What Your Doctor DOES NOT Want You To Know

Here are two important notes first:

a. If you are a doctor, you are probably not going to like this post very much.

b. This is not against the medical profession itself which saves millions of lives everyday, it is against the ignorance and arrogance the profession is engulfed in – that harms millions more.

So here goes…

Did you know that Doctors are one of the leading cause of death in the USA?

An article published in the Journal of The American Medical Association (one of the most respected in the industry) shows that in the US there are approximately:

* 12,000 deaths per year from unnecessary surgery
* 7,000 deaths each year from medication errors in hospitals
* 20,000 deaths caused from other errors in hospitals
* 80,000 deaths caused annually from infections in hospitals
* 106,000 deaths caused annually from adverse affects of medications

This adds up to a total of nearly a quarter of a million people that die each year due to IATROGENIC causes (i-at-ro-gen-ic adj.: induced inadvertently by a physician or surgeon or by medical treatment or diagnostic procedures); third only to heart disease and cancer. (Of course the numbers will vary every year, but you get the idea.)

Four times as many people die in one year from doctors’ mistakes than died in the entire Vietnam War and more than TEN times the amount of American soldiers that have died in the Iraq war. These are just deaths in hospitalized patients and does not include disabilities and disorders received from IATROGENIC causes.

Studies released in the last 15 years show similar trends in the Australia, UK, Canada and New Zealand. Most other countries don’t even publish numbers like this to know the exact situation.

Now why this shocking situation prevails and how to avoid it is something I cannot go into right now because it will challenge the very foundation of our current medical science. It will require much more space and time than what is possible within the scope of this little blog post. But here is a little piece of good news that can potentially keep you away from the hospitals forever…

I just came across a book that contains a miraculous healing therapy so powerful that it’s constantly having to fight off powerful enterprises, cartels and agencies whose financial interests are threatened by it are keeping this info from reaching the general public. Now you know why this is something that you will probably not hear from your doctor very often.

It’s a simple therapy based on increasing oxygen levels in the blood and it has been scientifically proven to prevent virtually all known diseases – and even cure diseases from minor ones like the flu to “incurable” and life-threatening ones like cancer, AIDS and Alzheimer’s Disease!

Over 6000 scientific articles attest to the validity of this amazing yet simple therapeutic procedure so you know that this is not some quack theory! In fact, this is not even new! Its been around for hundreds of years now yet we rarely hear about it.

You can learn more about this therapy on the link below along with medically documented cases of cancer disappearing, late stage AIDS reversing, remarkable recovery from Emphysema and many more. Read every word on this page and go get the book if you value your health at all:

Healing With Oxygen Therapy

And if you are one of those few people who will say “I don’t need to know all this because I have a great health…” or “I really don’t have the time to read all this”… well good luck to you but do take the time to forward this email to your friends and loved ones so they may benefit from this. You never know whose life you will end up saving.

I wish you a healthy, drug free, doctor free, sunny day!


Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach

26 thoughts on “What Your Doctor DOES NOT Want You To Know

    • Oxygen therapy consists of taking H2O2 which is hydrogen per oxide. Its highly potent and that is why extremely dangerous to administer without proper instructions. If I could I would teach you how to use it for free, but I am not a medical professional. The book mentioned above is an excellent resource both for proper instructions and where to get this substance.

  • Thank you Shafin, I will certainly get the book and pass the information on to as many people as is humanly and technologically possible. I and friends have had close calls and understand.

    God bless.

  • Did you not see how many lives are saved by the Physicians. It must be in multimillions annually. Errors are for learning/improvement of the treatment. As the procedures mature there are lesser and lesser adversities. Do'nt you agree with me

    • Of course I do. Thats why it says above: "This is not against the medical profession itself which saves millions of lives everyday, it is against the ignorance and arrogance the profession is engulfed in – that harms millions more."

