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If you have a dream – a wish that you want to see materialized in the real world – protect it. Nurture it with music, poetry, stories, books that inspire… and daily care, focus and perseverance – just like a child.

We wait 9 months for a child to be ready to come out in the world, 9 more years for the child to speak logically, and 9 years more to become a so called adult ready to enroll in the university. Then maybe 9 years after that, we see the new human serving the world on his own in some ways small or big.

Dreams become ready to serve the world with a lot less work and a whole lot faster. But you have to give it some time… and protect it from the virus called disbelief.

The moment you have a dream and believe in it, it begins to grow. The longer you believe, the bigger it grows. The more you feed it love and action, the faster it grows.

And then one day, before you know it, its a real thing that is so big, so beautiful, so powerful, so amazing… that it takes your breath away!

Shafin de Zane


  • It's so soothing to feel it is possible to have my life change in many areas. Thank you so much , God bless you .

  • Thank you, Shafin. It has been very inspiring.
    I can feel your love and positive energy in every word tha you said.

  • Wow,thank you Shafin, that is very true,to be very focused on what and where you want to go,do and achieve. Remembering to be very positive, that this positive energy of our great and powerful mind can bring us to our great destiny. Remember ! Remember ! Where & What ! Focus ! Focus ! Focus !
    Do not have the slightest doubt. Many thanks again !

  • It seems because of negative conditioning of our mind we refuse to accept this simple theory that every dream can come true. We as a human being have enormous energies but fail to utilize it.
    Rarely a great personality like Shafin comes to this world to remind us but we fail to understand what he says. And even if we understand, we fail to practice what he says……….
    We must, yes we must not miss this opportunity to learn and practice.
    Thanks Shafin.
    God bless you, now and always.

  • Am a Christian and a missionary in a rural area in Igede, Oju Local Council, Benue State ,Nigeria. It was this January that I got a link that lead me to your site. Read your 5 Gold Keys and took the one week,redefine your reality course. I must say of the truth, i’ve been blessed and encouraged more to keep keeping on. It also brought more light on the scriptures that got me so excited.

    Transformation has been something strong for me and to see that in others too. It is a goal I hope to achieve and what i’ve read so far and listened to, I can already feel and see results already. I trust by God’s grace, will be able to have some sessions with, you. Thanks and God bless.


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