How To Pray For Miracles

I remember a number of years ago I was listening to Marianne Williamson in one of her talks. At this particular talk she was saying (I am paraphrasing it) that there are two ways of manifesting your desires. The first way is something like white magic which encompasses everything from law of attraction, visualization, mind power etc. The second way is surrender to God and allowing God to decide what the best is for us, it is manifesting your desires through prayer.

At the time, I remember thinking to myself, that the second way is just way too much religion for me. God didn’t create us so we could just allow him to decide everything for us. God created us so we can grow and become like God. And the way that happens is by using our will power, learn the deeper secrets of the universe and master the art of willful creation. As we get better at creating things consciously, we grow spiritually.

This was a time when I was learning aspects of alchemy (and certain other secret arts) and was pretty successful at manifesting things with mind power and law of attraction and so on and so forth. I had multiple businesses, offices in 3 continents of the world and a fantastic social life.

So what has changed? Not much really, except that along my journey of self realization, along the many paths that I have trodden that took me to extreme highs and lows, I have learnt the greatest secret of them all. The secret that has changed my entire life; from one that was filled with struggle and fight, also money and glamour, along with speed and excitement, to one that is filled with peace and surrender, miracles and magic.

The change happened as I slowly realized that along with the recent global re-discovery that we are indeed in charge of our destiny (and we do indeed create our own reality and there are, indeed, very specific ways of manifesting our dreams using our mind power), we are still stuck in the same basic misconception that human kind has been plagued with for the last two millennia. The misconception is that YOU are a separate being from everything and everyone, from nature, from God.

Now at this point most people who know anything about, lets say, Law of Attraction, as its known by most who take interest in self improvement topics, may be tempted to say that that is not correct. That you do realize we are one. That you do understand your Oneness with God. But do you really? When you practice visualization, create your “vision board”, or perform any other ritual that has to do with manifesting your desires, do you ever take into consideration that what you are asking for may not be the right way for you? That maybe, just maybe, you having a “million dollars” right now may not be in the best interest for yourself? Do you realize that in your quest for realizing your dream, you maybe drifting far off your personal destiny? How would you know the difference? How would you know how all things are interconnected between infinite past and future? How would you know what your responsibility is in this infinitely complex web of time, space and causation? Could it be that your being poor actually serves a purpose for the greater mass? Could it be that you having an accident or even dying could serve as a valuable lesson for others so they may grow? Are you even ready to accept such a concept?

It’s been two millennia of socio-cultural-religious-scientific brainwash that has taught human beings that you are a separate being from everyone and everything. Thing about it: modern man (and woman) is absolutely incapable of experiencing anything other than himself. He may feel compassion, but it is he who feels compassion, which is very different from experiencing what the other person is going through. He may appreciate beauty, but it is he who looks at the scenery and enjoys it, which is very different from the experience of being one with the scenery. Everything is dependent on him existing first, then letting everything else having the privilege of being experienced by him. When he dreams a dream, it is he who needs to manifest his dream, at any cost, regardless of how his dreams may alter the course of time and web of interdependent components. He wants to be rich, right now! He wants to be successful, right now! Regardless of what his responsibilities of learning and growing maybe. What if his destiny is to learn humility? Or patience? Or maybe help some one else learn a difficult lesson by sacrificing his own self? Can the modern man even humor such a strange concept?

Now don’t be mislead into thinking that I am against conscious manifestation of desire. I am not. My whole existence is dedicated to teaching humanity how to redefine reality. It is your birthright to create consciously and I am here to help you learn the art. All the things I mentioned above are possibilities and all can be worked through while having a fulfilling life filled with joy and adventure, but that topic is for another day. Right now I just wanted to demonstrate how difficult it is for our current state of consciousness to experience anything apart from itself.

