How to Play a Role in Your Own Movie

I might have a role to play in a movie. I might have a great role, maybe even the leading role. But that doesn’t mean I can jump in a scene – then everyone goes a little crazy.

In the story of life if one doesn’t know when to play their part, and when not to, the story becomes increasingly tangled up in unnecessary complexities.

To paraphrase a line by Passenger: with time what I’m finding is that Story of Life is all about timing.

3 thoughts on “How to Play a Role in Your Own Movie

  • Ah, the great question. When is the time right to play my role? The leading role. Still the answer escapes me and I find myself here sitting on charisma writing a reply to a question that remains unanswered. The clock ticks. Time waits for no one. I sit and type a letter, a word appears and then a sentence am I making any sense. This is all done at the spur of the moment and whatever comes through my hand is what is processed on this site. Not knowing what to do, I do what I have become accustomed to do. Given Authorship I take my role seriously. I feel my heart beating through my chest. The energy is intensifying and I am finding it hard to breathe yet I cannot, I will not stop writing what I am feeling, thinking, experiencing in the know of God I am brought to the unknown realms of silence. I am very sensitive to the moments when I think and to the moments when I listen. There is such a major yet subtle difference, one that could cost me the Life of my most sort after dreams.

    The Mind in all its imaginings.
    The Heart in all its realities.
    The Soul in all its capacities.

    We break through another realm of misgiving. Where did that come from? Here do imaginings, realities, capacities come together in destroying and constructing a much needed ending, a much needed beginning. Endings are just another opportunity to choose again, to choose, again, to choose again. Remember Time waits for no one.

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