotes:

“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force … We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” Max Planck, Father of Quantum Physics, at speech at Florence, Italy, 1944

“The doctrine that the world is made up of objects whose existence is independent of human consciousness turns out to be in conflict with quantum mechanics and with facts established by experiment.” ~Bernard d’Espagnat, theoretical physicist.

“As observers and creators, we are constantly remaking our world at every instant. Every thought we have, every judgement we hold, however unconscious, is having an effect. With every moment that it notices, the conscious mind is sending an intention.” ~Lynne McTaggart, award winning journalist and author.

Now how does all that help in your personal life? These are all interesting concepts but how do you start seeing some results? How do you change your life for the better? Well I got good news and bad news for you. And as it is my promise to you, I will always tell you what is the truth, even if it makes you not so happy at first. So here is the good news:

The good news is, redefining your reality is really one of the easiest things you can learn. It is easy because it is in your true nature. It’s something you are already designed to do. Your heart knows this already. It’s not an alien concept that you have to struggle to learn. And if you are willing you can learn it anytime you want. But…

…the bad news is, due to the massive human programming you have been exposed to, due to misconceptions and deeply ingrained beliefs and sub-conscious patterns of behavior – it will probably take a while before you are able to start using this amazing power that is within you all the time. It requires training and it requires pretty substantial amount of personal effort and commitment to finally “wake up”.

So what is the solution? The solution is already at place. You have already started moving forward just by reading this letter and becoming aware of the possibilities that you can even have this level of power (even if you don’t believe it yet). Every book you read concerning this subject moves you forward, every day you wonder a little more how to achieve this level of mastery moves you forward and certainly this entire course is designed to systematically and rapidly move you forward.

I know you are going to want to kill me but that is all I can tell you at this point. I wish I could tell you more and make it a little easier to understand but this is as far as I can cover on this little letter (which has already become not so little anymore). Any further, I’d have to open some topics that would take hours of explanation or many pages of a book to really make it understandable.

If you have found this interesting, you will love the entire first part of my book “Redefine Your Reality” and specifically chapters 3-7 which goes much deeper into the topics like the strange nature of our physical reality, the mind boggling implications of the relativity of space-time continuum, fantastic discoveries of quantum physics (in easy to understand language) and even the history of how this precious knowledge became such a closely guarded “secret” in the last two and half thousand years. Later in the book, you will learn how to go far beyond known science into the mystical world of manifestation magic, and at the end finally graduate from that level as well and enter the world of effortless miracles! You can find out more about the book here:

Now here is something comforting to know… You are not alone in this journey.

As we go into the information age, more and more people are being liberated everyday all over the world as more teachers are available to teach what is the truth. And as more and more individuals are willing to commit themselves to what is the truth, we are all growing, individually and collectively. And as we are growing, more and more people are bending what we knew as “physical reality”.

No wonder according to the New York Times bestselling author Professor Paul Zane Pilzer, we are going to have 10 million more millionaires in the world in the next 10 years. And many of them are going to be teenagers and young people under 30. This is not the dot com boom or some other new technology we are talking about. It’s the people around the world who have learnt to see what lies beyond. Who understand the great power that lies within them. Who understand that what you can do or be, is only a matter of what you can conceive in your mind. And the greatest pleasure I get from writing this is from the knowing that many of those 10 million millionaires will begin by reading this simple letter…

Will you be one of them?

Day One: Exercise 1: Take about 20 minutes (even if it makes you want to run away) today at the privacy of your mind, sit down and just breathe. Breathe slowly through your nose at 2 counts, hold it for 4 counts and exhale at 2 counts. Just breathe. And concentrate on the gist of the following:

“The world that I know of is only real in my own mind. And what is real in my mind is what I have been conditioned to see. I now understand (even if I don’t realize yet) that our physical universe is made up of pure possibilities. In itself, it’s full of infinite potentials. I am the one who brings it into a specific form or create a specific event. It is my mind that is responsible for creating all that I see all around me. I can change it, redefine it and reorganize it whenever I want. I just need to learn how.”

And here is a helpful video that can serve as a daily motivation:

(On day 7 of this eCourse, you will get the chance to receive our famous 1 hour guided meditation as a thank you gift. But for that, your concentration and participation is necessary because you will be asked to share your comments. Something to look forward to.)

Day One: Exercise 2: Have you watched the movie Matrix? Even if you have, watch it again. What you are about to learn is NOT what they show in the movie. But its good entertainment and it will open your mind.