I know how difficult it is to face everyday with uncertainty. I know what its like to live from day to day not having enough money to even buy food. To be so depressed that the only way out seems like suicide. I know all of that because I have lived through it. And I am here to tell you that there is a middle ground between being desperately helpless and a manifestation zealot. The middle ground is realizing that our human consciousness has its limitation, that we cannot see the infinite interconnection between all things and past and future. That no matter how smart we act or think we are, the truth is we know so very little about the deeper laws of reality, it’s not even funny. That we do live in a very noisy world with an average of 1500 advertisements and marketing messages being bombarded on us each day. That what we think, what we dream of, what we want, what our thoughts are, are not always our own, and most definitely not always beneficial to our own selves.

There is an intelligence that pervades all reality. The Universe is a living organism that we are all part of. God is the creator and IS all that is. God is within you and around you. You are in the heart of God. You are being taken care of and loved beyond comprehension. God became human in you, unfolding through you, everyday. And while you will always have free will to choose your path, just like the ultimate loving parent, God will protect you from going too far off from your personal destiny, one that is not confined within your personal story of birth and death. When you dream, God dreams with you. But sometimes what you want right now is not what is in your best interest, especially when your desires are heavily influenced by socio/cultural conditioning, marketing messages, personal pain or fear.

So how do you manifest your dreams when you don’t even know what the right path is for you? Surrender. Surrender your dreams to God. Pray. Pray in the right way. How to pray? Here is how…

First, go into deep meditation. Meditate to the point where all noise dissolves away. Meditate to the point where you no longer have a name. Meditate to the point where you feel the absolute joy of being One with God. Keep saying “Father, I am your son. You are my Father. We are One. Love me Father. Love me Free. Open my heart so I can feel You. Open my heart to Love. Open me to Love. Love me free my Father so I can feel you, hear you, see you, touch you.” Keep praying till you absolutely feel the joy and love of being One. When you feel it, God is listening to you. It’s the right time to pray.

(Replace Father with Mother if that’s what you are comfortable with, it’s the same thing; choose the one that makes you feel the closest to God in a very real sense. This is not a clever formula to make things happen quickly but to be one with God. When you do that, miracles happen but there is no faking it.)

Second, state your desire. Say “This is my desire I am willing to work for it and grow through it. This is what I think will make me happy. But I realize I don’t know what the best is for me. So guide me my Father. Guide me towards the right path. Show me the right way to take. Send me signs, inspirations, guides and teachers. Open my eyes so I can see. Above all else, I want to love You and be One with You. Guide me my Father through all these dreams and desires so I can find my way back home again. This is what I want, I surrender my dreams to You. Guide me my Father. Show me the way…”

Third, keep praying until you see the signs. They will arrive very fast. But not always what you thought it would be. Follow the signs, no matter how scary. This is detachment. This is surrender. If you follow them, miracles will happen. You will always, ALWAYS win. Sure the path will test you beyond belief, sure everyone will think you’ve gone mad, but you will constantly receive signs and help and teachers and guidance to lead you on the way, through the darkness of the unknown, to a destiny so fantastic that no one could ever imagine. But above all that something more unbelievable will have happened: the world will be a better place because you followed your dreams. Whole humanity will take a step forward because you have awakened. Entire human consciousness will awaken a little more because you opened your eyes.

That is the difference between white magic and surrender. The difference is simple yet it is most difficult to make a part of our life. The difference is realizing that we are all One. That God is truly within us, around us, IS all that there is. That the divine plan is inconceivably bigger than our 3 dimensional existence between life and death. That when we awaken, we will realize, when we realize, we will be able to relax, but until then… we need to surrender, or love, which is really the same thing, when you think about it.

With you always on the way to miracles and love!


Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach

PS: Thanks to Francesca from Singapore for asking the right questions which helped me bring about these answers.

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53 thoughts on “How To Pray For Miracles

  • My beautiful friend,
    I am sure that you know… when somethig comes to you exactly when you were asking (or even not trying to ask) for help, for advise, for…
    Having my work with my shadows, I had a strange day yesterday… Now it is ok, but it is like that period after a surgical operation… Not bad – I’m alive – but not quite perfect…
    And here it comes your message and this post…
    I had a wonderful “revival “ reading the entire post, but the last paragraph came with a clear and beautiful light for me and for a friend I was working with…
    It was something that I have heard or seen, as wonderful teachings, many times, but they were not yet fully integrated in my heart, in my body cells… Now I have this great feeling of a final understanding, as living words, not like somehting in written, beautiful, but just admired…

    Sorry for my English, I am not an English speaker, but I understand very well your beautiful messages.
    Thank you for this beautiful work, for this wonderful journey…

    May your path be full of light and joy!
    Walk in Beauty!

