Love Song of Shafin de Zane

My love,
I have waited
Ten thousand nights and
Ten thousand days
And finally you have arrived.

Your hair the fragrance of autumn evening
Your eyes shimmer light of the distant galaxies
Your skin touches mine and I melt
Your tongue sings the songs of angels.

In your presence I am lost in the past
The history of all time lives in you
The romance of Adam and Eve is your story
The songs of Solomon written for you.

In your love I am found in the future
I am the resurrection of Christ
I experience the awakening of Buddha
I hold your hands on the day of judgment.

You are the world my love
You are the reason and cause
You are my story and history
You are the purpose of life.

In you I live
Through you I grow
To you I give
My Self
And all my love.

~Shafin de Zane, July ’09

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