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Dreams To Reality International Program 2010-2011?”

If You're Ready To Spend ONE WHOLE YEAR in a continuous state of intense spiritual coaching and ascend to the level of a Teacher

This Might Just Be The Most Important Letter You'll Ever Read...


Dear Friend,

I’ll try to keep this as simple and short as possible. Please read every word of it carefully. It may very well change your entire life.


Here are the two options you have for the next 1 Year of your life:  


Option 1: You could live the next one year in the same way you lived the last one year (or the year before): thinking about things you wish for, taking the same actions, and getting the same or slightly better results, staying within your comfort zone, living a comfortable life where things are not GREAT but they are functional and probably better than most of the world out there. 


Option 2: You could embark upon the most memorable, miraculous, and genuinely transformational adventure of your entire life! An adventure that will stretch the limits of you being and challenge you in ways that you never imagined before. An adventure that will take you to the edge of all that you knew to be true and make that step into the other side. An adventure that, in the end, will prepare you as a teacher ready to serve the world.

Simply put, this opportunity is only for a handful of individuals who are ready to completely redefine their lives, totally change their reality and achieve the impossible.


Now having read the last paragraph, you might be wondering...

 Am I going to teach you something that will make you rich and famous even before you wish for it?

Probably not.


But will it exponentially expedite your spiritual growth and help you

create miracles in everyday life almost immediately?


Most definitely YES!

You see the journey of spiritual awakening so you can create every day miracles in your life does not happen over night, there is no magic formula that makes "awakening" happen. You can't just read a book and figure it all out. The journey is the most important thing here. (Please read the last line one more time so you really understand this.) My own journey of awakening has anything but ended. I am no longer someone with all the answers but rather your brother who has (probably) traveled a bit further than you have. I am simply here to guide you through your own journeys through this invisible world.


The trip is the trip. It is the journey that teaches you what no human can ever teach you. That is the truth. But there are ways that can expedite the process by leaps and bounds. And that is exactly what I plan to teach you. But you have to make the journey...


Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Swaha...

Gone, Gone, Gone Beyond, Gone Beyond Beyond, Hail The Goer


Can you make that journey? The one that goes even beyond what is beyond consciousness? The one that is beyond body, beyond mind and beyond all explanation? If you go forward, that is where you will be going.


Are you ready? Because contrary to what most self-help books and teachers teach, this journey is not easy by any stretch of imagination.


If you make this journey, truly and whole heartedly, you will die!


Did you read that? No one who starts this journey makes it to the other side. What remains is someone that vaguely resembles you, but its definitely no longer you. This journey burns everything and what is left is only an essence of you. Who you are right now will not make it to the other side.


If you make this journey, if you choose to follow my instructions, if you keep pushing, keep taking the next step, no matter how scary it gets... the essence of you will get through but everything else will be burnt to a crisp. Your name, your identity, your personal story of this life time, how you live and love... everything will go!


Why would anyone want to make a journey like that?


Because you see... for those who have become ready for this, its not really a choice. There is something within the person that pull him or her to this journey... something like a distant memory embedded in our DNA. It's as if somewhere, somehow they have tasted an experience so pure, so magical, so potent... that nothing in this physical realm can truly satisfy them. The more this memory surfaces to our waking consciousness, the more we are pulled towards this journey of awakening.


Those who have become ready already knows that its not a choice anymore, it is their destiny. Nothing can stop them from going on this adventure, no matter how high the price maybe. Those who are ready...


Those who are ready are pulled to this journey like moth into the flame!


This is not a choice they make, it is their destiny!


Yet nobody really forces you to do anything. Nobody tells you that you have to follow this path or you will burn in eternal hellfire. No, it doesn't work that way. You have to be ready for this. While the journey of awakening is the destiny of each and everyone of us, when we will embark on this journey, always depends on our freewill. We can always choose when, we can always choose when to become ready.


It's a bit like the caterpillar who dies only for the butterfly to emerge. Its not a choice. It's only a matter of time. The metamorphosis is inevitable. Its an unfolding process.




What you will experience here, will exponentially expedite


the process of your own personal metamorphosis!


So if you were looking for some easy way to get rich, or yet another coaching program for making all your life problem disappear instantly... this is not going to be that. This journey is anything but easy. The caterpillar cannot go around saying "Hey I'm going to become a butterfly soon, look at me all you other caterpillars, I'm so smart!" The caterpillar simply dies to its old self and what emerges is something totally different. This is the process of growing exponentially. This is the process of making a quantum leap in evolution. And if you have ever tried to grow consciously or tried to help others really make a big change in their lives, you'll know: change is never very comfortable.


