9 thoughts on “On Integrity

  • What a wonderful message! The world needs more messages like this. Truly the problem is not with resources but our state of mind. If the leaders thought like Shafin does, we wouldnt be where we are today.

    Mike, NS, Canada

  • Very interesting video, Shafin. Maintaining our integrity in this world, is indeed of great value.

  • I so enjoy all you messages and videos. I always feel a sense of peace.I would like to purchase you book, but right now I have some financial responsibilities that I must fulfill. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to acquire you book. Loved this video on Integrity.

  • You always touch my soul in a place I keep so private. I notice that when I maintain my integrity and I speak truthfully, I offend some who speak only flattering "nice" things. When I do what needs to be done and I do it well, I notice that some become competitive. This used to hurt my feelings and make me mad. Now, I just notice and give it to God. I try not to react because I notice that when I do, I become distracted. Fear is lack of faith and distraction is the manifestation of lack of faith. Thank you for this loving reassurance. My love to you Shafin ~

  • Hi Shafin
    after reading and now hearing your talk on On Integrity, it is as though your soul is speaking directly in my soul, touching my soul. I would really love to have the text so that I can use it as a guide on days when people have created pain and hurt, to many who are left without hope with hunger, stripped off their soul, sometimes self respect…
    I am grateful I have been so fortunate to have received such guidance and speaking to souls of each being.
    Thank you so much
    with great respect and love
    Jennifer TEH

  • Thank you very much for the knowledge you have shared. I enjoy listening to each and every video on your website. Specially the spiritual prayer. These are the exact messagesgiven in Nichiren Dashonin's buddhism goshos. I have been reading in pieces but you have put together in a prayer very beautifully.
    I listen to the daily prayer few times every morning and whenever I feel like praying.

    Thank you. I think after President Ikeda (Mentor for ND Buddhism) you ave touched my heart.

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