What Is Life?

What is life?

An endless series of disconnected moments where we are random bags of flesh and bones going bump against one another in a never ending battle of survival? Or a mind bogglingly complex and indescribably beautiful cosmic drama in which God unfolds as Unity and Multiplicity all at once?

Ready for this?

I feel that Life is a choice! In all its strange-broken ways, life is unfolding perfectly if you can look at it with enough altitude. The only reason it appears broken is because our thinking rational mind is far too ill equipped to appreciate the intelligence that gives birth to this cosmic drama. It is a choice we have made and it is a choice we make each moment: individually, collectively, globally, universally. We have chosen to be here at this time, chosen to play within these specific set of circumstances, chosen to participate… however incredible that may seem right now, however that may piss you off right now.

Life is a choice and we choose to play it one way or the other.

We can choose to be lazy, spend quarter of a life time watching the television broadcast real and fantasy fear, hatred, cruelty, drama, struggles and fight… and get brainwashed into labeling other humans into every conceivable form of stereotype imaginable, re-create what we are watching into our own personal lives and then blame our spouses, children, government, God, fate, parents for our miserable situation.

Or we can choose to say, “This is madness! Have we all gone completely out of our freakin’ minds?” And we can study and learn.

We can learn to be silent, we can learn to meditate, we can learn to forgive, we can learn to love. And we can learn to awaken that power within us that can turn our everyday lives into a constant adventure filled with magic and miracles, an adventure where the whole universe conspires to help us awaken to higher and higher states of consciousness and evolution.

In my experience, there is nothing called “fate written on stone” somewhere. Destiny is defined by the choices we make in life. And we make those choices every day, every moment of our lives. If you think there is something called no-choice, you are sadly mistaken; no-choice is a powerful choice, it is the choice to sit and not take action. There is a consequence for every choice we make, whether it is to sit and be lazy, or actively align ourselves with the force of Destiny.

God unfolds within us, but not as an actor of a story already written, but as a dynamically evolving drama which gets written throughout many universes, moment by moment, as we pick up the phone and dial a number…

Kring, kring…

(The following is taken from my diary written many years back when I had successfully managed to become penniless after wrecking my business, was running around in the streets of Singapore, being sued in court, with a huge debt on my head, and not enough money to buy food. What came out is something that didn’t make a lot of sense to me back then. But as I read it today, puts a smile on my face.)

“Hello… God?”

“What’s up?”

“You… right? You are what’s up.”

“Well, I’m up and down all around. Don’t forget people of Australia. What is up for you is down for them.”

“Right… I got a question… why did you create the Universe?”

“I didn’t create the Universe, I am the Universe.”

“Ok, then why did you create me?”

“I didn’t create you either. Two of me, your mom and dad, decided to create another me, which is you! Wasn’t that a funny sentence?”

“Not sure, the joke is lost on me. Hey, let me ask you this, why is life difficult?”

“It’s not! Life evolves. Like people grow, like flowers bloom, like universes expand.”

“So why do we have to struggle so much? To be loved, to make money, to raise a family, to keep friends?”

“You shouldn’t have to. Do you know how babies grow, flowers bloom and universes expand all without struggle?”


“By being in harmony with life.”

“How do you be in harmony with life?”

“By paying attention. Pay attention dear one! The answer is all around you. There are plenty of people who already know this secret. Learn from them. Learn from the rain, the sun, the stars and the wind. Pay attention. The moment you begin to listen, the music is all around to guide you forward. The moment you stop pushing and relax yourself, you will feel the gentle flow of the Universe. Stop thrashing and start flowing. Take a deep breath and listen to the silence. Soon you will hear the soft humming from soul of the world”

“Anything else?”

“Yep… stop judging and start loving. The less you judge, the more energy you will have.”

“You mean, even if someone steals my car, I shouldn’t judge?”

“Yep, don’t judge. But don’t be an idiot either. Do what needs to be done yet never put anyone out of your heart. Our greatest misfortunes are nothing but calls for evolution. The tiger eats the deer that eats the grass which feeds on both the tiger and deer when they die. None of them judge the other. All is One.”

