2 Day Course for Spiritual Awakening with Shafin de Zane

Date: 28 - 29 March, 2014 Time: 8.30 am - 6.00 pm Venue: Dhaka, Bangladesh

If you're ready to transform yourself beyond belief,

deepen your consciousness and awaken the infinite within you...

This Might Be The Most Important Letter You'll Ever Read



Shafin de Zane

Author of Redefine Your Reality

and Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment


Will you believe there is a place within you of immeasurable power? A place where there is peace that passeth all understanding, a place filed with profound joy, deep wisdom and real magic. A place where you are One with the whole Universe, where all miracles are real and all dreams come true... almost effortlessly.


Have you ever felt that overwhelming peace, ease and love… even if for a few moments? If so, you know this is true, yet you also know that somehow its very difficult for you to consciously reach that place or sustain it as a permanent state of being. The problem? A temporary glitch in evolution: your own mind!


Are you ready for this? If so, read on... but first here is a little warning:


What you are about to read is a little bit strange... and frightening!


Sometimes people listening to me in seminars and workshops walkout upon hearing this because they are disturbed by what they hear. The truth becomes too unbearable to handle. These are smart and otherwise successful people walking out. I don't blame them for leaving. This is stuff from the un-manifest realm between miracles and nightmares. Unless you have a strong mind, this can be quite uncomfortable.


If you  continue reading, you will learn to control your future like you never dreamed possible. Not in a "think positive thoughts all day" kind of way. Not by "repeating affirmations over and over" till the cows come home kind of way. This is about entering a world where everything you knew as real is going to turn upside down.


As you will find out if you keeping reading, truth is not only stranger than you think, it is stranger than you can think. The world I live in is not quite your everyday world of struggle and fight. The rules are truly different here and I would like to invite you on this journey along with me. (One well known magician from the UK wrote this after experiencing my teachings "I got to see the true magic... I feel so powerful right now, it is difficult to put into words.")

Who Am I?


My name is Shafin de Zane, I am a spiritual teacher dedicated to serve as a catalyst of human evolution. I was born in a absolutely "normal" middle income family and spent the first 23 years of my life struggling in everyway imaginable in life. At age 23 I went through a type of "spontaneous awakening" experience and a year or two later dedicated myself to teaching as many as I can around the world. As of this writing, I have published two books, multiple personal development products, and served over 100,000 students in 90+ countries. And now I look forward to serving you as well.  


Now here is the good news...


Having traveled through a world that can only be explained as the realm of the miraculous, I am happy to confirm with you that there exists more magic and miracles - in this world of mortgage, lawyers, wars and famines - than they can ever show you on movies like Harry Potter.


Real magic cannot be explained with words, it can only be experienced. Miracles can alter not only the present and the future, but also the past. When you learn to truly align yourself with the Great Way, the whole Universe conspires in creating miracles and synchronicities all around you.


Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Swaha...

Gone, Gone, Gone Beyond, Gone Beyond Beyond, Hail The Goer


Are you willing to make that journey? The one that goes even beyond what is beyond your sense of a "unique self"? The one that is beyond body, beyond mind and beyond all explanation? If you go forward, that is where you will be going.


Are you ready? Because contrary to what most self-help books and teachers teach, this journey is not easy by any stretch of imagination. The journey pushes us beyond out comfort zone into the darkness of the unknown. The moment we truly make a commitment to begin the journey of enlightenment, everything unresolved and dysfunctional in our lives begin to surface. Why? Because such is the nature of the game. Carl Jung once wrote "One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter process is unpleasant and therefore unpopular." Do you understand now? This journey is not just about seeking the positive but uncovering the darkness that inevitably hides within all of us.


If you make this journey, truly and whole heartedly, YOU will surely die!


Did you read that? No one who starts this journey makes it to the other side. What remains is someone that vaguely resembles you, it is far greater than you, but its definitely no longer who you are right now. This journey burns everything and what is left is only an essence of you. Who you are right now will not make it to the other side.


