Meditation White Noise Sound Machine & Night Light

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Looking for a way to relax and get a good night’s sleep? Get this white noise sound machine that also has an adjustable nightlight.

There are 30 natural soothing sounds to block out the outside world. And, with 12 colours of night lights with adjustable brightness, you can do some nighttime reading before bed.

The Meditation White Noise Sound Machine & Night Light also has a timer function so you can gradually fade out the sound and light without being startled by a sudden shutdown. Best of all, the memory function remembers your last sound and volume settings.

Use it to prep yourself for sleep and meditation. Or take it away on business trips to sleep easier.

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4 reviews for Meditation White Noise Sound Machine & Night Light

  1. Customer

    This is so perfect for my desk at work. I work in a pretty loud environment and this really helps me tune in and stay focused on tasks. If you have ADHD, I HIGHLY recommend. Will be buying another for bedroom.

  2. Customer

    Does Amazon want dissertations in order to get on Vine? I’ll try to make this to the point. This isn’t my first attempt to get a good sleep/sound machine. My two others were a terrible frequency and mostly static. Anyone buying one for their baby should try it on themselves first. I’m very happy with this one! This has a melodious sound and is very pleasant to sleep to. Everything in the description is accurate. It has 30 sounds to chose from. A nice feature is that it will come back to the last sound that you set it on, so you’re not having to go through each of them when you try to turn it on. My favorites are heartbeat and meditation.

  3. Customer

    Nice, small, and simple to use. The light is toned so it’s just a glow. I do turn the light off when sleeping. It’s nice.

  4. Customer

    This is not battery operated and must be plugged in to operate – so you might need a longer power cable, if you don’t have an outlet close to where you wish to use this. I buy longer cords for just about everything USB, as most ship with short cables – but buying cables in bulk is pretty easy on Amazon 🙂

    I really do like this mid-sized sound machine and the ability to dim all the different colors of lights – not just the white or yellow light!! And it dims very low and gets pretty darn bright too (depends on the color). Great nursery light. I use it as a night light in my bedroom and with red light, as that doesn’t cause any vision issues due to light blindness like with white light (think sunspots), so my eyes don’t have to adjust to see in the dark after having a light on. The same goes for green light, but I find that too bright.

    The sound is a bit tinny, but for the price I didn’t expect a Bose sound machine. Very easy to operate and the buttons work as expected.

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