Random Ramble: A Day in The Life of Shafin

This was a letter I originally wrote to a friend so forgive me if I am a bit incoherent at times (more than I normally am that is). Do leave me a comment if you enjoy it.

Today I spent the whole day at the east coast park near the beach. It was so much fun. In the morning I noticed it was all cloudy and lightly drizzling, I checked on the weather sites and it said it would rain all day today due to some low pressure something. This made me decide that it would be the perfect day to spend outdoors! I know, I know, doesnt make sense, why would I want to be outdoors when it was going to rain all day right? Well, I can control the rain you see! 😉 Well, not really, but I have learned to trust divine providence in such matters. If my heart says lets go to east coast and weather channels say its gonna rain all day, I follow my heart, which is connected to something bigger than the weather people.

Anyway, so I am at east coast and I had a nice Coffee Bean breakfast with earl gray and started walking. As promised, it was drizzling, but I tried to find a nice bench with a canopy above it that would keep me dry. I walked all the way to the to the end of the stretch (about 1 kilometer) but no lemon. There were many benches but all wet and rainy! Hmm.. thought I could control rain huh? What happened now? Well, I told myself, happiness is something you decide on, not something that happens to you, so I was going to be happy anyways 🙂 I got in one of those covered sitting areas with an indian fellow enjoying his beauty sleep on one of the benches and I sat on one of the other ones. I hooked up my mp3 player and started to listen to Bruce Springsteen: Streets of Philadelphia.. and it was magic! The world dissolved away for 5 minutes and all that remained was me, Bruce, the endless drops of falling rain, and millions of waves of the sea crashing on the beach and turning into foam.

It always happens like this.
Sea turns itself and foams,
and with every foaming bit
another body, another being takes form.
And when the sea sends word,
each foaming body
melts back to ocean-breath.

I looked for my self, but my self was gone.
The boundaries of my being
had disappeared in the sea.
Waves broke. Awareness rose again.
And a voice returned me to myself.

The song came to an end and I started walking again. I had understood a lesson one more time: the magic and the miracles are never out there somewhere, it is always in you. Sometimes in our obsession to control outcomes according to how we want it to be, we forget to trust the wisdom of the Father who weaves away the universal fabric of infinite time and causation in the most inexplicable way. When you learn to trust that wisdom, you can relax, for it is always working out in the best possible way.

I came back to coffee bean, right where I originally started (funny how these things work out), ordered the brewed coffee of the day (anything else is milk in disguise) and a cranberry michel.
I sat outside in coffee bean in the part that overlooks the sea, opened my book on the nature of electro-magnetism and its relationship quantum mechanics, and studied for 3 solid hours! It was so much fun! I made some connections that I had been studying upon for the last 7-8 months and couldn’t connect the dots! I was so happy. It was like for the first time when you learn how to tie your shoe laces. Remember the excitement? Thats how I felt. And it was so beautiful and pleasant. The falling rain, the sea, the ships floating at the distance like old men with umbrellas in a bus station in the rain, the soft music from the Irish Cafe next door singing, of all things in the world, “…what if God was one of us…”

Later in the evening, when my brain was completely saturated with my new found knowledge, I decided to go biking. The bike rental people gave me a water bottle along with the bike for $6 and one hour free ride.

Anyway, I went biking but it was so breezy and chilly that it got too tempting for me. So I sat down on the bench that had a coconut tree exactly 3 feet away and very close to the sea. I sat there enjoying the breeze and watching the ships slowly turn on their evening lights. The waves were crashing and crashing. The one sound in the world, I imagine I could never tire of.

The sky was so big… the breeze was so strong… the sun was setting and the colors were all red and orange. I felt that enormous love inside of me that began to swell my heart. I didn’t know how to handle it. I walked over and touched the coconut tree and said: thank you, I love you, I am so blessed, thank you, I have no more words, thank you, you are my life, my love, my purpose, my everything. Guide me everyday and allow me to unfold you through me everyday. It is such a magnificent and glorious life. And I thank you for giving it to me.

The moment was perfect. But then, once again, I realized… aren’t they all?


54 thoughts on “Random Ramble: A Day in The Life of Shafin

  • Shafin…Man u simply ROCK!!
    Such strong message in such simple incidence with amazing corelation of events….
    Dear, i also wud be gratified if u wud agree to read my poem “sounds of silence”….
    My desire to meet ya is increasin day by day… it will be an honour to meet such spiritual n intelligent person like ya….

    All d Best!!


