eCourse Day 7: Design of a Meaningful Life and the Next Level

Hello Dear Friend,

How is it going? This is the last day of your 7 Day E-Course. Have you enjoyed what you have learnt? Have you done the exercises regularly? If you have skipped any of the exercises given to you in the last 7 days, please go back and take note. Carl Jung once said – your shadow is where your personal gold is. Resistance to do something means your subconscious doesn’t like what was told – its valuable information for you. Take note of what you “don’t feel like” doing, that is exactly what you need to work on.

Today is also the day I will reveal to you the “opportunity” that I promised you a couple of times earlier. The chance for you to get on one of the biggest adventures of your life. The chance for you to make a quantum leap into not just personal success but to get ready to give back to the world the true gift you are here to give… Excited? Well, read slowly and carefully, it will be revealed soon…

But first, let us do some review of what you have learnt so far (links to the previous lessons are included):

On day one you learnt that in the next 10 years there will be 10 million new millionaires! I asked you if you wanted to be one of them? What was your answer? You also learnt, albeit very briefly, the basics of Quantum Physics and the 3 levels of reality. You learnt that reality can be redefined and all that you see around you has been created by you! I gave you a little breathing exercise and asked you to watch the movie Matrix.

On day two, I covered aspects of how your personality is formed and you also read about the story of the little girl who was terrified to go to school. You learnt about the “unknown triggers” and “out of control moments” and what causes them. You learnt about why you have such powerful things called feelings and emotions and what their purpose is. On this day you were also given your first mission statement / auto suggestion.

On day three, I explained how looks or money has little or nothing to do with creating attraction; they are just tools which you can use to create or destroy, depending on how you use it. You also learnt that you cannot fall in love with someone out of obligation. Attraction is either created spontaneously or not at all. On this day you were given the task of watching the movie Match Point and take notes of what created and destroyed attraction in different parts of the movie.

On day four, you learnt about the power of belief. You learnt that who you are right now has nothing to do with who you were born as, and everything to do with what you believe you are capable of. You also learnt the very important lesson: “to believe is to not know”. You got your second autosuggestion this day.

Day five covered the first part of Deadly Mistakes We Make. Here you heard the popular story of Paul and Suzan. You learnt that buying things and doing favors are totally counter productive in trying to create attraction if it is not already there. You learnt that when the woman is not attracted to you sexually, trying to “logically convince” her would ensure that she would actually get repulsed by you. You were told that the ideal way is to do things that create attraction from the beginning.

And day six was the second part of “Deadly Mistakes We Make” and you read the other side of the story: how women lose their men. Here you read the second part of Paul’s story and found out what goes on in a married man’s head. You read how a weak man can be a dangerous man to keep. You also learnt a little about the nature of masculine energy and what creates a real man. Finally, you were given the task to observe the couples around you and notice the dynamics that keep to together or push them away.

And now we are on our last day of our E-Course where you are going to learn how to design a meaningful life and the next steps to take towards redefining reality…

So my friend, what is a meaningful life after all? Is it earning millions of dollars? Is it having three super model girl friends? Is it getting married to someone everyone else wanted? Or is it sacrificing your life for a noble cause? What is it after all? Well, I cannot tell you what will bring meaning to you because I don’t know you personally yet, but I can tell you what is meaningful to me.

A meaningful life to me is being able to do whatever I want, when I want, and how I want. It is coming back home at the end of the day and having the feeling that I have gotten one step closer to my ultimate destination. It is knowing that even one person has breathed just a little easier because I have lived. It is earning as much money as I need, doing what I truly love to do. It is making each person’s lives a little better when they come to know me. It is being able to truly feel happy knowing that YOU have been successful. It is leaving the world even just a little better than when I came here. It is knowing that I have done everything in my capacity to help my fellow mates live a little better lives. And finally in the process of all of this, it is enjoying every moment of the day with as much love, passion and happiness as I can manage. To me that is living a meaningful life. And when I finally pass over, I would like to smile and say: This I have done.

So what is a meaningful life to you? What would you say when it is time to move on to another beginning? Would you look at it and wonder “what have I done with my life, where have all the years gone? Did I just spend a life time working in a job that I didn’t like, giving away the most valuable thing: time? Did I just spend a life time in a relationship with someone that I did not love? Did I sacrifice daily happiness for the promise of a great future that never arrived? It makes no sense!” or will you say “I have lived a life with love, appreciation, freedom and complete joy! I have followed my dreams and I have offered my gift. I have earned as much as I could and given as much as I could and I am still left with some more! I have taken risks, lived passionately, loved achingly, sometimes won and sometimes lost. And today its all so worth it!” What will you say my friend when its time to return to God?