Here you will experience a systematic step-by-step process for exponentially expediting your journey of awakening into higher realms of being. And as you will realize, pretty soon, when you understand the deeper secrets of this universe, life is not about hard work and struggle, its about aligning yourself with the forces of nature. When you do that, life becomes... miraculous!


Yet when we want to follow that path of awakening and miracles, our old programming gets in the way. Over 90% of all that we do in everyday life is old habitual patterns (Pattern: Unconscious repetitive behavior governed by stored neurological strategies). Breaking free of those patterns requires determination and persistence. In the beginning it's an uncomfortable process. It brings out all the skeletons from our closet. Yet it is our destiny and an inevitable journey.


My work with you will be:


1. To help you create a new model of perception of reality. One that will allow you to see beyond the material obvious. To remove the unreality - the dysfunctional reality of what you have created to survive, the dysfunctional unreality of what you were taught, and of the choices you made. To teach you the secret language of the world, the language of the the Invisible Guidance. 


2. To give you tools to immediately use in your life for short term results should you need them to solve your immediate problems. (Please remember however, there is no magic formula in my possession that will instantly solve all your life issues. ALL problems of life have one purpose only: they help us grow beyond what we could grow by ourselves. Difficult times are simply times to grow more and learn more. We address problems in that spirit and work through it with full understanding of the bigger picture.)


3. To help you go beyond a life of struggle and fight (where about 95% of the world is stuck in), beyond the world of white magic (about 1% of the world may have an idea this even exists), into the realm of the miraculous (this is where the real metamorphosis happens).


(There exists yet another step in this journey, a step where you go even beyond the realm of miracles and actually come back into this world of pain and pleasure, full circle back, but that will be a personal choice and right now its too far out to explain about that choice. In due time you will learn all about it.)


So if you are ready...


Here is the practical stuff:


Each year, I accept a maximum of 5 individuals around the world who I personally coach for 1 whole year (48 Private Sessions* @ 1 per week). In this one year, the student goes through a complete mind body spirit transformation and is prepared to ascend to a level of a teacher. From personality to relationships to finances, everything is completely transformed in this program. And that is only the basics…

*All sessions conducted via Telephone or Skype.

The ultimate goal is to become a Teacher who is ready to serve the world! If this sounds daunting at this point, follow your heart. Your heart will tell you whether you are ready for this or not. If you feel that you are ready, go ahead and trust your instincts, apply right away and life may never be the same again. 




This is definitely not for everyone…


This program is designed to coach you step by step through ONE FULL YEAR of transformation and awakening. It is a powerful combination of spiritual coaching, constant mentoring, and hands-on activities that enables you to deeply and completely engage in all levels of your being: conscious, subconscious, and unconscious - physical, emotional and spiritual. The astonishing consequence is one whole year of constant, disciplined, focused spiritual transformation — the kind that would probably be next to impossible on your own. But you have to be ready for such an experience... 

This program is NOT cheap (since I have to give you the one resource that I have the least: time) and I cannot help you earn it either while you are enrolled in this program because that is an entirely different type of focus from what this program is intended for.


If you would like to have a personal coaching with me but are not ready for such a commitment, visit: Private Coaching Session

Are You Ready to Embark on Such an Intense and Committed Journey?

First off, you need to be already performing well in life. You need to know your dreams and your basic needs should be more than taken care of. In other words, if you are a struggling salesman trying to make a living who has an anger problem, this may not be the thing for you. This is not the program where I deal with anger issues, or stress management, or anything like that. If you are a beginner in self development, read my book, go for one of the live classes or read other books in the market dealing with whatever issue you are working on, go do some meditation or self hypnosis course, see a therapist, etc and then when you have more or less cleaned your inside, having fun with life, and now ready to take it to the masters level, come and apply for this.

By the way, this Spiritual Coaching Program is by application only and I must warn you there also is a waitlist from my other students who were not able to get into the program last year.

Secondly, you need to be willing to transform all areas of your life. All areas mean: ALL AREAS. This program is designed to change you into a completely new individual. Your personality will be changed, your love life will be super charged,  your emotional control will be much higher, your relationships will be revamped, and your looks will change. If you are not willing to go through such a transformational experience, this is not the right program for you.