    P.S.:Do leave me a message if u wanna read ma poetry either on this gmail id or on shefali607@yahoo.co.in

  • Shafin, that was so beautiful and uplifting.. I always thank the universe for just being and giving me what i have its nice to know how others do it..
    Keep sending more great blogs

    Take care

  • Hey Shafin, Good One! You just hit my core. I need to get up and out of the office. The next day it rains i am going to do the same thing. Go out and just BE. I am also going to take my kids. We have done this a few times last winter and it was always a wonderful time. Inspiration!

  • Shafin, reading your post I remembered that "Life is not about waiting the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain".
    It is simply wonderful. God bless you.

  • Shafin, that was so beautiful-just trust the Divine even if, and especially, things don't seem to go the way you want. thank you.

  • Most times these days I try living from my heart and it is good. Like you I think I can control the weather and it works for I always remember that in the divine mind the weather is prefect and there is no need for me to worry.

  • My latest lesson is that God uses me for His supernatural purposes when I give my life to Him. I am not the stager of my own life so why should I worry and fret about righting wrongs. Why do I worry?

    I worry because I love but I have no power in this world. The story of your day is a love story. What I have learned from your story is that instead of surrender to worry, I must trust and surrender to the great love of God.

    These voices in my head that come from the news or at work about war, kidnapped children, greed and need leave me reeling. Only prayer, in all its forms, quiets those voices. Not prayers that resemble christmas lists but of … Thy will be done… use me Lord … Thank you Lord.

    I share your wonder in the beauty of this existence. Your day echoes all the days I hold dear within me when I have been able to focus on this gift of life. In my heart, I know that all is in GOD's hands and trust that all that occurs is part of a grand design that I cannot fathom.

    Every day God shows me His great love in the exquisite beauty of this world, His creation. Yes, there is much distraction, but only one God, One great love. Thank you for sharing this love with me.

  • Dear Shafin, Your special thoughtfulness has a way of touching lives beautifully….. It has made a tremendous difference to my life…..
    Thank you for sharing this lovely day with me

  • thanx!Shafin,God works where there is an altitude of faith.Harmony-listen to our heart,move according to our heart ,whatsoever the stake; A condition of complete simplicity costing not less than everthing… To be simple is arduous, because to be simple costs everything that we have.we have to lose all to be simple.That is why we chosen to be complex and we have forgotten how to be simple.bUT ONLY A SIMPLE HEART THROBS WITH GOD,HAND IN HAND-it comes naturally, as we grow more and more in tune with rhythms of our own inner silences.

  • Oh Shafin….. your words… truly made me feel I was there with you living those mangnificent ….. deep… meaningful moments…

    The part that touched me the most where you mentioned: (we forget to trust the wisdom of the Father who weaves away the universal fabric of infinite time and causation in the most inexplicable way. When you learn to trust that wisdom, you can relax, for it is always working out in the best possible way) thank you so much for sharing these words and this wholy spiritual letter… May god bless you always

  • Shafin,
    Nothing more meaningful…than the vast nothingness from which emanates realisation in its simplest form. Enjoyed your feel and experience. Thanks and Regards.


  • Thank you Shafin – helped me remember that when i have given my best in something that i really want and it still take time. Its time give it to the Lord and let him fight the battle for me. Thanks

  • Hi Shafin,
    Thanks..it was indeed a fulfilling experience to read ur blog..Once u surrender urself to that infinit intelligence, u r a free a person and then u believe that whatever happens in life has a reason and it is always for the good.


  • "…I have learned to trust divine providence in such matters. If my heart says lets go to east coast and weather channels say its gonna rain all day, I follow my heart, which is connected to something bigger than the weather people…" My Dear Shafin. Here is the key for your rich and positive, experience; Simplicity! Your narrative about your outdoor walking, shows to me that happiness is inside us and we can make it, any time, even though is raining or sunny day! Thanks for your excellente teaching!!

  • That is a very beautiful description of your happy surrender. Also a nice way to spend the day I think. Strange but true – I wanted to hug a tree at Badbury Rings today 🙂 Thanks.

  • Shafin,
    Your post made me smile. I was rambling in my head about things are not working my way and I opened your blog post. It made me realize how complicated we make our life while it is the most beautiful in its simplicity.

    Thanks my friend for putting smile on my face…

    Sam Bitar

  • You sure put my chaotic, stressed mind at peace. No matter how busy and crowded my schedule is, I always open your emails. Keep blessing our lives with your insights.

  • your so true and enlighted Shafin….what you give to "all" is what you get back…your heart is so true and open…you are a great example for many that search for there being here on this world….

    thank you for your being here..

