This will require some brain power. So… buckle up and get some coffee or tea. As a reward you may get a free upgrade of your reality.

So let’s look at things a little differently.

Beyond all the personal conflicts and political dramas that plague the world, here is another layer of the cake: we are all being guided every day by that Intelligence that shaped us in our mother’s womb and pervades all reality.

Now, this is not the old one-dimensional religious style myth we are usually force-fed by well meaning friends and institutions with vested interests. There are other sides of this story. Here is one: each one of us are destined to perform certain tasks and duties; each one of us are “imbued” with some sort of strange contract with the cosmos to reach certain milestone, to help certain people, to evolve to a certain degree, to climb certain heights. When we fulfill this contract, we begin to sparkle. But this contract is also what challenges us constantly like gravity. This is what feels like discomfort when we fall behind on our schedule. This is what pricks us when we sit too long when we are meant to be moving.

It is my understanding that to follow through on this contract – in a time of super fast transformation like the one we are living through – we need to dedicate our full focus and vigilance. It’s so easy to get distracted nowadays: seduced, demotivated and converted into a McDonald’s style man-machine. All you have to do is allow the media distractions, the politicians, the mega-corporations and the prevailing cultural fixations to slowly and comfortably brainwash you into it.

It’s so much harder to remember: to remember to remember why you are here. What is it that you have to do today, so that if you die tomorrow, you will die complete knowing you have done everything you were destined to do? What are you wasting a lot of energy on trying to forget that thing that is pulling the strings of your soul day in and day out?

Staying focused in this world is hard now. It’s so much harder today when religion is no longer true, it has turned into another socio-political machine designed to perform specific tasks that have nothing to do with collective evolution of man, designed to hold man back into the comfortable known within the confines of dying dogmas rather than push him forward into uncharted territories. Where is the fire of curiosity burning at the center of the religious mind?

We stand at the edge now, behind us is the madness of man, and ahead of us is either superman or madness of superman. What you do, I do, is critical for generations to come. There is so much learn, so much to uncover, so much to become. Think about all the caterpillars that lived and died for countless thousands of years before they finally triggered within their genes the metamorphosis of the butterfly. If such things are possible from the evolutionary point of a caterpillar, what could be latent within your body and mind? Just consider that for a few seconds at least.


Caterpillars turning into butterflies is not some fruity fantasy, this is the sort of magic that is very much possible with the same sort of DNA and genes that you and I carry. We are not fundamentally different from a caterpillar or a butterfly, or a cat or bird. To put things in perspective, our genome is about 60% identical with an fruit fly. I’m sure the number will be something similar with the caterpillar.

All living things on earth carry the blueprint of life in their DNA molecule that is made of the same atoms: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and phosphorus. And within those atoms, that were once forged in the stars, there are possibilities latent that can turn caterpillars into butterflies and mice into men. (Of course genes alone do not explain everything, and in the future we will probably discover that our “blueprint” is really somewhere else or some thing else entirely, but they do explain most of the critical biological functions performed in our bodies. So considering the similarities between us and other living things definitely brings us closer to realizing that we are not orphans, strangers in a strange world, but very much part of the lineage of life that includes the butterflies, bonobos, bats and bananas.)

So the question is: what literally unthinkable latent potentials of trans-formation could you be carrying within you right now? What have you been unconsciously suppressing because it’s “too weird to be true”? Well, if there is one thing I have learned in all my journeys in search of the miraculous, it is this: reality is not only stranger than we think, its stranger than we can think.

For the first time ever a species on earth has crossed the threshold of self-awareness to the point that it can edit its own genes, re-program its own mind, and direct its own evolution. Never before has evolution been a matter of choice as it has become for us. Never before (to the best we can tell) did a monkey sit down in meditation and literally re-wired its neural patterns in order to stabilize some metaphysical insight. And having crossed that threshold, we are now progressing exponentially fast in myriad unexpected and undocumented ways.

