Miracles and Patience in a Spiritual Life

This post was taken from my newly updated book Redefine Your Reality – Awaken To Light

I’d like to tell you about the role of patience when living a spiritual life. In the very beginning, let me clarify that this letter is meant for people who have already attained a certain level of spiritual awareness, have gone through a considerable amount of healing process, and who are already aware of their “journey” or purpose of this life time. If all this sounds gibberish to you, this letter will probably make no sense.

We have all heard the overused idiom “patience is a virtue”, however if you think about it that’s quite an idiotic thing to say only by itself. Patience about what? That something good will happen? That if you wait long enough circumstances will change? If you have no pattern or trend to base your decision to be patient, then you could be waiting for all eternity and get no results.

I am not talking about that type of patience. The patience I am referring to has to do with opening yourself up to miracles in everyday life. The patience I am talking about is only 20% of the equation.

So what is the other 80%? Here goes:

50% Faith + 30% Guided Action + 20% Patience = Miracles!

Let me clarify what each of these terms mean as all of these words have lost their meaning due to overuse.

Faith: Faith is the knowingness that your life is being guided by the all pervading intelligence that most of us call God. That you are part of God, experiencing life in a human body, going through a great adventure the end of which is merging back to where you came from. It is the true knowing (not just a belief, which is only the minds working hypotheses, a fill in the blank where knowledge is not available) that you are not your body, you are not even your mind, you are definitely not what you have accumulated in this lifetime or your degrees or relationships. It is the knowing that you are beyond all of that, you are part of the Great Spirit, of God, participating in this illusion called physical life and playing a part in a cosmic drama. Faith is knowing that your role in this enormous drama is more than just your personal needs and desires. That there is more to this story than what your conscious, thinking, rational, analytical mind can understand. Faith is knowing that you are being guided, you always have been, you always will be.

Guided Action: If you truly understand the above and actually have faith, then you have already experienced direct communication from God. You have received signs and heard the voice of God in many ways; sometimes through people, sometimes through books, sometimes through dreams, or sometimes through one of the countless many ways that God chooses to communicate with us. You may have chosen to ignore it, you may have doubted it or you may have followed it, but whatever is the case, if you have FAITH, you are aware of the guidance…

When you have stood in the cross roads of life and asked God what should I do, invariably God gives you a sign and speaks softly in your heart about the right path to take. When you listen to that guidance communicated through synchronicities and teachers and butterflies and stars in the sky… and you take action based on that inspiration, you have completed the second step. This is guided action. This is asking for help at every cross road of your life because you realize that you (your conscious ego mind) simply don’t know what is the best course for to take since you cannot see the infinite interconnection between all things through all eternity. It is waiting for the answer and then when you absolutely feel the right way in your heart, taking the guided action.

Patience: Far from waiting for things to change, patience in a spiritual life is remembering the saying of King Solomon “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” It is knowing that sometimes what is waiting for you is so much bigger and better than what you want right now that it’s not even funny. It’s realizing that everything has a perfect time to unfold, that all that our heart desires will be fulfilled, but before it is fulfilled we have to learn a lesson, we have to grow, and we have to become ready to receive what is waiting for us. Like children we want the candy NOW, but the ultimate Teacher knows if you give the child the treat before he has learnt his lesson, he cannot even appreciate what he has received. Patience is realizing that the whole universe is revolving around EACH of us. And all that we want, all that we seek, all that we ask for will all come true, but we need to grow first. That is the purpose of this life.

Patience is a word we use because our mind cannot handle the word SURRENDER. Surrender can neither be taught nor explained. True surrender is falling in love with the Divine Beloved. It is being One. Words are inadequate here so I will stop. Those of you who understand need no explanation, those of you who don’t will have to make your own journey into understanding this.

Patience is resting into the knowingness that at the right time, in the most perfect way, the most perfect outcome will manifest your hearts desires. It is simply having faith, asking for guidance, taking the actions as guided, then resting in joy for you know… there is nothing to rush, nothing to push, never anything to push, nothing to struggle, nothing to wait for. Its simply KNOWING that… what will unfold will be nothing short of miraculous.

Miracles: Miracles are Gods gifts to us. They are bending of time, space, cause and effect. They are the most improbable happening in the most extraordinary way. They are the whole universe coming together to give you what you want (or sometimes way beyond what you ever asked for). Miracles are divine candies; a way of God laughing and saying to us “There you go! Look how I bent all rules for you because you are my favorite child!” Miracles are Gods way of showing his (her?) love to us. But then again, these are words we use to explain miracles because our language has no proper words to explain what it really is. It’s a natural way the universe works, like the sun rising in the east, when you understand the deeper secrets of reality.