  • Dear Shafin,

    Thank you very much for keeping me in your circle. Every saturday morning I look forward to email from you and enjoy immensely reading it.
    Every thing you write touches my heart. This morning is no different. I have felt similar experiences and have started living in present moment no matter what good or bad situation is, because I realize even being in bad situation bring some lesson to learn for me. that is why I feel happy all the time.
    Thank you for sharing your day and enlighten so many people.

    With deep regards

  • Dear Shafin,
    Thank you for the simple and yet the most powerful messages. I actually had a relax and peaceful mind the whole time i was reading. I also had a similar experienced. Instead of swimming I just set on the beach listing to sound of the sea waves crashing on to each other while I sat with my eyes closed , meditating & thanking my God for everything.
    I love it.

  • Thank you for sharing just how blessed and profound a simple day can be!
    I look forward to all your communications. You are special. Thank you for being a part of my journey.

    Carolyn Bartz

  • Shafin, thanks for making me remember the most important things in life that i usually forget. Happiness and Trust. thanks a million!!;-)

  • “…what if God was one of us…”…Actualy He let us know about this possibility: “And the LORD God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.” Genesis 3:22… “…what if God is one in us…” might be the first step.

  • Shafin… That you surrender… listening to the beauty of your wise heart… the inbetween space where the flames of eternal moment becons infinite love… you dance with life! That you share… births the pulse of potent possibilities that speaks to another… a soul… all souls… and we are ONE! Many thanks… nakumii, meegwich, pilamaya, merci!

  • Shafin, pardon me for addressing you by your first name. But it's my way of expressing how touched I am to receive you messages. I have been doing the same since a long time ago. My audience though have been my 3 kids. The daughters are teenagers now and I my son nearing ten. I could never tell if they enjoyed my morning bouts of wisdom which I poured to them on their way to school. But just the other day one of them called me up and said dad, you remember telling us this on the way to school one day? And I said that was years ago darling. Yes dad I know, but thank you. What I am trying to say Shafin is that, many of us like myself may seldom write to thank you for your wisdom and knowledge that you impart for free. But, you may want to know this, your messages are lovely. We all appreciate what you are doing. Every thought of appreciation is a good vibe for you even though you may not hear from us. Do keep doing the good work. The world needs more people like you.

    Winston D’cunha

    • You are very welcome Winston. And thank you for taking the time and letting me know how you feel. Its for people like you every day I keep taking the next step forward.

      With you always on the road to awakening!


  • You know you always have a humourous way of presenting your articles which are feeled with so much wisdom and insight. Thank you, this has shown me how to be happy in spite of and in all circumstances and to always trust that God is working out things for our own good. Thank you and God continue to bless you and fill you with more wisdom.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience with us.there are many a times I too feel the same things going on in my life,but I may not be able to put it in words like you.life is really beautiful.you need to have that mind and vision to experience it.but in today's fast pace of life people are missing out on this only opportunity.people don't seem to have time for nurturing and admiring this beautiful world God has gifted us. Thank you God for everything and also for giving me a mind to understand and know this beautiful world.

  • as I live in Argentina,everything is absourdly unpredictable!
    some of us are trainned to accep the changes…it is always the "folkcloric co plaint" you are such a guide !
    thank you Shafin…my path has cleared and enriched so much since your teachings!
    God is ready to give us abundantly happiness…is we tiny mind trying to make it all fit that get lost…
    Love to you all

  • Thank you for sharing such a heart warming message with me, particularly one you shared with a friend before. So true the ocean has a way of connecting us to the one who made it and reminding us that we are all things are one and are never ending.

  • Many times you have sent me an article that is so very aptly timed. I recently toured Europe with my family, we visited many beautiful cathderals (I have a thing for stained glass, I find it so beautiful and in the heat of summer sitting in a cathedral looking at the glass gives me a feeling of serenity. Anyway, in each cathedral I prayed that my daughter would get the A grades she wanted in her exams. We came home and she opened the envelope to complete disappointment she had 2 As and 2 Bs. The point is, I realised that there is no point in praying for everything to be rosy as life is a series of lessons and the dissapointments teach us more than the successes. Thinking back to the serenity of the cathedral and the beautiul glass I also realised that, whatever the disappointments we experience there will always be forms of pleasure we can enjoy.

  • Hi,hope you are doing good with God’s grace..perfect message..what you really felt can imagine.the way you put it was simple and charismatic. There are many a times we experience the same situation and wonder can it go on like this forever..beautiful…

  • Thank You Very much for this Lovely Post. Same prayer i says everyday. Thanking Universe for giving chance to live this beautiful life, every piece of life on earth is beautiful and it's connected to may soul. when ever i want to feel it i can. it's a continuous blessing process. So if we want to conserve our mother earth, we need more people to connect in this blessing circle.

    Love can make the world a better place.

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