If you make this journey, if you choose to follow my instructions, if you keep pushing, keep taking the next step, no matter how scary it gets... the essence of you will get through but everything else will be burnt to a crisp. Your name, your identity, your personal story of this life time, how you live and love... everything will go! Everything changes because you discover who you thought you were, was nothing but a dynamic ever changing socio-cultural-economic-religious programming of your ego mind. When you become empty, its as if the old self dies and what remains is only the essence of what you used to be. What remains is One Life.


Why would anyone want to make a journey like that?


Because you see... for those who have become ready for this, its not really a choice. There is something within the person that pull him or her to this journey... something like a distant memory embedded in our DNA. It's as if somewhere, somehow they have tasted an experience so pure, so magical, so potent... that nothing in this physical realm can truly satisfy them. The more this memory surfaces to our waking consciousness, the more we are pulled towards this journey of awakening.


Those who have become ready already knows that its not a choice anymore, it is their destiny. Nothing can stop them from going on this adventure, no matter how high the price maybe. Those who are ready...


Those who are ready are pulled to this journey like moth into the flame!


This is not a choice they make, it is their destiny!


Yet nobody really forces you to do anything. Nobody tells you that you have to follow this path or you will burn in eternal hellfire. No, it doesn't work that way. You have to be ready for this. While the journey of awakening is the destiny of each and everyone of us, when we will embark on this journey, always depends on our freewill. We can always choose when, we can always choose when to become ready.


It's a bit like the caterpillar who dies only for the butterfly to emerge. Its not a choice. It's only a matter of time. The metamorphosis is inevitable. Its an unfolding process. It is time to graduate to the level of an AWAKE BEING.




Frequently Asked Questions...


What exactly is an Awake Being? How is that different from a human being? Is this some new hype?

Awake Being is the natural next stage of evolution of human beings. It has already started and happening across the planet. The change is subtle but once you go through it, it changes the entire way of living for you, which is why the need for a new name, to clearly help you to realize you are not the same any more; the rules are different, the game is different, the name is different.

What happens when you go through this transformation?

The change is entirely on the psychological plane; if your mind can be likened to software, you can even call it a major update that fixes a serious glitch than an actual new version of it. The clearest sign of this transformation is the ability to think and see clearly without attachment, without filtering and without distorting. But if you are thinking that is an ability that many already possess, you are wrong. A more helpful analogy is the difference between how we think when in a dream or a nightmare and how we think when we are awake. With the ability to think and see clearly, or more appropriately, to not think at all and see clearly, comes the ability to see certain aspects of reality that are quite unimaginable to the normal human mind.

What do you mean by “the ability to see certain aspects of reality that are quite unimaginable to the normal human mind”?

To make full sense of this, further training is necessary. Please understand that I can only give you a brief snapshot now, but chances are it will sound quite strange at this point. Try to imagine this...


Imagine improved health: you feel more energetic, more balanced, less stressed. Imagine being more in touch with your body, knowing in advance when it is going out of balance, so you are able to correct it without actually falling sick. Your experiences seem more vivid. Your friends remark how much more fun you are to be around.


Imagine a greater clarity of mind: you can concentrate better, complex subjects begin to make sense to you like never before. You start seeing connections that you never saw before. You are astounded by the realization that there were so many beliefs within you that you had been holding without ever really thinking about them. You feel a state of inner peace you never knew one could experience in this "apparently broken" world.


Imagine seeing people, events and circumstances with greater depth: you begin to perceive layers of reality and sort of inner logic of providence to which you were previously oblivious. You increasingly develop a greater intuitive ability to know in advance which steps to take, which path to choose, which decisions to make that will lead to greater fulfillment and optimized life experiences.


Imagine being happier: you begin to treasure almost every moment of life; you go about your work or business with more enthusiasm; you feel deeper connection and affection towards those you love. You can still be upset and even angry on occasions where upset and anger is fully necessary; you get upset strategically and constructively, when necessary, but not automatically and helplessly.


This is how it feels like when you enter the awakened state. Yet, when you are not in that state (which can happen even after you have tasted this experience, as it takes time to fully stabilize), all this seems quite unimaginable and unattainable. This is because most humans at this point in time lack the ability to see "without filters". 