Thirdly, you have to be willing to invest a lot of time on yourself. This is NOT a coaching program where you have a tele-conference with me twice a month for half an hour and we have an interesting chat. While we’ll have a lot of interesting chats, you will need to do a lot of work on yourself. In this program you will be going through literally hundreds of books, audio, video, trainings, activities, experiments, outings etc. For the next one year, every week will be learning one more breakthrough knowledge, one more reality bending exercise, one more activity that will challenge you to go forward! You will learn not only from me, but most of the world leaders of personal development, completely tailored to your progress and dream.


Finally and MOST IMPORTANTLY: This is NOT an educational program where you learn interesting things, it is a personal transformation system that revolves around taking your dreams to the marketplace and offering your gifts to the world. This is about finding your true purpose and preparing you completely over the next one year so you are ready to serve the world in whatever way you choose to. This is about massive learning and growing while we prepare for the real life. But this is definitely NOT about sitting home and becoming all knowledgeable!


The Fee…  
Everything has a price and you always get what you are willing to pay for. As mentioned above, its not cheap specifically because this program requires me to commit my time and resources for a whole year. I cannot do that for everyone no matter how much I want to help people. If the price is a big issue for you, that is a sign that this is not the right time for you to commit to a intense program like this. 

The fee for this 1 year program is $9000 payable monthly in 12 installments of $750.  
Important Notes:
1. You can discontinue anytime from the program or even request a full refund after the very first session if you think this is not the right program for you. But if you choose to continue, after the second session (second week of the program) there will be no more refunds. You have the right to discontinue at any time due to whatsoever reason, in such an event your enrollment will be cancelled immediately and you will not be billed any further.
2. Before you apply, please ensure you have enough funds and means of payment* to begin the program. If you are selected, the next step will be an invitation to make the payment so we can start the program as soon as possible. If you do not have the time or resources to pay the fees or to begin the program, kindly don't apply right now. I go through each and every application personally and weeding out candidates who are not ready wastes a lot of my time.
*All payments are via Credit Card or Bank Transfer. If qualified, first payment needs to be made before the first session.

You can't just send in a cheque! You have to prove that you are the right candidate for this program. I want to be absolutely sure this program is right for you before I can accept you. The reason is simple: this is not just a product that you buy off the Internet. This exclusive coaching program is a highly dedicated partnership where both myself and you are concerned with one common outcome: transforming your entire reality. This is a highly committed full 1 year process therefore only the most deserving are chosen.


So… Do you qualify?

Here are the qualifications that are necessary to enroll for this program:

  • You MUST have a passion to learn and grow!
  • You MUST have a willingness to help other human beings.
  • Be willing to experience positive transformation in every area of your life.
  • Prepared to invest at least 20 hours per week on yourself for the next one year.
  • Be prepared to outgrow everyone and everything around you.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all sensitive information that you will be exposed to during this one year.
  • Commit to complete the program whatever it takes, no matter what!

Bottom line - I'm looking for 5 very dedicated, committed, and highly motivated individuals who are ready to take their life into the next level. People who are not content with where they are now and know with a little help they can make a quantum leap! Individuals who are ready to ascend into a miraculous life full of wonder and magic... who are ready to become a Teacher of the world!


If you would like to have a personal coaching  with me but are not ready for such a long commitment, visit: Private Coaching Session

If you think you’re a qualified for this program, please fill up the form below and apply right now. If you qualify, I’ll personally get in touch with you and send you the instructions to complete your enrollment. But hurry! Remember, only 5 people will be selected for this year.

I wish you all the best,

Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach



Initial Application Form
Note: If you have submitted this form in the past and would like to re-apply, DO NOT use this form again. Simply follow the format below and send me an email at secretsofshafin [at] gmail.com
Country of residence:
Phone Number:
Brief intro to your life situation:
Brief intro of what you would like to achieve:
Any other important information:

By applying I confirm that:

1. I am ready and willing to enroll in this 1 Year Spiritual Coaching Program.

2. I have the financial means and also necessary free time to enroll in the program immediately.

3. I understand that this coaching program will never constitute any legal or medical advice of any sort. I agree to use all information made available on this program at my own risk.

4. I am over 18 years old, reasonably healthy, am not suffering from any neurological/psychological disease that may interfere with this program.

5. I am NOT under any medication that alters mood or treats psychosomatic disorders e.g antidepressants.




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