n.o.w. 432 Hz-Tuned Meditation Aid

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Practising meditation has never been easier or quicker. All you have to do is press ON, and listen for 3 minutes twice a day. Making use of 432 Hz sound therapy (without guided meditation), the two-speaker device is capable of reducing blood pressure, and anxiety, and helps you fall asleep easier.

After using the device for 3 minutes, a customer with medication-resistant high blood pressure and anxiety noticed a drop of over 20 systolic and 12 diastolic points.

No need for an internet connection or further instructions.

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7 reviews for n.o.w. 432 Hz-Tuned Meditation Aid

  1. Customer

    I’ve really enjoyed using the N.O.W. system, having tried my hand at many different methods of meditation and mindfulness, this system definitely helps me focus in ways I haven’t achieved with any other method. I often find my work to be a source of anxiety and stress, but have found that using the N.O.W. system before and after work sessions has helped me greatly in my ability to connect and disconnect, making me more productive yet also more content in my home life. Very highly recommended!

  2. Customer

    If you have anxiety disorder, and / or knowledge of EMDR therapy, the sensation of the “bells” ringing in each hand, and the cross of the sound and vibration from left to right or right to left…. This sensation is extremely soothing to me, and it reminds me very much of the therapeutic sensations the paddles that you hold during EMDR would give.
    It is also hard to settle your mind when you have anxiety. The practice of focusing ONLY on the bell sound with the purpose of quieting all other thoughts is the basis of most Eastern meditation. You want to clear your mind as entirely as you can. Not think about ponies and rainbows or whatever like we do in the west.
    So I get two things from these bells (as I call them).
    1. I get a major physical soothing from the vibration and “movement” of the sound.
    2. I also get mind-clearing, which is what you truly want from any meditation.
    Anxiety Disorder and PTSD are hell. Hell that you can’t begin to understand if you don’t have it. Imagine that terrifying feeling RIGHT before the rollercoaster drops. Then imagine having it continuously, that sensation, for minutes or hours at a time without relief. Please be kind to people who have these burdens, if you are a person who has never felt like you were dropping from a rollercoaster for an hour straight.

    For anyone with anxiety Disorder or PTSD, the stuff I’ve said here is exactly what some of you are seeking because it’s what I’m seeking. You understand my language about anxiety because it’s yours too.

    No bells can cure a disorder. Seek help. You will be super surprised at how not alone you are. Medication is essential for many disorders, and if you are a person who has these struggles but doesn’t accept that you may need medication, with respect that you need to get over that. It is not a weakness to accept help, but it is a form of cowardice and avoidance if you know you need help, and choose not to get it. You are in that case literally choosing to dump your problems you are hiding from on your relationships. This will eventually cost you those relationships.
    Meditation is a piece that you can add to your own peace puzzle. These bells are great and you may be able to enjoy the same benefits I have.

  3. Customer

    I thoroughly enjoy these mini magical music pucks! The sound quality is absolutely fantastic and I love the calming Tibetan bowl tones that gently wash over me. The way the sound resonates between my ears and through my brain is eargasmic! Think ASMR meets meditation. It’s almost like I become one with the tones and vibrations. Why did I buy these little speakers? I didn’t NEED them. Oh, yeah…it’s because I have so much tension, stress and anxiety I thought that I might enjoy a little daily relaxation break! Yes, they were pricey. Will I send them back because I feel guilty for spending so much on a luxury item? Nope. I have had them for nearly a week and I’ve fallen in love with these puppies! I would be sad if I sent them back. Honestly, I don’t know of any other item that would compare to this experience – headphones are not the same nor is just listening to singing bowls on a regular speaker. The closest comparison is watching Tibetan singing bowls on YouTube on my Oculus. Even that does not provide the same experience.

    I knew when I bought the n.o.w. system that they only played for 3 minutes at a time. I understand that’s they way the inventor wanted it and he has his reasons. BUT, like so many people on here have mentioned, 3 minutes is not long enough and I always want more time. There is a workaround for that issue if you look in the question/answer section on Amazon. I did this and now they play for a long time. I don’t know how long because I haven’t listened long enough bey it’s been 40 min and still chiming. My apologies to the inventor for hacking them, buy I like it a lot better now that it plays longer.

    I think the n.o.w. system is fantastic. It provides a wonderful calming effect. While using n.o.w., I feel like I can let go and lose myself in the tones. Quite enjoyable!

  4. Customer

    I’ve started using N.O.W. as part of my daily practice. The tones are soothing, and interplay nicely between the ears when placed either side of the head. I used them at about 1-2ft away in a quiet room. Any closer and they are too loud for me. But this will depend on your background noise level.

    N.O.W. is a great tool for a quick meditation when you feel like you don’t have time for a long sit. I’d say that’s their biggest feature; They are kind of like the fast food of meditation, in a good way. They allow me to keep my practice going when life’s walls a squeezing in and stealing my time.

    They feel solid, like they will survive a few knocks. And they are quite aesthetically pleasing too.

    The SD cards inside are MSDOS32 format, and open on a Mac without any extra software. On the SD card you can see the .wav files and even add your own. This is a great feature, that I hope they will keep, as it will allow me to record wind chimes, and other sounds I would like to meditate to. The .wav format is 44.1khz 16bit (CD quality). This quality sounds absolutely fine for this application, though higher quality would be preferred.

    Things to improve:

    – Add more volume levels (I would like an ultra-quiet level for using at night).
    – Provide additional sound packs for people to purchase and download.
    – Allow 196khz 24bit wav files, for an ultra-high quality audio experience. (May not be possible with the current hardware.

  5. Customer

    These are so peaceful and really help with anxiety, relaxation, and meditation for myself.
    I even use these to help calm my ADD child at night when she can’t go to sleep or when she is overwhelmed. They work so well. Definitely worth it. I will be buying another set for our family.

  6. Customer

    I bought this for my mediation yoga practice . I have CPTSD also and I’ve read about this awhile ago and this one teacher has used it . I enjoy this it’s like 3 minutes of therapy with the use of singing bowls without actual having to play them . Although I have done sound baths before people used gongs for 15 minutes in a yoga room which was awesome this is little like that but play this anytime . I also use the music on my phone or other speakers to see if I feel a difference and it’s always better to hear it actual form then device. However a in person gong meditation is the best but that can be little much for my ears . I have sensitive hearing too so alot of times I cannot listen to those
    Crystal or singing bowls because hurts my ears .. these do not hurt … I don’t think I would increase the sound either . I wished it had like a carry box or bag with it for this price and I’m not sure why they have a mirco sd card spot I haven’t figure out if I can put sd card in it or what ..

  7. Customer

    Does it work? Doesn’t it work? Welllllll

    It depends. The tones played have a deep resonance that you can feel, and have the effect of pushing a lot of noise/chatter out of your head. I have so many channels open all the time and so far i’ve been able to reduce it to one, which is nice, but I’ve yet to achieve a meditation like state. That said, I do feel mentally clearer after using it.

    But that’s me. I took it to my work for my coworkers to try and everyone who used it really liked it; one who had been on a double said she’d felt completely drained before using it but it cleared her mind and calmed her emotions. Everyone commented on how it really disrupted their thought processes in a good way, made them feel mentally refreshed after the 3 minutes.

    One caveat, at least for me: you need an already relatively quiet environment to use it in. As the tones ebb and flow, sounds from around you can easily intrude on you which makes the experience less rewarding.

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