The ability to see without filters is directly connected with the awakened state, once you are truly awake, no persuasion or lengthy discussion is necessary, you will just see...

You'll see that life is not fragmented, or made up of broken pieces that have no coherence or synchronization; it is quite the opposite. Life is an interconnected dance of the opposites that has tremendous intelligence, synchronicity, love and beauty. When I say life, I mean the drama we experience on all levels, from the personal to the cosmic, the interconnected journey of evolution that connects one and all, from the smallest hummingbird to the largest star, and everything in between. This is not an intellectual discussion for the academic mind, so I will not insult you with unnecessary definitions; life is what we experience, and that experience is interconnected on all levels, it is not fragmented and disconnected, like it appears to the thinking mind, like it appears to lawyers, priests and politicians.

In other words, the manifested Universe at large does not follow the linear, logical principles of manmade things, rather the Universe is organic in nature, which means all systems are interconnected, like the human body (over fifty trillion cells working in synchrony); and when you think of life, you have consider the larger ecology of life, meaning everything is dependent on and connected to everything else.

When you experience spiritual awakening, you can truly see this fact, and true intelligence arises. You no longer create unconscious conflict within and without, you are no longer stuck in a nightmare of unfulfilled desires, you are awake.


Awaken your soul consciousness... in 48 hours!


In this course you will experience the transformational power of professional hypnosis, deep meditation and your personal spiritual system to move quickly towards awakening the Spirit within you and a much higher level of consciousness.

Here are just a few "understandable" and "believable" things that this experience can help you with:


Achieve profoundly deep states of mediation... (If you heard all your life that it takes years to reach that place of total stillness and "no mind", prepare to surprise yourself!)


Dramatically lower stress levels... and an increased ability to deal with whatever comes at you from the world, calmly and clearly. You become more relaxed, less anxious, more centred, more peaceful, more connected to others.


Increased learning ability, enhanced creativity, greater intuition... dramatically improved focus and concentration – and (even more amazingly) greatly increased personal self-awareness (scientists call this combination “whole brain functioning”).


Rapid increases in the production of a whole variety of beneficial brain chemicals... including pleasure-causing endorphins – as well as a number of others proven by research to slow aging, cure insomnia, increase energy, and well being.


Remarkable changes in physical looks... One of the well known “side effects” of regular meditation is that people begin to look younger by up to 10-15 years!


Achievement becomes easier... and without the same feeling of anxiety and stress. Increased focus and concentration guarantees much higher levels of productivity and effectiveness. Good things begin to just “happen” in such a way they almost seem to fall right into your lap.


Synchronicities and favourable coincidences increase... by leaps and bounds and you seem to get “lucky” with increasing regularity.


And believe it or not, these are only the more "understandable" benefits that can be written about right now... what you actually experience in these 2 days is far beyond anything that can be written. It is a transformation you have to go through, not something I can talk to you about.

But don't take my word for it!

Please read every testimonial here carefully

and see how all these people have used my teachings in their lives...


(This is just a small selection out of hundreds of testimonials we regularly receive...)


These people are not Internet Marketers or celebrities with a vested interest but everyday regular people from all over the world who have benefited from the amazingly powerful realizations that will be revealed to you also on this journey.


"This, to me, can only be described as miraculous or even magical!"


My Dear Shafin,
I went through your Redefine Your Reality course earlier this year. I absolutely loved the structure & assignments as I am a terrible procrastinator! I have meditated since I was a teenager which means for about 25 years. I have practiced all types of self-realization techniques with great results.
However, with your program I actually experienced miracles! For example, I was adopted when I was three years old. I could not understand how I could be given away at such an age & despite being raised in a wonderful family; I couldn't help feeling as if I were worthless. I searched my whole adult life for my biological parents. By regularly reading your letters & practicing your principles, (which are quite ancient - you have a gift of making them accessible to the modern person), the universe so arranged it that my birth mother found me! After 40 years, she suddenly came to me! I have met her now & have learned the circumstances & the story of my adoption. I also found out I have a full biological sister who was adopted out also but went to another family sooner than I, perhaps because she was 11 months younger. She is also part of my life now. This, to me, can only be described as miraculous or even magical! 

