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You are about to embark upon one of life's greatest adventures...

The adventure of Self discovery


This may sound like something everyone is saying these days, its not. If you take the time to go through these pages, you will quickly discover that what contains here is quite different from anything you have come across before. This is where you will learn some of the deeper mysteries of life...


  • This is NOT your usual self help advice.
  • This is NOT some hype about Law of Attraction.
  • This is NOT for those who are looking for some casual read on new age topics.


This place is for those who have become ready for the true journey of awakening and ready for assuming the responsibility that comes with it. If you were looking for some quick fix or new age marketing hype, you are at the wrong place. This is for grown ups. This is for those who have become ready to serve the world.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read every student letter here and on the following pages carefully and see how all these people have experienced the same teachings and changed their lives. As you will notice my students come from all across the planet, from all walks of life, from all age groups, and overcame all kinds of personal challenges in matter of days. Reading through the experiences of people who walked this path before you will help you to overcome one of the biggest obstacles on this journey: believing that the world of the miraculous can also become YOUR personal reality. Nothing I have to say will matter unless you can get past this first and most difficult to overcome obstacle.  

Magic is real. But you have to accept it can be real for you. What is important here is not what I have to give, but what can happen if you believe.

These people are not paid celebrities with a vested interest but everyday regular people from all over the world who have benefited from the powerful insights that you can learn about in a short while. Please learn from their very real stories, and as you read allow your mind to relax and expand. With a little sincerity, this simple website can become that trigger for you that will change everything. So please... continue in that spirit.


My Dear Shafin,
I ordered your Redefine Your Reality course earlier this year. I absolutely loved the structure & assignments as I am a terrible procrastinator! I have meditated since I was a teenager which means for about 25 years. I have practiced all types of self-realization techniques with great results.
However, with your program I actually experienced miracles! For example, I was adopted when I was three years old. I could not understand how I could be given away at such an age & despite being raised in a wonderful family; I couldn't help feeling as if I were worthless. I searched my whole adult life for my biological parents. By regularly reading your letters & practicing your principles, (which are quite ancient - you have a gift of making them accessible to the modern person), the universe so arranged it that my birth mother found me! After 40 years, she suddenly came to me! I have met her now & have learned the circumstances & the story of my adoption. I also found out I have a full biological sister who was adopted out also but went to another family sooner than I, perhaps because she was 11 months younger. She is also part of my life now. This, to me, can only be described as miraculous or even magical! 

The universe has altered in many ways since learning from you. I have found a higher truth that is impersonal & applicable to all. I have also found many of my own personal higher truths by accessing my soul, intuition & guides. These are aspects I never utilized in my meditations & they continually change my life. Above is but one example of the extraordinary things that have occurred this year.


It seems that my life & my Self is expanding, becoming deeply calm & the things I need are appearing as if raining from the sky! I will not stop this way of working on myself with my soul & guides because I feel as though a major event is afoot. Possibly several major events are coming & I cannot explain how but I absolutely know it & feel it with all of my essence! I have even had epiphanies to the effect where I have seen the events manifesting & have cried with absolute gratitude although they haven't happened yet!

I don't wish to take up too much space here so I will stop for now! I thank you with all the gratitude & love of the universe that you have opened up to me!

Kimberly Bennett



Hi Shafin,


My name is Danute Aglinskas. I live in the Latrobe Valley Vic. Australia. I am 71 years young on the 20th March this year. The picture is of me, my husband in the centre and our 50 year old son. 


I vaguely knew about Quantum Physics, you explained it in a very simple laymanís language- thank you. I am now on constant vigil of my mind and things are already moving in the right direction for me. Things that were put off for 18 months are now being done.


I am amazed and thrilled how it works so quickly.


Best regards


Danute Aglinskas, Victoria, Australia


As you will see... miracles happen not only on the pages of self help books or some unverifiable distant past, but they can happen to you, right now, if you choose to believe...


Hi Shafin


Yes your work and lessons are really wonderful. I have new insights now and I have learned a great deal from these lessons.


Thanks ever so much for your help. I am now moving into a new level of awareness of the self and into a deepening of the core soul structure. Again thanks for this new knowledge you have taught me. Always the best to you!


Frances Barton, USA


So go through these pages slowly and take heart, for literally thousands before you have succeeded, found peace and freedom on this great adventure. 


Now let me tell you a story...




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