Spiritual Poem from One of the Subscribers

Here is a beautiful poem from Asha who is one of our subscribers to our newsletter. Do leave a comment if you like the poem.




I’m a beautiful soul
Loving, eternal and whole

I’m a grateful smiling light
Peaceful, joyous and bright

I’m an energetic tree,
Balanced, blissful and free

I’m a lovely little flower
Blooming every hour

I’m a daring bird, soaring high
A non-judging observer, as life goes by

I’m a mighty, humble mountain
And the sprightly healing fountain

I’m a passionate sea
Willing and able to “BE”

I’m Mother earth, ecstatic
Grounded, dependable and authentic

I’m the vast sky, awesome
Centered within the humdrum

I’m a beautiful soul
Loving, eternal and whole!

– Asha

3 thoughts on “Spiritual Poem from One of the Subscribers

  • Truly beautiful. I’m not a critic so I can’t tell whether it is comparable to a Neruda poem but I can tell you one thing: it touched my heart and that’s all it matters to me (good poetry always has that effect on me). Many blessings an I hope Shafin will continue onward with his work (doing a great job, by the way!)

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