  • Right. Not being against the medical profession, it is truly risky to fully rely on medical science no matter how advance? we may be in this field. It is always best to try the less risky common sense approaches like increasing oxygen in the cellular level, nutrition to improve the immune system, attitude change, and other physical, mental, and spritual means as a wholistic approach to health. Your article is great! More power Shafin.

  • is this product only beneficial to people suffering form an ailment or would it be helpful in increasing health and well being in an already healthy person.

  • Thank you for the info… it is not the first time I read about the powerful implications of this simple therapy, especially in neutralizing the ever increasing effects of potentially pandemic creating viruses. Certain sources are claiming we are headed straight into a major virus battle coming sooner than we can prepare for. To spread the oxygen therapy suggested is the most pro-active engagement against all the seemingly senseless bureaucracy we have chained our populations with!

  • Greetings Shafin, thank you for sharing your beautiful words,your spirituality,your sensitivity,your unique way of thinking.I enjoyed reading all and your Video of your unforgettable Prayer. Affectionatly, Irena.

  • shafin…..there are a few extra-ordinary people that appear now and again along the way…as you know……..I believe its time that the world needs a few champions like you who will guide people into a new dimension in intelligencies and abilities.
    Dont let your intelligence and abilities rush down like the water into the sea without serving mankind…..let the world hear you louder & louder

  • I am a doctor who has been teaching my clients that you need air (oxygen ) to live because you can live several days without water and months or even years withou food.
    So much time spent eating less time drinking and No time to breathe clean air.
    Yes I do know hospitals and health facilities are hazadous!

  • Hi Shafin. have a nice day..I am really glad that you appear in this worl. I am just hoping for as to be blessed to have the articles for free for as you know we just have enough for living. More blessings to you. God bless.

  • We used to use hydrogen peroxide 30% food grade in Zimbabwe. It cost US$2.50 for a litre. We used it whenever we got a virus infection and as a great hangover cure. We took 3 doses a day each of between 3 and 10 drops in a pint of water so a litre lasted about 10 years.
    I've tried to buy it in Australia but only 5% food grade is sold but with toxic additives so that it cannot be taken internally – only in the bath or diluted as a skin cleanse.
    The odd thing is that all the documentation we got in 1994 in Zim came from Australia. So, once upon a time, it was freely available here and openly promoted.
    We can't even import it in a medicinal form now.
    However, Acidophilus BT1386 occurs naturally in the body, makes H2O2 and is often an ingredient of probiotics. So we can get it that way but it has to be done in a balanced way.
    Still, nothing can be easier than dosing a set number of drops in a pint of water 3 times a day and nothing can be cheaper than hydrogen peroxide 30% food grade.

  • This is nothing new. The knowledge that oxygen cures most diseases has been known to Hindus for millenia. That is why oxygen is called by Hindus as ‘praana vayu’ — praana means life and vayu means gas. Hindus developed this science thousands of years ago. It is known as ‘praanaayama’ in Sanskrit, meaning life giving science. This along with yoga have been developed and used by ‘munis’ and ‘rishis’. Unfortunately, this great life giving science and knowledge is getting lost due to neglect and apathy by so called modern scientists and intelligentia.

  • Really it is a nice idea to spread the message about one minute cure. Actually I know that all deceases caused due to lack of oxygen and I used to tell everybody but unfortunately I never tried to improve my oxygen levels. Ultimately I have affected with breast cancer and I underwent chemo, radiation surgery everything for a whole long year, which is nothing but a hell. The more pathetic issue is the doctors are so careless and they doesn't supervise while chemo is administered and chemo burnt all my nerves in left hand and those cannot be used in lifetime for any thing. More than cancer I suffered for chemo burns and it took nearly one year still it is there and it will take another six months for complete cure of chemo burns.
    This is the situation, doctors are so careless so careless.
    I wish at least a few people benefited your mission is successful and I like to part of it, definitely I will share it as many as I can.
    Thank you for your concern towards human community.
    A small suggestion with your permission,
    If you include a small write up about the medicine or the thing which will use in one minute therapy is more useful to the readers.

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