Stress and Anxiety Mindful Breathing Necklace

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Use this stress-relief necklace wherever you are to practice mindful breathing. Through gentle exhalation through the necklace, the device trains you to slow your breath, heartbeat, and blood pressure.

Sometimes, all you need is a reminder to breathe deeply and slow down to alleviate anxiety and panic attacks.

This is a great gift for loved ones who struggle with anxiety.

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6 reviews for Stress and Anxiety Mindful Breathing Necklace

  1. Customer

    This stress and anxiety necklace really works! I have suffered from stress related panic attacks and am always on the lookout for things to help me. When I saw this, I was skeptical at first, but decided to try it out because of the many positive reviews. I have to say that this is a winner. After following the directions, I discovered myself relaxing and yawning within seconds. This is such a great find for stress relief. I highly recommend!

  2. Customer

    I suffer from anxiety on a day to day basis. I do therapy, meditation, breathing, yoga, etc. Anything to try to stay in the “calm”. I came across this kind of breathing tool on another website (Komuso). However, the price on those things is pretty high. While I can appreciate good quality and having to pay to get that quality, it was just way out of my price range. I searched online for weeks trying to find an alternative. I considered wood ones, bamboo ones, etc. But they were not pretty and I was worried about them going with my work outfits. Then I came across this one. I searched through reviews and did my homework before buying. I have had it for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it so far. The packaging was very nice. I got the rose gold one. It so beautiful, and it works with all of my outfits. No one even knows what it is! Not that I am worried what people think, but I don’t like explaining it to everyone I meet. It works if you follow the instructions and really focus on your breath. I have used it several times to calm me down and it really helped. This is especially important when I get anxious while driving and need to calm down fast. Great purchase. I am so grateful for this item.

  3. Customer

    I ordered this pendant in gold and it’s really nice looking (even though it reminds me of some of the memorial ash pendants). But I didn’t order this for its appearance, I want to see how well it worked as a breathing tool because I need something to remind me to breathe properly and always open to tools and new methods for destressing. This hollow tube pendant is 2-5/16″ long, and came on a 27″ neckchain. Both pendant and neckchain are good quality and they come in a nice giftbox.

    Using it for breathing: I really did not think breathing through this pendant would do anything for relaxation, but to give it a fair chance I followed the instructions. You inhale deeply through your nose, then exhale for 8 – 10 seconds to release all the air. This is to be repeated at least 5 times. I must be able to breathe in a lot of air because it usually takes 12 – 13 seconds to release all the air. So far, every time I have followed these steps at least 5 times I always start to yawn by the 4th or 5th exhale. And I really am more relaxed! I tried this several evenings in a row and it worked every time. So I am now a believer and thrilled to have this pendant! If you are looking for something to help with breathing for relaxation this is definitely worth trying. It’s a 5-star item all the way!

  4. Customer

    I got this for me and my 9 year old son took interest in it and now it’s his. He really loved the idea of a necklace to help you not get stressed. It doesn’t have much resistance on the tube like I thought it would in order to slow down breathing but it does work and it’s mostly a mind thing.

  5. Customer

    I have struggled with anxiety my entire life and I’m always looking for products that can help me manage my anxiety better. This necklace does a great job of doing that. It takes a little practice getting used to doing the breathing properly, but when you do it works amazing. The necklace is well-made and seems like it will last a long time. Wonderful addition to my anxiety toolbox!

  6. Customer

    I have a lot of trouble with anxiety. I know breathing can help with it, so I am interested in seeing if breathing out through a tube will help. It does slow down your breath. I don’t think it will help me do things I really don’t feel comfortable doing (like travel), but maybe it will help me get through things I can’t avoid.

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