    • Hi Mikka,

      Glad you enjoyed the post. Such is the nature of this journey. Whenever you become ready the teachers arrive, messages are sent, signs are shown. As you keep going forward, expect this to happen more and more. The signs are there just to reconfirm that you are on the right track. Growth is not always easy and most of the time involves taking the road less travelled, but it is our destiny. That is why God will always send you all that you need to be all that you are destined to be. All you need to do is take the next step, and then the next, and then the next… thats it!

      Have fun with all this. Its meant to be fun, lots of fun!


  • I agee with prince oliver totally.

    Shafin the beauty and spirit of God shines through you. Thank you for all you share with us.

  • Howdy!I definitely like this blog,I personally believe that the only reson that we don’t have miracle survivals for ALL violent crime victims being murdered instead of -1% of them is that no one else cares enough to want to manifest it for them and I alone can only manifest so much when all the other masses want to manifest tragic endings!Can I use this approach to at least manifest it for my own loved ones,IF anything has to happen at all?

    • Jonathen, there is no easy answer to your question, simply because you are deeply attached to the question itself. Simply put, yes you can very well use these principles to manifest well being and safety for yourself, but everyone else writes their own destiny. But having said that, if you deeply care about someone, as you become miraculous, they too are protected by your blessings simply by virtue of being loved by you. But then again, this is as lame an answer as it gets. For now, I'd suggest you watch the movie "The Secret". It could point out some valuable insights to you about focusing on "what you DONT want" and what comes out of that practice.

  • When you say meditate until you don’t even know your name, how many years of pracitice does it take? When we reach that point, and ask and prayer, ti be inspired, does it ttake many times at different times to reach this point and receive this message from God?

    Thank you,

  • Very good. I know I would have difficulty meditating like that. Also how to you know the signs? I must need to be banged on the head. What if you never seem to get an answer…

    I also heard some one say that desire= of the father. He gives us those complex desires that (we don’t know how to) achieve- so that we will need to ask for his help. He wants to be part of the process. Is that a right view of co-creation. Thanks.

    • Bill, meditation is always difficult in the beginning. There is no royal way of meditation (no matter how many new age products tell you otherwise), it takes time and its a struggle in the beginning simply because you are doing what 99.9% will not be able to do: dis-identify your Self from your conscious mind. When you are able to do that, you can FEEL God. When I say meditation, I dont mean affirmation and guided tapes and other such things, I mean pure meditation which is pure silence, pure void. So what is the solution? Use whatever tools necessary to overcome this initial struggle. The tools are all the commercial guided meditations, hypnosis, brainwave synching stuff… I have one too, its free and lots of people seems to have found value from it, which is the only way I ever know something is worth it or not 🙂 the link is given in the main post.

      How do you know the signs? Now here is something I dont like to say too often but… you just know. As you meditate, you open your eyes, you begin to SEE, maybe for the first time in your life! This is what I call the elusive reality. Its right infront of you but most people will never see it or even hear "about" it in this life time. But trust me on this one… once you awaken, you WILL see it. Note to all readers: if anyone has better words to explain the signs, please add your experience here so others may benefit.

      • Dear Shafin and Bill,
        Let me first thank Shafin for creating 7 day e-course for ordinary people like me who have strong desire to find the truth, go for the dreams and go within.

