Rechargeable Sound Machine with Night Light

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Enjoy the ultimate in relaxation with 24 soothing sounds — including white noise, rain, and ocean waves — on this portable white noise machine.

The five levels of warm lights make it ideal for reading at night. And the timer and memory function, lets you set it off automatically.

This machine also doubles as a portable speaker with a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone and works unplugged on a full charge for 20 hours.

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5 reviews for Rechargeable Sound Machine with Night Light

  1. Customer

    I am a college student! Always have trouble getting sleep. I usually take the sleeping aid for me to help to sleep. And my mom keeps asking me to get this white noise to help sleep. In the beginning, I really don’t believe this will help until I used it for a few weeks! YES! Wonderful and helpful! I wish I could get this earlier than now. And this little machine makes me sleep like a baby! Specially the ringing day. And it made very good quality. It is big plus for sure. Highly recommend.

  2. Customer

    This is a fabulous noise machine that also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. Each button on the speaker has multiple sounds that can be heard clearly. The video only has a few of the sounds as there are many more when you press each sound button more than once. The directions are easy to follow. I was able to easily connect my iPhone via Bluetooth and play music through it. What makes this extra nice is the fact that you can charge it up and take it wherever you want. It’s not tied to a cord in a wall. If you want to sit by the pool, close your eyes and listen to ocean waves pretending you’re at the beach, you can with this. How awesome is that! I have a feeling this is going to be fought over in my house. 😄

  3. Customer

    I like to leave the type of reviews that I like to read – the kind that make it easy to quickly decide to buy or not. Usually, it’s easy – you just let folks know if what they will get matches the listing and the pictures with no bad surprises. In this case, yes – it’s like the listing.

    But there’s more to it. There are many cheaper alternatives, so what makes this stand out?

    Besides the battery, the most striking thing is the quality of the sounds. (Striking in a good way) It’s not what an audiophile would call HiFi and it’s not going to be loud enough to power a party, but it’s a rich full and warm sound.

    The power input is USBC, so it will work with modern cables/ports, very easy and accessible to charge.

    It also works quite well as a bluetooth speaker (and you can remote control the playback with the controls on top). Music sounds good, and you could even run your TV or laptop audio through it – it’s probably better sounding that most laptops (and some TV’s).

    The battery is a generous 1800mah that can run a week or two depending on volume and how long you set it to play before stopping.

    The light is really nice and warm and the dimmest is nice and low to sleep to if needed while the highest can light up enough to see pretty well.

    Overall, then unit gives a nice warm feeling and with the battery, a sense of reliability.

    Well done. Recommended.

  4. Customer

    This little machine is great. You get a white noise machine, a light and a bluetooth speaker all in one. It’s simple to use and straightforward. You can use it plugged in or charge it an go. It’s great for travel due to it’s size and the fact that it’s rechargeable. It comes with a good variety of sounds. You get the regular white noise, ocean waves, rain sounds etc. The light brightness can be adjusted and it has backlit buttons which is great during the night. Timer function is also useful and it has 1, 2, & 4 hour options. Connecting to the Bluetooth was easy. The sound of the speaker is clear. Keep in mind this is no JBL speaker but it works really well. Plus it’s great being able to put your own sounds and music for your baby. Overall, the bluetooth speaker makes this better than a regular white noise machine. For the current price this a great 3 in 1 machine.

  5. Customer

    Have a lot of options for the sound. Got this in hopes of cancelling out my roommates snores, but volume is too quiet for my use case. Funny enough that the volume could get so much louder if I use Bluetooth connection and play white noise from my phone. The sound produced as a Bluetooth speaker is quite good with decent bass. The night light is okay too with about 5 level adjustments, which I like that the lowest setting is very dim.

    Overall, if you want to use as stand alone white noise machine, I would not recommend this to use on loud noise area. It’s better to use in the quiet area. But if you getting this as an indoor portable Bluetooth speaker with option ambient noise and lights then it’s okay.

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