The universe has altered in many ways since learning from you. I have found a higher truth that is impersonal & applicable to all. I have also found many of my own personal higher truths by accessing my soul, intuition & guides. These are aspects I never utilized in my meditations & they continually change my life. Above is but one example of the extraordinary things that have occurred this year.


It seems that my life & my Self is expanding, becoming deeply calm & the things I need are appearing as if raining from the sky! I will not stop this way of working on myself with my soul & guides because I feel as though a major event is afoot. Possibly several major events are coming & I cannot explain how but I absolutely know it & feel it with all of my essence! I have even had epiphanies to the effect where I have seen the events manifesting & have cried with absolute gratitude although they haven't happened yet!

I don't wish to take up too much space here so I will stop for now! I thank you with all the gratitude & love of the universe that you have opened up to me!

Kimberly Bennett




"Your course has set of a series of triggers which has redefined my reality in total..."


Hello Shafin,

It is with pleasure and joy that I wake up in the morning.. Your course has set of a series of triggers which has redefined my reality in total. I have been searching for truth in my life for years, and how to deal with the shady side of my existence.. mainly how to forgive myself.. and how to deal with the guilt it created.. the not so nice things i have done when i was younger...  the feelings to be CLEAN was pressurizing me . I had to find a way...


And then I was reading and contemplating it all one Saturday night in the wild African bush... There it all came together! The universe showed me who i am... and under the bright night sky i saw… and instantly my life changed. 


I now live with a song in my heart… my life and head space is CLEAN, and joy has filled that part of my life where there was fear and pain. i have found my own PERFECTION... wholeness of being. I have only one intense desire and that is to share the LOVE that exists within.. and to teach how to crystallize thought into reality.. 

I believe what has happened to me is not unique but part of a stronger Energy that is sweeping our planet. Our world is changing and we have to be flexible enough to change with it. This is the short version of my story and i want to thank YOU for providing the triggers.

May the Universe lead you to wider and wider spirals of love.

Thanks so much

Pierre, 50 years old, Malawi, East Africa




"It’s one of the best things happened to me!"

Dearest Shafin,

I cannot express in words how grateful I am of all the stuff you have sent me. I cannot wait to share it with all my friends and families. It’s a life changing experience! You helped me reshape my values and thinking system, I find myself more confident, in control, wiser, a clearer vision of my future and the courage to pursuit it.

I think that everyone and every living form on this planet is special, we all have a mission, a purpose to have come to this world.

Until we find out what the mission entails we are just a scattered energy floating about, and feeling something is missing without knowing what exactly it is.

I am so grateful that you entered into my life. It’s one of the best things happened to me! You are absolutely brilliant!

Sincerely yours,

Lena Ramsay


So suspend your disbelief and take heart,

for literally thousands before you have succeeded,

found peace and freedom on this great adventure!




As you can see... miracles happen not only on the pages of self help books or some unverifiable distant past,  they can happen to you, right now, if you choose to believe…


So if you are ready... here is the practical stuff:



Way Of The Awake Being


Date: 28 - 29 March, 2014

Time: 8.30 am - 6pm

Venue: BRAC Center, Gulshan 1, Dhaka


Course Fee: 12,900 Taka

Includes: Tuition All Meals During Course

For registration please call:

01711 598484 / 01711 598686


Seats Selling Out Fast! Register Today!




I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you in class soon...

Want to read some more experiences? Here you go...

I do not have the words to express my thanks for what I have received in the past few days. Shafin is gifted not only with his talent for hypnosis but with compassion and empathy. It was a long road that led me to seek the help of a professional and I am immensely grateful that it led me to him.

It was a great experience in class meeting all those wonderful people and seeing Shafin’s ever smiling face. He led me through a difficult road that I never thought I’d be able to cross.

This feeling of happiness that I have now is so intense that it's difficult to believe that it's real but it's lasted for sometime now and I'm beginning to believe that it's permanent.

