A Quite Peculiar Mental State
Smoking and overeating are the commonest ways of trying to alleviate feelings of anxiety, so it is not surprising hypnotherapy is best known for its effectiveness in these areas.

Presurgery Anxiety?
Hypnosis May Help,Hypnosis could help soothe anxiety before surgery, new research shows.

Getting Hip To Hypnosis
Two of the most common reasons that hypnotists are contacted are to help lose weight and stop smoking. But it can also be applied to improving study habits, stress reduction and raising self-esteem.

Probing Question: Does hypnosis work?
Hypnosis (most often induced by a hypnotherapist's verbal guidance, not a swinging pocket watch) creates a hyper-attentive and hyper-responsive mental state, in which the subject's subconscious mind is highly open to suggestion.

Look into my eyes... You won't feel a thing
Hypnotherapy is increasingly recognised as a safe and effective way of blocking out pain during operations and helping women in childbirth.

Hypnotize your habit: Clinical hypnosis can help smokers with treatment
Hypnosis can help you relieve stress, become more confident and even give up smoking.

Doctors using hypnosis to treat illnesses
Doctors who use hypnosis to treat illness says it has no side effects and it really works.

Unsure of a cure? Give this a trance
Although conditions like migraines and irritable bowel syndrome have physical symptoms, very often they are linked to mental state, therefore hypnotism often improved these illnesses.

Hypnotism gaining respect in medicine as a useful tool
Hypnosis is not a form of mind control. Dr. Nagy calls it a collaborative exercise in which the therapist and individual agree on the goal. One goal is behavior modification, such as to stop smoking or eating sweets. It also can be used to reduce and even eliminate pain, and some dentists now use it in their practice.

Altered States: Hypnosis can help with problems from anxiety to pain.
How it works, and what it does in the brain. Hypnosis can help with problems from anxiety to pain. How it works, and what it does in the brain.

Hypnosis Could Help Smokers Quit
Can being hypnotized really help you give up cigarettes? Some who've undergone the procedure say it helps, even if it takes a couple of tries.

HypnoBirthing puts mind over pain

There's Entrancing News About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is gaining credibility as a treatment for a multitude of troubles, from nicotine addiction to post-traumatic stress disorder.

The fresh face of hypnosis: an old practice finds news uses
Today, hypnosis--or hypnotherapy--is becoming a respected alternative for an array of conditions. It has long been used to help people quit smoking and overcome fears, such as the fear of public speaking, but now the practice is branching out into new areas.

Hypnotic reach
Once mainly the province of entertainers, mystics and New Age healers, hypnosis is now gaining a foothold in mainstream medicine.

An altered state of consciousness
Hypnosis, also referred to as hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion, is an altered state of consciousness. This state of consciousness is usually achieved with the help of a hypnotherapist and is different from your everyday awareness.

Hypnosis gains acceptance in health care
Hypnotherapy is going beyond the smoking and weight control programs by moving into the medical field and working with people's personal problems

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