So one more time, here is the formula for you to create some real magic and miracles in this amazing journey called life. Write it down somewhere where you can see it every day:

50% Faith + 30% Guided Action + 20% Patience = Miracles!

I hope this helps all of you to verbalize a little better what you may have always known in the depths of your heart.

For those of you a little lost after reading my words or need some help to begin, I have one word for you: Meditate.

Always with you on the journey back home…

Lotsa love,


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94 thoughts on “Miracles and Patience in a Spiritual Life

  • hey shafin loved wat you said …it so matched with what i always felt inside, and made my faith and patience stronger.

  • Hey there Shafin,
    Hope you are doing well.I wanted to thank you once again for your wonderful present.I hope I'd have got information about you and REDEFINE YOUR LIFE package some months ago,my life would be much more interesting.But nothing has ever lost.I will regain everything back.And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.May you always be blessed by God and may we always be blessed by you.Once
    again THANK YOU.

  • Thank you for your service to the world Purity of thought begets purity of action and regular practise let go of ones ego, trust that is total surrender
    Thank You once again

  • Many thanks for very nice and truth explained above and I want to say as a Muslim Patience is very important part of our religiond and it is mentioned many times and experienced by all profits.

    But we have to practice it more and more as we are always in harry and need quick results wich is not the optimum desires .

  • Deer loving SHAFIN,
    I thank GOD for your breath of life and great mind HE has given you.The most precious and irreversible thing in this world is time! It's better than the puriest gold or silver .Thank you so much for spending your time with me! I'M a young Sothern Sudanese gentleman studing in Middle Earst University in Beirut, Lebanon.Your teaching about 'Miracles And Patience in a spiritual Life' has created a new chapter in my life.Thanks!

  • Dear Shafin,,

    Thank you so much for all your mail….even I seldom reply but i always red all your mails but what u sent this really amazed me cause it remained me of my husband who passed away a few months ago after we married for 31 yrs
    And what had written there was just like he always told me how to see life…so that i felt he is trying to comunicate with me through you
    cause I'm facing my hardest time with my biggest lost in my whole life


    • The Great Teacher wears many masks and communicates to us in many bodies. Glad you have found value in my work. Do follow the guidance that is coming through to you. Not everyone is lucky enough to hear the music or recognize the message.


    • Dear Dyra

      I think of the love you had,the heart of treasured moments you keep,I pray God can show you the way to transform this pain in joy for yours and others
      May be writing stories will help….im separating from my second husband and I feel hopeless sometimes to find or BE the right one..You have a gift ,and that never ever dies.Enjoy your love.Peace

  • I am grateful, to be open
    to understand.We are the architects as you say
    In our pass in life and those who we cross: gratitude,joy,a word of recovery,a glimpse of faith creates and multiply all virtues and deep truths,leading us to BE miracles and achieve them as well!
    You are a treasure in this world
    thank you,God Bless us all

  • thank you shafin for sharing you wisdom with us it is taking the sheaves off and opening the mind magnificent stuff

    thanks sophie.
    my name is sophie haley

  • Shafin, that was so beautiful, it touched my heart and I had a GREAT cry, I mean GREAT, it really inspired me and my afternoon is really better now. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU SHARE;););) SHAFIN YOUR POSTINGS ARE GREAT, GREAT, GREAT;) THANK YOU AGAIN. YOU ARE TRULY BLESSED.

  • Thank you Shafin for this wonderful insight, I've read it once before, and read it once again.. It's like a map for me, whenever I get lost. God is really good for He sent an Angels in human form, to awaken others. God bless always. -bebzdelrosario

  • Hello Shafin,
    Thankyou for sharing such wonderful information to the world. This is just what i needed at the moment. I get excited when i see something in my inbox from you. I feel extremly blessed having found such a brilliant teacher like yourself & from the bottom of my heart i thankyou.
    Keep sharing with us all so we can spread the word

  • i have a arab collegue in my office and superior to me, he used to tell me "WAIT" whenever we face problems. and I found it is happening, the most difficult things we pass through!!! and I like to work now rather than earlier my feeling of "suffering". I feel my heart is so calm, eventhough my frustration comes out by ANGER some times, the frequency is reduced so much. as you said the miralce world MEDITATION is the right word or answer to our poblems.

  • Thank you Shafin for sharing this beautiful message. There is enough good going around for everyone to see and apply the guided action and the miracles will unfolded once your mind growth.