        My understanding about 'SEE THE SGNS' is that you may see something in your dream and that dream generally wakes you up or you remember main part of the dream very vividly,
        or you come across someone who will guide you and support you like getting e-course from Shafin
        or environment around you will be such that you can reach for your dream very easily.
        Thank you

        • Hi Sonia,
          I agree. Dreams are very good way to pickup / listen to messages from your higher self. One of the things I do like more about dreams is The ability to have Lucid Dreaming. I use Lucid dreaming to solve a lot of my problems. I use What Silva call it : Mental Lab to discuss my problems with people I think of as my mentors. This methods worked very well for me in a lot of occasions… Even Now I Do (OOBE – Out Of Body Experiences) to go places and do things I never Done Before.. It is a great way to explore The Astral Plane (Spiritual Plane)…
          Do some research on that and you will find alot of information about these subjects on the Internet………..


          • Hello Sam,
            I am very sorry that I did not see your answer sooner than this. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. I have heard about Silva method and out of body experiences, people talk about on internet but somehow never have put enough thoughts over it. I think to learn these techniques are expensive and do not come easy. In other words my mind is not open to try these yet.
            Thank you again. May be I will take your suggestion and try.

      • Hi,
        When you meditate and ask for help and guidance and that means you open your mind for existing of other possibilities and solutions, the signs become all around you. They can be in two people walking on the street in front of you and talking about something or say a word which could trigger AHA moment for you, that will be a sign. It could be a car passing near by where you can see its license plate and what is written on the license plate could trigger an AHA moment for you and that is a sign too or may be while walking or driving around you could see something written on big ad Board which could create an AHA moment for you too. There are too many signs all around us if we have the right frame of mind to see them… The most important thing I always say to people is: keep your mind and eyes open, and the signs will find their ways to you and believe that every time you talk/pray to God for anything, He will answer you … It always worked for me…. I hope my two cents help you understand the signs better…..

        Thanks for reading


  • Thanks Shafin for this wonderful insight. You really are a beacon for all of us here, lighting our path with your wisdom.

  • ditto!!

    He has made a profound difference in my life mostly by inducing a paradigm shift in all the cases( which is the best part about his teachings).
    I often feel nowadays that Id rather be cocky and happy than normal and unhappy.

  • I very much second the thought presented by Bill-the second part. God is desireless , but very much enjoying & amusing at His children’s desires and provides everything by His feminine energy to evolve things that his children desire. Look at all the things answered through the technology !!

  • Dearest Shafin,
    Just as I was meditating for a miracle, I read your precious thoughts. Its really a reminder that total surrender yields the best results meant for us. Thanx for the valuable sharing. 🙂

  • It just feels like yesterday when i first read this book called place called zero which lead me to shafins guidance well it was month of march now i believe ive started to awaken simply i live a trance itz all about love all the good things in life will be wrapped around goodness within is amazing when you start realize things true nature of most things i prey every day to see things more clearer in the past week i managed to learn basic healing and telepathic abilities humm i know what you might think well just want to say everything is possible life is amazing itz always has been we just didn’t see it that’s all we are reaching the spiritual evolution and it has begun we are awakening to the truth wish you guys best of luck with your life’s

    • Shehan, sounds like you are having lots of fun on this journey! Glad that I could help. And here is an even better news: this journey only gets better! When I say better I dont mean "no more tests", the tests will always get harder because thats what makes us grow, but you will have more and more fun along the way. Its a little like the difference between grade school and university: the lessons are infinitely more complex, but the parties are a whole lot more fun too! 🙂

  • i completely agree with u.if u want food to eat have god with you first and u will have the best food of your life ,if you want love have god with you first u will get the best love of your life ,if u want to prepare for exams have god first you will pass magnificiently,if you want to be a healer, teacher or do a bussiness deal get your GOD WITH YOU FIRST YOU WILL HAVE EVERYTHING. YES FIRST GOD THEN YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT 100%. GAURANTEED . THIS IS THE BEST ,FASTEST ,SAFEST AND THE PUREST FORM OF MIRACLE MANIFESTING. the idea is to give importance to god ,and when i mean impotance i mean to be one with god that is when you feel you are not separate from god you are part of all that is. SEE YOURSELF GETTING ATOMISED .GET TO A STATE WHEN YOU AND THE UNIVERSE ARE ONE ALL IN A STATE OF ATOMS AND FEEL THE GOD WITHIN YOU AS HERE YOU BECOME ONE WITH GOD THIS IS WHEN YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT BECAUSE WHEN YOU REACH THIS STATE MY FRIEND YOU WILL ONLY WANT WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO GET. THIS IS THE BEAUTY OF THIS MANIFESTATION OF GOD WHICH DEAR SHAFIN STATES .UTILISE THIS AND BRING BIGGER AND EXPANDED AWARENESS TO THIS UNIVERSE AN YOURSELF. SUMANT