Thank you for this awesome experience.

Amy Rogers,



This experience for me was not only one of the most unique and memorable but also a turning point in my life. It amazed me how each and every step in the course surprised me. It changed my idea about hypnosis (which was something out of this world), and most importantly the way I used to think bad about myself. It helped me concentrate in my work and also the way I handle things in my everyday life which was actually something I was not expecting.

About Shafin de Zane, I don’t think there is a word in my vocabulary good enough to describe him but personally I don’t think anyone else could have helped me the way he did. God bless him!!!

Anika Ahmed, Bangladesh



A great 3 day course that has somehow opened my eyes of knowing myself. It has also opened my soul and I feel so privileged to have attended. I am indeed blessed! Shafin has proved without a doubt to be a very caring human being and with so much wisdom. His kind and thoughtful ways of teaching and his gentle manner has made him top ‘teacher’ on my list. Highly Recommended! TWO THUMBS UP!!!




More than the course contents I was impressed by Mr. Zane. He is a born teacher, everything a pupil looks upon in an instructor. Mr. Zane has given me the key to unlock my mind and slowly but surely dissolve the frustration, anger and other negative feelings that were blocking every aspect of my life. I have no words to repay what I have been taught. I will cherish his teachings for as long as know I have a soul and want to cleanse it.

I. B. S,




I came in being skeptical and was brought in by my boyfriend who came across this course at 4am on the very first day of the course. Since he paid for me already, I had no choice but to attend this course. Today, being the 3rd day and the last day of the course, I can say I simply love this course. If you were to ask me whether i would attend this course, I would say I will definitely! I wouldn't want to miss this course at all! I will want to bring my close friends and siblings to attend this! this time, I will pay for them, all I need is to get them to attend!!!!  Shafin is a simply great teacher!!!


Jacqueline Siah, Singapore



Its amazing how things can change in just 3 days. I would never have thought that I could feel so good, smile so much though out the day! What has changed? Nothing and everything! I feel that my core has been changed. All the negative beliefs that held me back for so many years have disappeared. My cup has been emptied!

Today is the last day of the class and I don’t know how I am going to say thank you to Shafin. How do you say thank you to the person who changes your whole perception of reality? I don’t know. But I wish him all the luck and a long life. This man is an asset to humanity.

Laura Shortland,



Every person has at least one pivotal moment in their life. A time when axis of reality shifts… and nothing looks or feels the same anymore. For me, this course has been one such experience.

This is no stereotypical, Hollywood-style, hocus-pocus. You take out of the course only as much as you are willing to put into it. This course has given me very effective tools. I feel more capable of handling not just the nitty gritty problems of life, but also the larger issues- things I have avoided for years! I never expected just a few days could bring so much change in me and for me, but it has.

Kudos to Shafin for his excellent training style. From the get-go he was tuned into every one’s specific issues and he dealt with each one of us on a remarkable touching - but never intrusive - manner. A wonderful teacher that I will never forget.

Munize Manzur, Bangladesh



This is a great experience for anyone who is ready open to changes, a deeper understanding of self and being. It brings clarity, clears up emotional baggage and generally brings much peace and happiness within. This is definitely an easy approach for anyone who is ready to accept who you are.

Shafin, firstly, I really want to thank you for bringing me through this journey. I know this perhaps is the beginning or perhaps I have found the purpose in life that brought me here. Your knowledge, wisdom, patience and love have shown me a lot. A lot of things which I always doubted if I will be able to achieve have suddenly become clearer and attainable.

Once again, thank you.

Nancy Low, Singapore



Having gone through a major transformation process 15 years ago, and doing my own teaching and transformation, yoga, mediation, healing, I was surprised to find myself in the class. I expected little, but learned a lot. I learned hypnotherapy from a clinical base. In this class I find Hypnosis can be used for a higher purpose, even up to the spiritual level! Shafin is a very good teacher. A serious subject with a light touch. A very understanding approach; with an understanding of everybody’s levels.

Sita Binwani, Singapore







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