Tomorrow we will talk more about a very interesting person… YOU! 🙂

Now make the world a little better today.


Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach

9 thoughts on “eCourse Day 1: Nature of Reality

  • Hi Shafin,

    I can vouch for you that you are a real person that seems to inspire me to write:

    So much happening.
    Coming at me all at once,
    yet not getting caught in the hows.

    No one can rain on my parade.
    For I am happy no matter what.
    Oh, yes
    Truly I am.

    Involuntarily, a smile seems to be plastered on my face.

    Just taking one thing at a time.
    Giving It my full attention.
    Doing what I can.
    For the little that I do,
    keeps me moving forward again and again and again.

    Looking straight ahead.
    For I know God is already there.
    Taking care of business.
    There is nothing at all to fear.

    It seems I am cleaning house,
    making room for what will come.
    My expectations are high.
    So deserving I am of all
    the riches,
    the abundance,
    that seems to lie within.

    Not loosing my footing.
    Keeping my balance
    as I step another step,
    as I breath another breath.

    the Hope
    the Promises
    in all that I see.
    The meaning of Life
    rising within me.

    I am so much more than I can
    ever imagine myself to Be.

    I am completely open to receive.

    I am in Truth.
    So Truly I am.

    And feeling Love down into the depths and reaching beyond,
    touching It’s Love,
    the Love of who It is I am.
    Never leaving me.
    Keeping me safe, protected
    in this Life I seem to Lead.

    And Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude,
    So Grateful
    I am
    for all that
    I am.

    Co-Creating with God
    in this Glorious Life, that I seem to Lead.

    And I can because I think I can.

    And then these feelings come surging me forward again, and again and again.

    And I am gifted to feel so many
    wonderful emotions right down into the depths from which I sink into.
    And then reaching up to go beyond the surface of where I am.
    the Formless, Form of Love.
    For Love is where It all Begins.
    Where there is no ending only new
    creations to be considered within my mind.
    A mind within
    a mind.

    Being formed over and over and over

    And It seems the possibilities are infinite

    Being Picasso, Michelangelo.
    Molding all with my imagination.

    the Power of the mind.

    the capacity that is given me.
    Building my world brand new.

    the magnanimity of my Soul.
    So Great.
    So Generous.
    Maximizing my potential in this Life
    we seem to Lead.

    the multiplicity of which is given me too choose.
    The variety goes on and on and on.

    the extraordinary potential that I seem to possess as I keep discovering and accepting who I really am.

    And the visualizations that I seem to see.
    Being brought forward until they reach the physical world of my reality.

    And the Formless, Form of
    Knowing that It exists,
    because I feel It.
    yes I feel It
    running through me
    with every step I step,
    every breath I breath.

    God is Everyone.
    God is Everywhere.
    God is the Only

    Hanging out with God.
    God hanging out with me.

    Co-Creating Reality in this Life we seem to Lead.

    With much Love and Gratitude,

    • Hello Doreen
      Hello Doreen beautiful soul
      You allowed your self to recieve
      You are talking to God
      I wish to walk with God also
      and I give my self the permission to do so
      May you be blessed

  • I have felt this connection with the Unverse for most of my life. I have made countless mistakes and looking back have learned something of value from all of them. I have watched the Matrix and did see what it was trying to get us to open up to. I am 65 years young and learn something new and exciting every day. I believe what you are talking about and welcome you into my reality. Thanks for coming.

  • Shafin

    I know what are you saying, but, how would i solve, looks like all the world behind me, feeling like, they want me to be die,, am in a deep blue sea,,,,rain

  • We can change our knowledge for the reality and learn about our past
    lifes as changing the level of oxigen in the brain using only holotropic
    respiration. For this purpose, we can use the method of St. Groff without
    any medications.I have useful expirience for those who are interested.

  • Thanks shafin,
    I really need this over again, because so much have clouded my life, and my computer was down for several months.

    To my best life,
    Blessing always

  • Shafin
    I am so happy that you resent out this email on this course. It is just what I need thank you for knowing. I have started day one.

  • Dear Shafin,
    God is in everyone, God is everywhere and God is the Only one. Doreen is
    truly correct with her poetry. You seem to have inspired her greatly.
    Please, would you tell me where all your knowledges come from ?
    Do you seek it independently or individually, or nothing to do with God ?
    Do you believe that God supply and provide all your knowledge ? or,
    once again, is it nothing to do with God ?
    The Poetry was so touching, then I must ask you that questions.
    Thanks to answer

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