The Fly

Me and a little fly
Trapped in the sky
Says the little fellow
“Who are you?”
I reply
“Who am I?”

I stumble, I wonder
I reach for my coffee
I sigh.

How do I explain to this little fellow
Who am I?

I am a writer, a poet, a man in search of magic
I am I.

But then again, really
A curious question from a curious fly
Who am I?

 ~Shafin de Zane

24 thoughts on “The Fly

  • FLY!!! Big questionquestion Mark in my deep spritual path. When I was doing deep meditation practice few years ago, I have phenomenal experience of flying in my dream the moment i want to sleep.

    In the dream I experience that from the standing position I take off by swinging my arms or some time I run few steps and next moment I fly in the space. Couple of time I hv experience in my dream.

    The moment I reduce my spritual practices and do not get the flying experiment.

    I’m one thing for sure any individual can fly like the magician David Copper who does fly and I hv video of that and regularly watch that. I strongly belief one day I will fly once I hv sharpen my spiritual path n be connected to the space energy or the supreme soul.

  • Dear Shafin,

    Who am I is a very interesting question. Am I the body? I am not sure as it is taking institutions from the mind.

    Than am I the mind? Again probably not as it is also not working on the behest of a complex system that is beyond my understanding. The system that provides the oxygen among all the things that keeps me going. I am just grateful for that.

    But I want to know who am I.



  • I am Lucia. I am a shy person who tends to an extrovert. I like telling good stories. Am therefore a story teller. I love singing about just anything and everything. I am a free spirit. I dont know how to deal with pain because I always a happy place, I therefore park things and deal with them later. I love life. I love my life. I am a creative. I love reading books. I never plan, but I anticipate good things. I love attention. I like analysing situations to see what lessons could be learnt. I am analytical. I am active. I am a good listener. I listen to get the situation and to analyse the depth.. I love me for me.

  • Who am I? I will try

    I am not my my job

    That is true as Bob

    I am not someone’s wife

    I am just part of his life

    I am not just a living being

    I am a spiritial being

    I am filled with light

    I always shine bright

    Who am I?

    Like you, I can fly

    I always try

    I do my best

    I sometimes pass the test

    I love as gentle as a dove

    With grace from above

    Who am I?

    I am me

    Living to be free.

  • I am we, who all are slaves of the one who originates thoughts.

    Who created the Universe for us to explore what ever we sought.

    I am HE and HE is me, this is what HE taught.

    I may be right I may be wrong this could be an afterthought.

  • We are All One! That is easy to say but very difficult for us to accept and understand because in our illusory world all seem separate. our modern physicists have finally discovered and accepted that absolutely everything is connected to everything else that we can see in the observable universe.

    And yet in our daily lives we live constantly with an intensely strong sense of separation because we are surrounded by individual impenetrable or non-integrated forms, forms that resist coalescence, unlike the air that we breathe and the water that we drink that easily and constantly flow and intermix. Sometimes in powerfully loving relationships there is a strong sense of oneness, but nevertheless we still occupy individual bodies. It is indeed very confusing. However, by going within to our quiet and holy inner sanctuary we can experience the vastness that is God, Creation, Love, and, therefore, we To do so we need surrender to the divine flame of Love burning constantly within us, to let go of our beliefs, whatever they may be because they are very effective illusory distractions, and open our hearts so that the Love within can embrace us and demonstrate to us that we are as vast as all of Creation, as vast as God, and eternally embraced by the Love that is Reality.

    To fully experience that state would instantly destroy our physical form, our human body, because the energy of that state is infinitely powerful. Nevertheless we can experience a sense of that divine state, our natural state, that will permanently banish all our doubts about your Oneness with God.

  • does it matter really to know Who 1 is? Would it change anything when finding out? In what and to what extend? Really dont believe so. Finding or discovering who one is would only ''tag oneself'' in being ''someone'' . Just Being matters, the rest is a matter of attitude, awareness, alertness, watcher, observer in to what and how Being feels within one-self.

  • You ask me WHO AM I? What do you make of these strange growths, these strange sensations; of course they will say it is all in my mind. WHO AM I. It is the relationship, the involvement of the interpretation of sensory stimuli. It is the entire sensory apparatus at work and me being WHO I AM, showing up as I do have come to bring the sensitive material of human nature out into the open, In Loving Grace I pray.

    Still I look for an antonomasia to replace the name that I have been called. Does anyone have any suggestions? Can you nominate me for which I stand? WHO AM I? I am that whom you have named doreen. A child, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a lover, a mother, a grandmother and then I stand alone and can be seen as none of these. I can appear. I can disappear.

    I am Life's Magic. I am a Miracle of God's Creation. I am nothing or I can be everything. Sentries in the making, a point of no return.

    A Flower in bloom. Always in bloom. A filament, an anther, the stigma, the style, a petal, an ovary, the sepal, the pedicel, a stamen, a pistil, the perianth. A late bloomer, yet none the less still a blossoming miracle at its best.

    WHO AM I? I am discovering myself each and every moment I am gifted another breath to breathe, another step to step. WHO AM I? What a loaded question indeed? A question as far as I am concerned is an ongoing array of answers waiting to be experienced when I am brought to another point of no return.

  • You are none of those things; yet you are all of it. It is a paradox. You are God in a human form. That is who you are; that is who I am; that is who is every being and everything. Even so called "inanimate" objects are "God." The fly who is asking the question is God, asking you, who are also, God, "Who are you?" The fly is evolving towards "Godhood" as are you. Interesting. There is nothing but God. In "Disappearance of the Universe," towards the end of the book, the Ascended Masters state, "God is." That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. I am surprised you would even ponder this question since you are obviously a highly enlightened manifestation of "God." I wish every human being throughout creation, not just on this planet, would realize this. This is the purpose of our life. If everyone realized this, we would have absolute peace and joy on this planet. But we are getting there. I have supreme hope. Much love to you, Shafin. If you are ever in the U.S., specifically in the midwest, Michigan area, please email me. I would love to meet you in person!!!!

  • I am the pointer. I am the pointed.
    I am the light. I am the vision
    I am the food. I am the digestive fire
    I am the bondage. I am the freedom.
    I am nothing. I am everything.
    I am I, you, us, them…….

  • I am a holographic of my own thoughts, I send, imagined, and initiate a highly inspired esoteric holographic picture in lieu to my Center of Energy and Center of Being and encourage my Light back to the Source of all Creation With In… when it is placed in a beam of coherent light a true three-dimensional image of the subject is formed. I am the CREATE-TOR

  • I am searching me but still I do not know, who am I.
    But I know I am not the car that the world gave me once.
    The world has been giving me lot of labels since I was born here…

    I am not the "labels" either.

  • Who am I ?
    I am you…
    I am the sky..
    I am the ocean..
    i am the trees..
    i am the beast that roams around the earth..
    I am the earth..
    I am the i am..

  • I am a part of the whole; carrying the same characteristics as the whole and one day I will be united and will return to the same whole.

  • who i am?. am a spirit, am a god, am light am the salt of the earth. am who God said i am. but i am not what i want to be on earth

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