“Ok, last question, I’m sure you are busy…”

“Not really, I’m just having fun being all of you all at once. And since I got a wicked sense of humor (have you noticed?), and also since I can see the whole story unfold beyond time and space, I’m on a joyride here. But go on, what’s your question?”

“Erm… how do I get in harmony with the Universe, at the same time do everything in this world like make money etc?”

“Study. Study like you are going to die tomorrow. The more you study, the better you understand the rules of this game, which are not so complicated, really. Study and pay attention.”

“Pay attention to what?”

“Signs, synchronicities, messages, miracles… it’s all around. Stop trying to act so logical for once and trust the child inside. Be childlike, follow the butterfly just because you like the color on its wings and see where it leads you. Stop trying to make everything go the way your ego mind wants it to go. Go with the flow and watch the miracles unfold. Go with the flow and watch the adventures begin. Go with the flow and allow me to tell you what to do next. There are so many fantastic adventures I can lead you to, if only you pay attention and keep taking the next steps forward.”

“Hmm… ok thanks God. Is there anything else I should know?”

“There are literally infinite amount of things you will know eventually, but for now here is one that will help: I love you. I am you. By your very nature you cannot fail, all you can do is learn. The more you learn, the more fun you will have in this great adventure called life. And in the end, it will all be good. If it’s not, it’s not the end.”

13 thoughts on “What Is Life?

  • I open the email at midnight after coming from my Bible study I think y I should take the off the TV. read more educated myself I’m 52 years young and I know I have more energy in need to do more to better myself. thank you for this I’m going to share this.

  • I love the way you gently take my hand and we step out on a journey together. I love that you are in my life. Thank you.

  • Interesting passage. This passage align with "Lao Zi" the Tao De Jin. My humble understanding of Tao is align with Buddhist teaching of "Emptiness". I believe if we are able to understand these teaching and starts to practice and cultivate till its within us, you will merge with the universe once again – "Unity" (All is One). As you are practising towards "Unity", till some moment you will frequently be conscious about your short for in the past is due to our ego – meaning: (Eage God Out). Isn't it align with the above Shafin's passage?
    Highlight: Once these teaching are intensively comprehend till your every thought arise, relating to your daily life encounters and able to act according aligning with these teaching, you will experience the abundance of the universe within – Once you experience this, you had redirected your Life Destiny towards the Abundance.
    Basic need to remember: Thought turns into Word. Word turns into Action. Action turns into Habit. Habit turns into Character. Character turns into Destiny. Therefore, Life is about chioces. Chioces of the teaching or knowledge.
    Knowledge is information.
    Wisdom is transformation.
    It is a transformation of Life.
    Thus, turning this knowledge and information into Appropriate Positive Application is an art. Therefore, master the art of living is important and necessary, because this is one of the profound, and supreme way to transform life. (In another word : Redirect Your Life Destiny).
    Shafin, thanks for sharing this passage which motivated me to share my humble learning. Please advise if needed to enhance my continuous learning towards "All is One".

  • I’m at my lowest my pet companion of20 years is dying of cancer oneof my cousin also died but when I read your message I feel better to face the next day thank you usha.

  • Always enjoyed your postings on the net. This one however I feel needs a little refining… Aye ur positivity is sound and uplifting, but God is not you!! He is himself – perfect in every way, which for us mere humans is a very long way off, although if you read Thomas A Kempes' 'The Imitation of Christ' this will put you on the road to becoming 'Godlike'… through copying Jesus' example. May God be with you!!!

    • Hi Richard,
      When you wake up from your dream state you will realize that in deed Shafin is God and so are you. Shafin is right! The God that you are referring to is not the God what Shafin is talking about. All you have to do is wake up, open your eyes so can you can see what is real and what is not. You will understand what Shafin and I talking about when you get there. Wake up!

  • I loved your post, I want to implement everything you have written and live a life of choices.Thank you . I have resigned my job recently because the job and the circumstances was frustrating.I really needed a change.Your mails have really helped me to take various decisions in my life after I got associated with you.Keep me updated with your mails.You really have divine grace.Keep up the good work you are doing.

  • Geoffrey.
    Life is indeed a journey of evolving and unfolding. You teachings touch a note in me and am so grateful my journey and your crossed paths.

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