Remember your life is a gift from the Source, the Great Spirit, from God, to all of us. God doesn’t want to know if you have visited a special building once every week, God wants to know if you are ready to give the gift that you were sent to give! God wants to know if you will follow the truth in your heart or are you going to follow the crowd? Are you going to go where everyone else is going or are you going to dare?

If you dare, then we will all go one step closer to our common destination: to become one with the Source. If you don’t, then we will go one step back.

As you read this today, we are experiencing a world wide increase of people who are willing to commit themselves to what is the truth, whatever it maybe. And as more and more people commit to the truth, we are moving faster towards enlightenment, towards understanding our common purpose, towards true freedom, towards love.

And if you would like to become one those people, I suggest you start fast. Time is of essence my friend. In a world where millions are killed for oil, countries are crippled for gas, and planes crash into buildings, our planet needs more people like you who are willing to see beyond this material insanity. You, as a being of light, are not here to spend your life in the little maze running like rats. You are much more than that…

You are here to teach. You are here to help others realize what they are capable of. You are here to love. You are here to manifest miracles. You are here to create. You have a purpose. And that purpose is calling you from deep within. That’s what makes you restless. Makes you uncomfortable. Makes you ask for more. Dream of the impossible. Want to reach for the stars. Change the world!

Are you going to listen to that call? Are you going to dare? Are you going to open your eyes and see? Are you going to remember… who you are truly are?

You have a responsibility, dear child of God, you have a mission, you are powerful beyond measure, your mediocre living benefits nobody. It is time to wake up now. Will you listen…?

Unfortunately, I realize all that I am saying may not make a lot of sense right now. As I said in the beginning of this E-Course, we rarely realize what an infinitely magical universe we are living in. The truth is not only stranger than you think, it is stranger than you CAN think!

Anyway, as the ancient Chinese saying goes “the journey of a thousand miles begin with the first few steps.” Let’s take the first steps first. I had begun one day a few years back and I didn’t know where to go. I went from teacher to teacher, spent the last few thousand of dollars that I had, crashed and burnt, made mistakes, made it big, lost it all, broke my heart, got featured on newspapers and television, almost got killed and in the end learnt what I needed to learn. I learnt what the true purpose of my life is and why I am here. And I learnt that just like the Wizard of Oz didn’t give anything to the Tin Man that he already didn’t have, all that I was looking for outside was always right here in me. I just needed to learn how to look…

So before we finish this last day of the E-Course, as I promised you in the beginning, here is a way you can take your journey to the next level and get on a brand new adventure…

The nature of this journey is such that the more important lessons can never be taught but you will have to experience and become. Read the last sentence one more time to understand what it means. The deeper secrets of the universe are not something that you can read in a book or even learn from a teacher but experience as a personal transformation. But then teachers are important – because they help you in removing the obstacles that lead towards the experience that teaches you the deeper secrets. These are things that cannot be communicated over this 2 dimensional media like a webpage but has to be given directly from the teacher to the student. There is no one size fit all solution – this is the true journey within.

Are you interested? Would you like to take yourself to the next level? Would you like to learn from me directly? Get your questions answered and find your personal guidance? If so visit the link below:

Private Coaching Session

Day 07: Exercise 01: For the next 7 days, take at least 30 minutes a day to meditate and ground yourself. While it may not make a lot of sense at this point, this practice is at the heart of any “real” breakthrough. If 30 minutes is too much for you, quit watching TV for the next 7 days. Amazing but true, you will find that your life still goes on even if you don’t watch TV for the next one year. I personally don’t watch TV, period.

How do you meditate? Visit the link below and follow the instructions to get our famous guided meditation “Miracles Today” right now.

Believe it or not, this practice alone will begin a process that is so powerful that it will probably be unfathomable for you right now. So trust the process and do it regularly, the questions that will surface will lead you to the answers you will need.

Day 07: Exercise 02: Follow what your heart truly desires. Follow the dreams within you, for you have them for a reason. If you go no further and never learn anything else from me, learn this: anything you desire in the deepest parts of your heart, you already have the capacity to materialize it. You may not realize it yet but that is the truth!

I wish you well on this amazing journey… Never, never, never, never give up!


Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach

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