Ever wonder who you will become if your mind was just 10% sharper? Good question right? Yet that is literally the most surface level question I could ask. Unfortunately, asking deeper questions will make this article sound increasingly nuttier. Here’s what is undeniably true though: who you are is a limitless being because you are a programmable being. Read that last sentence one more time and then look around and ask yourself: Is this all there is for me to know and to be? How would you know what you are missing out on when truth is literally stranger than all made up fiction and religious fantasies?

Truth transforms, time transforms, and evolution pushes us all towards more order, complex awareness and mind-boggling innovations. But it’s not equal opportunity or positive action for all. Mistakes pile up, and after taking 99 happy steps in the wrong direction just one lousy mistake takes it all away and restarts the game. There is little time for all of us and too great the possibilities of what we might become, too high the chances that if you are not careful someone else will define your reality for you (for their own interests of course) and you won’t even know it. This is why I demand constant vigilance, discipline and focus from those I work with. Voluntary ignorance and chronic mental laziness rarely, if ever, brings true freedom and bliss in the long term.

Magic is real and miracles are real, but you have to deserve it. It takes less than a second to dissolve hell and enter heaven. It’s possible. All you need to do is follow the deepest truth within your heart, and keep taking the next steps no matter how scary it gets. That, I believe is mandatory: simple, critical and mandatory. If you can do that, doors will keep on opening where there were none before, and in the words of Francesco Bernadone of Assisi: Miracles shall follow miracle and wonders shall never cease.

Hope this helps.

Shafin de Zane

PS: If you are interested in working with me personally, look around and I’m sure you’ll find a link somewhere that will show you how.


  • Your writing makes sense. The first of your work that I read was 5 Gold Keys For Practical Life Magic. And these gold key really were my key to my redefined reality. However, I need to remember to remember.

  • Life after life need not be constantly evolving needlessly,

    If we have a truly good spiritual guide just like having

    a truly good licensed tourist tour guide to bring us

    towards a joyful holiday.

  • Beautiful. There are missing pieces in the Puzzle of Life, but this pattern is absolutely true. Just one thing. Last paragraph. I think that word ‘deserve’ is not appropriate. I would rather say that we must OVERPOWER (by knowledge, by understanding). Butterflies transform by food. Man transforms by KNOWLEDGE (or information). Anyway… thank you Shafin.

  • Great Great And only Great can be expected from you.

    Your P.S. to article even more thought provoking." PS: If you are interested in working with me personally, look around and I’m sure you’ll find a link somewhere that will show you how."

    Hats off to you. God bless you

  • It's possible to be so stagnant in your understanding because of one view or frame of reference that you forget your own opportunities. I found myself not paying attention to a lot of information just because I thought I'd heard it before and so I didn't allow it to be applied to me personally. I had heard it and applied it in the past, but it makes no difference if I'm not present and hearing it/applying it now.

    What ended your search for flow and began your allowance of miracles?

    • Miracles are natural events that happen in the flow, or to you when you are flowing with the river. They are just strange and magical because they don't follow our linear cause and effect understanding.

      Nothing ended my search for flow, its a never ending quest to understand the fathomless currents of the flow. Everyday I live fully – face challenges and opportunities, and dance with life – I understand a bit more of the river. In Zen it is said that you must try to understand the mystery knowing that you will never understand the mystery, and that is Zen. And that is our quest Jacob, yours and mine.

  • Shafin, thank you for showing us to treasure and

    realize how very special we are as the only

    species on earth able to have self-awareness

    to reprogram our mind to cross the threshold.

    Like your constantly living with the flow of life’s

    challenges & opportunities and dancing to them

    with great positive energy.

    With great positive energy living will bring us the

    magic miracle follow by more miracles as the

    hidden good positive merit karma ripens in our

    physical, mental and spiritual journeys.

  • Thanks for sharing Sharing….am humbled, so humbled and again humbled. The more I read, the more I notice strength leaving my body. I think I just need to surrender. I am better off surrendering.

    Thank you sir

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