The Primary Mistake That Most Spiritual Seekers Make

There is a primary mistake that most spiritual seekers make on their journey towards enlightenment, growth or evolution.

Not being aware of this basic mistake can result in a life time of going in circles, hitting against walls… without ever tasting that moment of rapture that is known as awakening.

This mistake is the simple assumption that when that moment of awakening comes, it will be something of a personal achievement.

In reality it is the exact opposite.

Spiritual awakening is not the awakening of some kind of “Super Me” but awakening from the dream of “me… and my story”.

It is the awakening of the primordial intelligence of life that is within you and everything else in this universe.

It is the opposite of “me”.

It is the awake awareness of the ground of being that is simultaneously the Source of this universe as well as the driving intelligence of evolution.

It is awakening of that which is beyond thought, emotions, desire and personal ambition. It is the awakening of That, God, It…

And it is your innermost, deepest, most authentic self.

Thought is important, very important, it is the crowning jewel of the evolution of consciousness thus far, but it is only important when you realize there is a King wearing the crowning jewel called thought… the jewel is not the King. The King is you, thought is your evolutionary achievement, crowning jewel, but not who you are.

You can use this fantastic tool in extremely powerful ways, but only if you truly understand how to handle thought, when you are not lost in the realm of thought, which is to say when you don’t mistake yourself as thought.

The King and the jewel maybe together most of the time, when it is practical and necessary, but if the King has no awareness of his being beyond the jewel, then he is insane and dangerous, and his jewel may very well be his terminal curse.

Similarly, if you have no awareness of your being beyond thought, you are insane too, dangerous when you perceive imagined threat to your jewels in the head, and a threat to yourself primarily and others secondarily.

This is the story of human evolution thus far: extremely powerful tool at hand, so powerful that it has taken over the host itself.

Realize this deeply and you have taken the first step towards awakening.

~Shafin de Zane

6 thoughts on “The Primary Mistake That Most Spiritual Seekers Make

  • Did you write this just for me Shafin? I think so – I was doing my morning pages asking for a sign when it came through. This was the exact message I needed to hear. I haven't worked with you for 5 years but you continue to be a very important part of my life. (((Thank you Shafin)))

  • Yes, the thought , ie, the mind is controlled by all the 5 emotional senses leading us to do unwise & stupid things in life…no matter how intelligent we are with great university degrees . Only when we are aware and mindful of our"thoughts and actions"… then only we can be in control with wisdom. All these can only be achieved thru MEDITATION towards AWAKENING and ENLIGHTENMENT… Thank-You for highlighting Shafin…

  • It is an important post.This is delinitefy a love story and think it should be noted by many. You have done an excellent job of bringing this love story to light. I hope that the quality of discussions on this message. Great job.

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