    • Sumant, Thx for your wonderful words. This is the beauty of this journey: the same truth shines from inside you no matter who is asking, no matter where you are, no matter what your background is. When you awaken, everyone hears the same voice, KNOWS the same truth regardless of your social, cultural, religious background.

  • For everyone: Thank you so much for your kind words and compliments. Since I am a simple man with all my human emotions, when I read your words I get flattered, smile like silly all day, and sometimes even dance all alone! You are the reason I keep going on, you are the reason I write, you are the reason I am able to teach. Without you, there wouldn't be a me. I love you all.


  • I think this is the best thing that could ever have happened to me and I am going to do it for the rest of my life and I know I will be guided, protected and blessed with all that I ever want and more.

    Thanks Shafin.

  • Shafin,

    Thanks for the comments. Indeed I am going through kind of dilemma now. I have read many self development books which explain about law of attraction. In fact I read one of your book"redefine your reality". well, i still struggle t understand the reality and truth.
    I quit my job 2 weeks ago due to excessive traveling and just join new job. However, I do not know whether i made the right decision. As you say, we need to meditate to know the truth…What should I do?Pls advise

    • Meditate and study. The truth will set you free, but it will piss you off at first. Have true humility and accept that you are not so smart, that you have made mistakes, that you can still make some more as you walk along. Life is such. Problem with awakening is, you begin to see how far off you have come from your destined path. Radical honesty is necessary to even acknowledge that.

      So keep taking the next step and the next. Most people are in a sleep state having a nightmare of unfulfilled desires. It doesn't have to be that way. Have courage, meditate and study. It will open your eyes and show you the way to take.

  • This is such a wonderful experience, you have so much knowledge and wisdom,I thank God for you how you have helped me to understand myself.I will always follow your advise and continue to pray for you and with.

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  • I must say to you that I have never read anything so beautiful and well written as your blog. I thank you fron the bottom of my heart.

  • I was at this very point 12 years ago and I surrendered to God. I asked for only what I needed and it has always come to me. I have always worked hard and continue to do so. I am at the same point again now. It is refreshing to be reminded.

    So many "self-help" people hold back all their advice and wisdom, plotting carefully to get us to buy something. What makes you different is that you give regardless of your personal outcome in terms of selling something. That is what separates you from most of them.


  • Shafin
    I find your information most valuable of all programs I have
    signed up to. I feel I have been blessed by God when
    I receive my e-mail.

  • Hiout yo Shafin,Thank You. Your speech has made a big difference in my life. I can see things indifferent ways look at things diferently and look at people as all gods creators. I cannot stop saying thank you because you have brought out the very best in me. I believe I could not have done this without you Keep my head above water Let go and let God. also forgive. I am so sorry that I did not knew you before. I listen to your speech all the time. It is an inlightenment to my life. God bless Vilma

  • how great it is to feel the beauty of the joy of life, to be able to impart that great feeling to all humanity to all our brothers and sisters to create a world where hope and aspiration stand as a sign post for the have and the have not.where men will see the need for all to grow in a world where peace, love. and happiness can always fine its place in our heart,men can truly say that all man concern is mine. all man hurt is my hurt until then me all stand to walk together in right or wrong but not in unity. Leonard / Jamaica

  • This is the most beautiful thing I have ever read. I feel as if I am just taking the first step. While reading it my body was experiencing a great energy flowing through it. I am truly being enlightened. My brother Shafin I am being humbled by reading your powerful inspirational words. I intend to continue on this path, it offers such peace and love and the connection with everyone, everything and God, the Creator. I imagine that,, for all, to experience detachment and surrender will bring so much light to the world that we will be incapable of feeling any anger towards our fellow human beings. I believe at this point we will all just float away back to God. God bless you Shafin.

