The teaching that has changed thousands of lives before you...


Now the reason I first shared with you my personal story is because I wanted you to know for sure that whatever is your situation, however desperate, it is about to change very soon. You don't need any special training or even high school education. All that you need is a willingness to really be honest and bring about changes in your life.


This is the power of my story: I was not hit by a lightning, blessed by a guru, or touched by an angel. I wasn't born in the right place, wasn't exposed to the right knowledge at the right time, did not have any imaginable advantage over anyone else in the world. I was simply very very hungry and willing to do whatever was necessary, used tools that are learnable and teachable and available, and produced results that have changed my life and lives of thousands of others across the world.


My own and stories of all these people are here to simply convince you that whatever your background maybe, whatever your challenge, wherever in the world you are, there is a solution for you too. Life can change for you too. If only you can believe its possible. If only you really really want it to be possible...






I found the foundation course so motivating that I purchased your book after the 3rd day and have finished that as well!  I'll read it a few more times though, it was a lot to take in on the first go around.  I did every one of the exercises and I feel more at peace than I ever have before. 


Your book was very easy to read and to the point. I like that you write how you speak, as if you were having a cup of coffee with someone and imparting your wisdom on them! 


Thank you for sharing all your hard work with us!!!  You are truly an inspiration to all!


Maria Anderson, USA


Hello Shafin,

It is with pleasure and joy that i wake up in the morning.. Your course has set of a series of triggers which has redefined my reality in total. I have been searching for truth in my life for years, and how to deal with the shady side of my existence.. mainly how to forgive myself.. and how to deal with the guilt it created.. the not so nice things i have done when i was younger...  the feelings to be CLEAN was pressurizing me . I had to find a way...


And then I was reading and contemplating it all one Saturday night in the wild African bush... There it all came together! The universe showed me who i am... and under the bright night sky i saw… and instantly my life changed. 


I now live with a song in my heart… my life and head space is CLEAN, and joy has filled that part of my life where there was fear and pain. i have found my own PERFECTION... wholeness of being. I have only one intense desire and that is to share the LOVE that exists within.. and to teach how to crystallize thought into reality.. 

I believe what has happened to me is not unique but part of a stronger Energy that is sweeping our planet. Our world is changing and we have to be flexible enough to change with it. This is the short version of my story and i want to thank YOU for providing the triggers.

May the Universe lead you to wider and wider spirals of love.

Thanks so much

Pierre, 50 years old, Malawi, East Africa






Dear Shafin,


Thank you very much for the Redefine Your Reality book. An eye opener and very empowering.


It helped me understand even more the beautiful feminine nature of my adored wife and confirmed my often defied view that there is no need to struggle in life (instead of do do do - just be, life is much more fun this way).


God bless you for imparting your inspired knowledge . 


Marcel, Sydney, Australia



Dear Shafin,

I found your course to be incredible. Especially your Redefine Your Reality book -- as I went through the EXACT same break-up, leading to year-long depression and suicidal thoughts.


It was a real God-send, just when I thought there was no God, no Heaven, no goodness or hope left in this world anymore.


Whenever I find myself thinking anything even the slightest bit negative, I open up those books or visit your website/blog or download a podcast.


 Thanks to you, Shafin, my life is magical once again!

Yours fondly,

Sunita Rao





The Redefine Your Reality Package is one of the best information products that we have ever came across. Me and my husband both find the contents truly uplifting. As I have been a student of Self Realization Fellowship we are able to recognize the truths and principles that are explained in your Redefine Your Reality package.

I have been using the knowledge everyday now and I have an increase in my self confidence as I am working on manifesting some desires. Actually the information is what I have been looking for years. Some one who can explain to me how to create my reality in an intelligent way.

Thanks for such a power program.

Sincerely yours


Jean Donnelly




Hi Shafin, 


I live in Cameroon and my heart has continuously been joyful from the day I purchased the Redefine Your Reality book together with its bonus package. 


I am taking my first steps in this journey as I read the Redefine Your Reality book grateful for the constant enlightening and inspirational materials you keep sending to me.

You are piloting the train and connecting mankind from all corners of the earth to embark on the journey. This is the true love that is and which has always been and you enabled me to perceive it. 


Makarios M. Akembuom, Cameroon


So... which of these excuses are yours?

You are poor... You were molested as a child... Your parents were horrible... You are not good looking... You just got married... You hate where you live... You have a heart condition... You have cancer... You have to support a large family... You are old... You are stuck in a job you hate... You don't have any special skills to bring about a change...

In fact, if your situation seems totally hopeless... that is the best place to start! Because when you got nothing more to lose, you have so much of energy that can supercharge your growth.


And if you are doing great in life, that's also good, you have the leverage of time and more choices to take some risks. So wait no more and take some action!  


Dear Shafin de Zane,


The course was terrific, your book Redefine Your Reality was mind blowing and conveys the message that it is not hopeless and everyone can redefine their reality and live a purposeful and productive life. First, you must start and continue irrespective of the obstacles and challenges that befall you.


My only difficulty is being able to prioritize what matters because I have baggage from past years of many unfinished projects and I'm unable to come to grips with these issues though your course and the information you provided is appropriate and valid. I'm 62 going onto 63 and I hope it's not too late for me to get out of the mud/bog and go forward in confidence and purpose.


I feel like giving up but I cannot as your ecourse and the Edward Choate story validly states there are no hopeless cases.



Edward Duma




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