Guided Meditation : “Miracles Today”

Not so long ago I created a 1 hour guided meditation audio called “Miracles Today” and gave it to a very limited amount of people to see the response. Here are some of the responses I received so far…

“Its pretty astounding what is coming out of this simple practice. I wasn’t expecting it to be so powerful.” – George, USA

“Love it Shafin! Your voice simply makes it an easy journey! Been listening over and over” – Claudia, Germany

“Thank you for sending it Shafin; you did an amazing job on this!” – Pam, California, USA

“There are times when this one shift inside you happens, then you wonder how you ever lived any other way. This seems to be one of those shifts. Can’t imagine not listening to this every morning now. Thanks Shafin! Its something I was waiting for a long long time” – Susan, Australia

“Hey mate, just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that me, my wife, my son are all listening to your fabulous work” – Martin, New South Wales, Australia

“Shafin that is wonderful. Posted to my profile, and downloaded for home and on my Blackberry. Wonderful…” Tracy, Germany

“I’ve set through the whole 1 hour meditation… I will continue with this practice, every morning as I have made the conscious choice this is the path I want to follow… Thank you for sending this to me. It couldn’t have came at a better time. Much gratitude for it.” Heather, British Columbia, Canada

“Indeed this is an excellent source of inspiration and really very very helpful…” – Lawrence, USA

“Loved the way you allowed for the absolute silence to happen. Nobody does that! Thanks Shafin. You do more than you will ever know.” Chris, USA

Now if you are new to meditation, here are something’s you should know:

The system in this recording is firmly grounded in clinically proven facts about how the mind can create lasting change in at least four levels: physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

And the beauty of this process lies in its simplicity. There are no complicated rituals. No expensive equipments. No special buildings. No specific religious belief necessary to receive all the benefits. All you need is the willingness and discipline to practice everyday and start manifesting miracles too amazing to describe in words!

(I have included some very interesting news also at the bottom of this mail from the Time Magazine, Psychology Today, The New Scientist etc on what amazing results can come out of this simple meditation practice.)

And now here it is for you… Full 1 Hour Guided Meditation “Miracles Today” along with 26 minutes of special instructions and explanation on:

Why we meditate?

How miracles are created through meditation?

What is the right and wrong way to meditate?

How to focus on things you want to manifest in life?

How we open the window in our minds through which we are able to connect to divine wisdom.

How meditation allows us to find our true spiritual wisdom from within.

…and more!

For more information, please visit: 1 Hour Guided Meditation Miracles Today!

Thank you for your comments in advance. I look forward to hearing about your experience with the meditation practice also.

Have fun and spread the love around,


Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach

PS: Here are some very interesting news and articles on the benefits of meditation:

The Science of Meditation

Meditation builds up the brain

How to Get Smarter, One Breath at a Time

Chant ‘ Om‘ for Better Heart Health

The Pursuit of Happiness

117 thoughts on “Guided Meditation : “Miracles Today”

  • Shaffin the e course experience is something so satisfying to understand yourself and have realisation about urself which u are unaware of. it was great and unbelieveable(but now i hv full faith and belief in it). keep good work going.i hope meditation experience will further boost the overall benefits.thanks again

  • Im 61 years old and this last 7 days have been interesting.Now i know the saying your never to old to learn new things.Its a new life but it makes you free just like a bird.Clive

  • Dear Shafin De Zane,
    Your 7 day course is great. I enjoyed it and I am reading it over and over. I also ordered your Redefine your Reality book and downloaded many others.
    I am going into the meditation part.

    Bernard Marks

  • I really enjoyed the 7 day course and am about 75% of the "redefine your reality" book. It is absolutely mind boggling to feel my mind stretching and accepting these ideasa and makes me hungry to learn more! Thank you so much!

  • i loved the has really changed my perspective about life and how to keep my life much more balanced by maintaining a very positive attitude
    but there has been a problem.i took all the steps you mentioned above to receive the guided meditation link but its been four days and i havent recieved my link to guided meditation yet…i am anxiously waiting to receive it so that i can follow it and make my life more and more better.

  • I have started meditating over a year and my life has changed I want to experience total union with god I would greatly aapericiate if you can send me my free 1hr guided meditatio

    • Eu sunt la inceput de drum ,desi am inceput mai tarziu aceasta experienta spirituala.

