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Carl Jung: “Until you make the Unconscious Conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”

Quantum Physics: The Universe Is like a Hologram and We are ALL Part of It... The Consciousness is Very Much Part of The Equation, Unlike What We Were Told So Far

Hypnotherapy: If You Are Not Manifesting Your Reality Consciously, You ARE Creating Your Reality Sub-Consciously Based on Your Past Programming, Belief System and Unconscious Repetitive Behavior...


Inside You Will Experience The ONLY System That Combines the Principles of REAL Hypnosis, Secret Spiritual Laws, Quantum Physics and Cutting Edge Psycho-Therapeutic Knowledge To Totally Redefine Your Personality, How You Perceive Attraction And How You Earn Money...

PLUS: Get the Chance to Access over 100 HOURS of World Famous Audio/Video on Spirituality, Meditation, Quantum Physics, Relationships, Law of Attraction, Success, Healing and Much More!

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  • Day 1: Introduction to Nature of Reality
  • Day 2: You and Your Personality
  • Day 3: What Creates Dangerous Attraction
  • Day 4: Deeper Within Your Belief System  
  • Day 5: Deadly Mistakes We Make Part I
  • Day 6: Deadly Mistakes We Make Part II
  • Day 7: Design of a meaningful life…

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