  • Since joining this site (not in mind when joined) came across a lot of things I liked, took printout, read regularily(not reading for last one and half month) and tried to follow and act.
    I've very scattered activities. Unfocused. Lots of thought active in mind round the clock. While writing this there is a feeling that I can have a life like a straight bold line, purposeful. I can do it. I will do it. Shafin is helping me….. Keep helping…….one soul will get closure to pervading intelligence…..

  • Well done Shaffin. Also I would like to add few of my experiences with Lord. sometimes Father allow us to see the place He has already prepared for us. It is the most amazing place that I got the chance to visit twice. Heaven is huge and super.
    Lets walk together step by step to our Father"s home.

  • thanks so mch for sharing this message..i know your one of the persons used by God to communicate with HIS people..and to show HIS love..you as GOds instrument to say the word of wisdom which you cant just hear to anyone in everyday of your life..for this..i thank GOD by showing HIS great love through you..

    im just a silent reader of your letter whenever i open my e-mail..even if im not use to send a message and leave a coment but for once..here i leave a message to say..words is not enough to thank you for helping me and other people with your words of wisdom from GOd,,

  • Shafin, Thanks!, Thanks! my friend!. I keep in me, inside my self ! every word from You!, every thought ! , every piece of knowledge! . Thanks! again.


  • i just felt that someone is reading upto me what i have forgotten. All this lies inside us, but we need time to time awakening. Thank You.

  • This is really amazing message. In spirituality it is said that patience and silence go together. When you remain silent then the speaker of the soul speaks to you and you as in silent mode able to listen to him.

    Good article

  • Hi Shafin
    What you have been teaching to us that is more then enough from your. Although everything what happened in life is learning, but that wasn't nothing. Until your book, all message is so powerfull, i thought and fell why i didn't have got this before. Learning from you it is miracle in my life. I wish your all best of best in your life.

  • Hello brother
    Thanks for your insight to encourage us on the journey into reality….thanks for being a light on the path, I was losing heart the past few months i have been going though a type of despair or depression…I suppose in is a develpe mental stage i must go through , but today i have more hope not just groveling despair. Keep up the good work

  • My Dear, Beloved Brother Shafin,

    This article of yours, "…Patience…" is quite interesting. The word 'Patience', PACIENCIA (in Spanish), comes from PAZ (peace) and CIENCIA (science); i.e. paz y cienca, read "pac i ciencia" (paciencia). How true! Paz (peace) is Science, the Science of Peace.

  • Dear Shafin ,This principles are amazing ,Thanks so much to bless the world with your priceless information and to show us this amazing windows ,This libraries are of great value to help us walk upon an New Eart where this new laws be of great value and important for changing life on Eart ,Thanks you once again and May Magic and Faith may meet you everyday to blessed you in everything beautiful ,Namaste !

  • Hi Shafin,

    Lovely explanation for a naked truth.

    But what we can do with the so called ego, it will never allow to surrender to Al mighty as we are already surrendered to it like a good servant who feeds their master always.

    The only remedy do meditation but some times it will difficult is it because of law of karma.
    But one thing I want to tell you I believe in law of karma instead of law of attraction.

    Thank you for your guidance

  • Hello Shafin,

    I love to here you always but you know I laugh somuch for the word surrender. I will tell you my own story about surrender.

    Actually, I have been in spiritual practices since my child hood, I have so many rich experiences and I am fortunate to have my guru who is the root cause for my existence. I am in a hurry to do everything past, so it led me to pass so many pains means pains, all the time fighting with problems and problems in the result I lost my entire energy and became so week, then cancer attacked me but I have no energy to fight it. While undergoing treatment I understood why I lost my energy through some revelation. Just because of my ego I used to fight always, when no energy left how can I fight so ultimately I surrendered so to make me to surrender he dried out all my energy and make me to understand how beautiful surrender is . So what can I do except laughing myself. But one thing is sure if anybody want to live their life in spiritual path the first lesson is unconditional trust, love and surrender otherwise life will take you all the corners of pain.

    Shafin you are doing a very good job and trying to share everything what you know just because you are feeling responsible towards universe.
    Because you are blessed.

    So still I am laughing myself and my never ending struggle to fight with life. Now I know how the dry leaf enjoying by following wind I wish everybody should be like that.
    Once again thank you very much Shafin.

  • Hi!

    This topic is so well explained that I got mesmerized by the idea and the way you explain it.

    I took the 7 day course and have read your book too. Your a blessing in my life and I always look forward and appreciate the way you explain the topic with ease.

    Love n Light

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