      Va multumesc mult pentru ceea ce ati facut pentru mine,pentru tot ce mi-ati trimis.As vrea sa stiu cum ma descurc cu meditatia.Mi-ar fi placut foarte mult sa stiu despre hipnoza,materialele sunt la mare cautare si costa foarte mult….si ,nu-mi permit.
      Cu multa sinceritate,Violet – Bucuresti – Romania

  • I enjoyed the 7 day course and the intuitive process of deeper understanding and destiny design has just begun. I know the process in simple to understand but difficult to follow as it requires a lot of discipline and practice.

    I hope with your guidance, the mountain will look like a pebble.

    Thanks and regards,

  • Dear Shafin,
    You are an angel from God who showed me the right path. You changed my life and i don't have any words to thank you.My life was miserable loveless and friendless and I had no one to guide me but to make me feel worthless until you came and made me more responsible and independent. Now after taking the free ecourse I control my life and try to keep my mind under my control.Shafin, I love you so much .. i don't know what to say.. you're such a perfect human. May God bless you and help you serving the humanity.Please keep on sending me all the meditations and courses etc . I would be really thank full to you..
    Thankyou so much and may God bless you!

  • Hi Shafin this is Rose Pearl

    Here's mi comment as you have
    asked for it, here it is

    I am feeling 'Healed' and 'Transformed'
    from 'inside out' in mind, body and soul.

    i am feeling a 'new me', a new consciousness
    or awareness is emerging/ arising within me.

    i feel awakend and alive . . .

    i got a new perspective of mi life . . .
    better understanding of mi life and
    the people around me.

    i am conscious of mi thoughts now
    making sure, there should always
    be good thoughts about me and
    other people . . .

    so that the 'better' comes out.

    i specially like the 'meditation'
    (Know your Origin) you've sent

    i cannot express mi 'Gratitude' for you
    in words . . .

    Thanks a million . . .
    For all you have given us . . .

    Rose Pearl
    Edminton, Canada

  • Dear Shafin,

    Thank you helping me identify the restlessness I have been experirncing for some time now. After doing the 7-day ecourse I understand that there is more to this life than what I had been living. I will send my picture as soon as I can. But I could not pass up the opportunity to say "Thank you." I know I have a long way to go but knowing that I can make a difference in the quality of my life and those around me is a great incentive. I look forward to learning all I can. Thanks again.


  • Hi Shafin,
    First of all I want to thank you for your lovely intentions of helping others.I have followed your suggestion and achieved a lot in growing up my confidence level.I was very sad because almost a month before I had a break up with my boyfren.I did nothing except crying and missing him.I really felt that I have nothing left with me.But after I got 7 days e-course of Redefineyourreality,I saw and felt a new hope.I am really very thankful to you. May God bless you in each and every field of your life.May you always be successful and happy in your life cause you are someone who really deserves it.I will send you my photo after some days.
    Have a good day everyday.
    With lots of Love,

  • Dear Brother Shefin,
    It gives me immense pleasure to admit that your 7 days e Course is one of the finest programs I have ever attended. I remember way back in 1977 when one of the greatest Guru taught similar teachings to me but I didn't rigorously followed them. These teachings are simply great. This time I have promised myself not to miss it, as I have already lost 33 years.
    In fact, this e Course is the beginning. We have to learn a lot and follow the path of self realization. Its high time, each and every individual on this earth learns about his own purpose of life and starts practicing on the principles laid down by you. You are the most important person on the earth, who is capable to spread PEACE, LOVE, HARMONY, UNDERSTANDING and POSITIVITY all over. Let.s start now without further delay. Now onwards it's my mission too. Believe me, the WORLD PEACE is at arm's length and you will be instrumental in making in real. You will soon be awarded NOBEL PEACE PRIZE and many more such awards, as you deserve the same.
    Thank you very very much.
    GOD BLESS YOU, now and always.
    Dinesh Nagpal (India)

  • Dear Shafin,
    You are really dear to my heart and probably to that of millions of people on this beautiful planet earth. You are an Angel of God having come for the special purpose of awakening those they are sleeping. Keep the good work going on.
    Thanks a lot n GOD BLESS.

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