Plan Your Happiness

Being in a positive and inspired state of mind most of the time is a skill. It requires focus, determination, work, persistence and above all the willingness to do whatever it takes no matter what.

Being inspired is a choice. Being unhappy is a choice. Being productive is a choice. Being miserable is a choice. If you do nothing, you get what most people get: a mixed bag of daily experience filled with inspiration, unhappiness, productivity and misery.

If you make a decision to be consistently inspired, consistently productive, consistently happy… and take it like any skill you have learned in life like driving, or cooking, or playing guitar… you can be a master of it. You don’t become a skilled guitar player by admiring Mark Knopfler once in a while, you don’t become a star employee by just hanging about in office, and you don’t achieve mental emotional mastery by just doing random things in life. You decide, make plans, work towards it each day, and eliminate all obstacles on the way.

Being happy is not complicated. But you have to realize the mind boggling obvious: it’s something you have to commit to. Happiness is not a state of mind that we catch from the ether, nor is it a lottery some people are born with. It is something we either earn through realization of our worthy goals, or something we feel when we focus on the right stimuli (a sunset, a laughing baby, great music), or something we experience when we are in presence of the right people. Being happy is not complicated but being consistently happy is what requires work and planning.

Plan your happiness. Do what needs to be done. Remember, only a happy person can make someone else happy. Don’t be so lazy that you can’t even be happy. You owe it to your friends, family, loved ones and above all else: yourself.

36 thoughts on “Plan Your Happiness

  • Good to hear from you Shafin. I begin my day by first being in Gratitude and that makes me happy. Gratitude Attitude is my motto, the rest falls into place and that's being happy.

  • Yes sir thats the problem with selfhelp we want to get everything like a gift. Do'nt want to be persistant and want to be persistant. Its like body building do it and get it. No runaways.its all over and all. A fight 24 hours 365 days. Again and agian …… again and again…..even when you get out of all that mess and maze of inner world still enemy is waiting for you on the corner of your street.

  • Hi Shafin…Im awake…and your river flows .Right back to you.
    Thank you for your enlightement and dedication.and the sweet ways you have to move our hearts
    Being happy :YES!

  • Happiness is when u accept yourself for what u are, accept others for what they are. refrain yourself from being judgemental and be thankful for what u have….

  • Hi Shafin de Zane,

    Am glad that you are back in action. As always you are full of profound thoughts and I thank you for sharing it with me. Truly inspirational!


  • I loved this! You are so inspirational.. Keep up the great work and I loved the part where when we just give the focus on the presence of the right things and people things start happening for the better.

  • Great! You have truly encapsulated happiness.


    A moment of joy
    yields knowledge
    eyes can never see –
    heart has a language of silence –
    a subtle simplicity
    of knowing by feeling
    the touch of the real
    and responding. Jocelyn Ortt-Saeed

  • Beautifully written within the context that you get out of life what you put into it.
    The words "only a happy person can make someone else happy" is so true.
    Life is art with intention. πŸ™‚

  • Loving the post Shafin, exactly what I've been thinking about recently and doing my best to work on. It does take effort, but the rewards are pretty instant…you become happier!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  • Keep up the good works… inspiring people along the way as you journey through life… and may the light within each of us be added together to form a greater light in service of humanity !!!

  • A word is a power. And these words remind and push to go on no matter what. As it was planed initially. Then i can achieve my consistent happiness, and what is more important, i can change the world around me with this.

  • thank you very much shafin for that inspirational writing it makes me feel good and rejuvenerated again . I am really happy to hear from you again .

  • the time on my clock(pc) is 4.44pm.. πŸ™‚ i believe being mindful leads to happiness. just as you said when we plan things out we making a choice right now to success of whatever the our goal is. being mindful of our self leads to understand the suffering we are in right now and let us understand the nature of our life we living. that make easy to plan our happiness(what i think) because we will let go the things that make us unhappy and direct us towards things that we could be happy.
    My heart felt gratitude to you Shafin. I remember the first time i took the step into the path of spiritualism when i read a book by some person who got hope and later ahd a good life after receiving your advise(dont remember the title of the book) . Thanks to you i took my first step. Now i atleast have a glimpse of true happiness πŸ™‚
    May you be free from all the suffering and attain Nirvana in this life.!!

  • I like what you have to say. Started looking for some place to subscribe but I'm not seeing it except for comments. I'm always thinking to myself "happiness is a choice you make" –I appreciate your reminder.

  • You seem convinced we can choose our actions. On what do you base this assumption? At what point did human beings step out of the path of 14 billion years of evolutionary progress and take ownership of their destinies? Just who is this "you" that has taken control of your destiny?

  • Shafin,

    I believe there is a measure of truth in what you are saying. Thoughts tend to control emotions. But I also think that some…not so good emotions…are part of life…and not necessarily to be mastered.

    I recently attended a funeral in which a thirty year old man’s wife had just died at age twenty-six. They had shared two short but wonderful years together.

    I doubt that there is anything that I could have said in my embrace of him that would have changed his sense of happiness. And to do so would be extremely insensitive on my part.

    I think what you are teaching may hold true in some situations…but not all. I wouldn’t disagree with you that people have an up and down experience when it comes to their emotional life. And it seems that most of us would prefer to be in a happy state all the time.

    Is this the goal of life? After fifty years on my own spiritual journey, interacting with many, as well as reading a great deal…I have to question this assumption.

    Mark Lemar

  • Hi Shafin, glad to hear from you again. It seems these words were written for me!planning your happiness is not as easy as it seems in the journey called life.simply because we don't know about our fate or destiny.enjoyed the blog as usual.thanks

  • As I wait for the impending death of my 90 year old mother, I feel sad, I will miss her,, I feel joy for her release from the torment of alzhiemers.
    she will enter in to a wold of peace and happiness I will be happy!!

  • I agree with you that one chooses whether or not to be happy, or to think one way or another, but there are circumstances in which despite all the planning and determination to generate happiness, one could use a boost. There are powerful programs offered by the spiritual healer/teacher David Adelson (at which are like getting the support of nature/angels in your endeavors and goals.

  • Dear Shafin,
    Your words carry power to manifest them. I am inspired to accept them and practice them in my life. Today when I was reading your words, I was in state of unhappiness, your words helped me to make my choice: to be happy consistently.

    Thank you so much


  • Who wouldn't want consistanly happy. Ofcourse there is always a plan work to be happy. its very critical shafin. In this world every body want to be happy. But …….. critical, very critical.

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