On Law Of Attraction And Giving (MP3)

Today I have a very special gift for you. Something I believe has the potential to really change the way you live life. Something that has the potential to not only change your life but change the world. Not everyday I am this excited about one of my own work. But I am today, and I hope you will find as much joy and value listening to it as I have serving as the messenger.

LIVE PERSONAL SESSION RECORDING (Right Click And Save Target As / Save Link As)

As you will see, its a live recording from a personal session I was conducting with one of my students from the UK. What transpired this day was something I didn’t plan, neither did I realize the value of, until it came through. As you will notice from the recording, both myself and Archie (the student in the recording) were profoundly moved. And with his kind permission I am now offering you this little gift we co-created.

Enjoy, share with your loved ones and do leave a comment.

Lots of love,


Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach

82 thoughts on “On Law Of Attraction And Giving (MP3)

  • You are the greatest. I was lost for a while and your 7 day eCourse has brought me back to my reality. Thanks Shafin

  • dearest shafine ,
    so thankful for this priceless gift of yours , i feel that i grown up 30 spiritual year due to this 30 minutes audio , accept my gratitude , as i promise to share this and more with those who i love and care for .
    thank you from the core of my heart , may God bless u to be able to help others as much as you can .. then you look back one day and see what a huge positive diffirence you have made . thumbs up .. farah .

  • Dear Shafin de Zane,
    I now know why I have so many blessings in my life. I am a recipient of so many favors from my family. But I also think in terms of what I can give back, no matter how little. Yes, it is more blessed to give than to receive. But if we are on the receiving end, we must also know how to appreciate what is being given to us. That way the giving-receiving-giving cycle comes full circle. I welcome your message. I hope to hear from you again. You are insightful. From: (Miss) MIGEN L. OSORIO

  • Hi Shafine! Thanks for this post. I learned a lot. May all of us have the Law of Attraction in our lives. I'm looking forward to your next one.

  • Thank you so much for sharing with us all these inspiring thoughts!
    I wonder how wonderful the world whould be if we could become aware of this awesome feeling of giving!

  • Hi Shafine , I have lived my life giving others thinking of others trying my best to help because its in me , i lived a good life and was blessed with many wonderful gifts that i thank God for them all the time , but now everything seems to go against my wishes against what i want for my family and me , i am passing through very difficult times and there seems to be no help coming from anywhere ! I pray all the time and i understand very well the law of attraction but really what's going on ? i don't understand anymore , what am i doing wrong ? Who do i turn to ? Your words are true and wonderful but there is more to that ! One thing i am sure of now that i didn't know before Life Is Very Difficult . Do you read what we write here or it's only for others to see and comment ?

    • Dear Samru,

      Life is what we make of it or how we 'chose' to tackle it – nobody got here perfect or prepared or even ready – we all learn. You are going through a transition period – just like iron that undergoes purification via fire – i doubt it likes what it is made to go through but the finished product is all better from that experience.
      The key element in all this is our perspective – how do we chose to 'see' the big picture.
      It would perhaps help if you shared with us your particular tribulation or problem. I'm sure Shafine reads your words

    • Hi Samru,

      Life's turned bad often to all of us. Particularly in my cases, when i face hard times, i look back my misdeeds. My life's simply the reflection of my own works. If so, then how can i ignore the consequences of my own misdeeds. That's what Shafin said, what we do or ask, nature returns us the same. Sorry bro, i dont know your situation. But what i can suggest, shift your focus from the difficulty to your strength, blessings or something good you have. It'll be tough first few days, but make it a habit. You'll find, things will start changing again. Always remember, your world encircles your thought.

      God bless you 🙂

  • Dear Shafin,

    Thank you, for your gift..of teaching, this audio is truly a blessing to me and a powerful message on the most important role in life – to give love, respect and positive energy to all. The Universe truly reflects our energy and let us all give our best in all time.

  • Great job! Great philosophy! "Become your own therapist" i like this one! Thanks for your words, readings and may god bless Shafin.

  • Hey Shafin, Thank you for the gift, I really appreciate what your doing. Keep in touch, God bless.

    Cheers & Hug:
    Genedel Robledo

  • Dear Shafin,
    Thank you so much for showing confidence on me. You are a lovely angel 🙂 .Its my inner and intenced wish to change the world into heaven (as it is a wish of all dearest spiritual masters and god:) ) I am accepting your gift with lottt of love. Thank you so much for giving helping hand. God bless U. You are making journey interesting and lovely. Wish your life be filled with love and light. Tc

  • hi shafin,

    thanks for such a nice gift 🙂 that's what i call paradigm shift! I knew the law of attraction long back from the secret.tv. But you redefined it in an unique way. When is your next course in Dhaka? Please count me in your team. I've lot of things to ask you after reading RYR 🙂

    God bless you.

  • a great gift ! yes, change ourself first, before we try to change others. a gift to the universe or others should be uncondition with us realising mindfully. a begining of a great journey . many thanks for the reminder.

  • Thanks, Shafin, for your love and generosity. This principle is totally true and actually works when put into practice. "Give, and it shall be given unto you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap; Because with the same measure that you have measure, they will also measure you again. " Luke 6:38 Riva

  • i am writing with my fragile body and mind. i listened to your mp3 and am interacting with me. Its been about four years, i read your book, and listened your mp3, but my piller was very very week, i didn't know that, thats way i had enter into those turmoil. i had to give away my years for people. Why! Why my all years has gone without having nothing. Questioning myself if i am dying! Well i have got something but i lost such thing, its become very difficult for me, being on everyday. We have history to give away, but foolish! It all about reality…. Shafin, i know that.

  • Thank you Shafin for this amazing audio clip. I also have lots of things to say heartfelt thank you but I was unhappy inside. I always felt that I am unfortunate for not getting things what “I want” . After hearing this audio I realised that why I didnt get what I wanted. Hopefully it will change my life. All I want to find innerpeace cause materials can not bring that joy. By offering what can I give , can make me happy, truely. Thanks once again.

  • Thank you, Shafin. My journey is teaching and living 'Gratitude". You answered so many unspoken questions and provided a huge 'aha' moment regarding my reluctance with new age teaching and teachers. I have not been asking "How can I give more?" It will begin and end each day. I will start small (excellent point) as my family is filled with those who 'want'. I am looking forward to stretching and growing more. How can I give more to you???

  • God bless you ,the God given message change my heart but for a second…..thanks for the beautiful message,for some reasone I have been looking for answers…I think u answer my prayer ….with God help I will try to be the person z God in me want me to be,may love be with you..

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