  • this realy is great…just a few days ago, before reading this page it occured to me that i should surrender everything to Allah, tell Him my wish and ask for signs that will lead me to the right path…and here i am reading your page sayhing exactly what occured to me…
    thanx shafin for being such a helpful teacher

  • Dear Shafin,
    having been depressed and having felt helpless all my life and having been 10 years part of a church group where the teaching was that of surrendering to God's will I am now looking for some peace and acceptance but above all power, I always felt powerless in live, so I would like to manifest the things I always missed and feel powerful, succesfull and content……….and it is very hard for me to surrender, I always felt I was not lucky and always felt resentful………For me the biggest miracle would be to be at peace with who I am, what I do and have a great social life (which I have never had) and feel healthy emotionally, physically and mentally and …………………I know it sounds childish but I have not had all these things so far…………..
    So I will try your way and see what happens.
    Raffaella from Italy

  • I had this sitting in my opened tabs for quite a while intending to give it a read. I must say I am underwhelmed. Nice message, but ultimately..hmmm.. just seems not a good idea to put into peoples minds the thought that their death may benefit others. I understood the point and in general its good to realise there are much stronger powers than ourselves as individuals, that we can seek the answers within, and learn from all of our experiences etc.. the prayer was quite good in its way. Seems too passive though… the article. I think its more in the way in which it's written than the intended message which affects me adversly Guess I'll have to try it and see if it works.. I just had a general sense that this was not worth reading for the feeling it gave me. Which wasn''t really a great or pleasant one. Its a good idea that could have been expressed better for my tastes I guess.
    Pleas take no offence anyone who reads this. Just expressing myself after reading through. Maybe I was hoping for more, or expecting something better, or more practical and to the point, considering the title. Thanks. The best for everyone. Be well.
    Thanks for the info on artificial sweeteners (their origins and adverse affects)..I think that came from Shafin quite a while ago somewhere.

    • You have to be in the "Zone" which you come to after you practice LOVE intead of fear. It's a choice. One that you do every single day.
      Then one day everything start to be syncronized. You get it!

      • Michelle, exactly! Whether we like it or not our life, thoughts and actions (and death) have a powerful impact on whole of the universal energy. Anonymous I recomment 'The Way of the Peacefull Warrior'. Blessings, Aga 😉

  • I have been reading your messages, Shafin. It touches a very deep part of my heart. It's as if you are speaking and answering to all that are inside my heart. Everyday I look forward to your messages to see how they will respond to my inner being. I need to transform my life, to see God's mission for me and the truth of my destiny. I feel God has send you as my teacher in this world. I will write soon to open up my heart.

  • Very profound. Surrender is such a humbling act. It requires courage, trust and letting go of our illusion of power. Hard for a modern (wo)man. And so rewarding 😉

  • God Bless Shafin
    Thank u for your wonderful insights and for sharing your words of wisdom.
    Whenever I read your emails I feel a closesness and a deep connection.
    I am 50, and after having been successful and having lost it all, I no longer
    feel emotional or desperate. I have come to the place where i understand that God knows best that where i am now is where i need to be.I am content with what I have, I have experienced miracles in my life. and I feel that through my prayer life i have a close bond with him.
    My prayer is that i mix with like minded people, give off myself, be kind, caring and compassionate and then i feel his all emcompassing love,
    I have not as yet mastered the art of meditation but am working on it.
    This world would most definitely be a better place if we looked at the simimlarities that we share as humans and not at our differences.
    May you go on to inspire people and give hope to those that are in need
    Thank you for caring

    • Hi Ismail,

      Remember all warriors fall down sometimes, lose faith sometimes, look stupid sometimes. But what differentiates a warrior from the others is that he stands up no matter how many times he falls. All problems in life have one purpose only, to help us grow beyond what we could normally grow in ordinary circumstances. All disappointments and failures are very valuable lessons. If you learn from it, the purpose is served and it dissolves into a miracle.

      Keep taking the next step. Life suddenly makes a U-Turn when you least expect it.


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