Subliminal MP3: Become More Assertive

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Is it hard for you to be assertive? Do you feel rude to stand up for yourself? Are you uncomfortable with saying “no”? With this subliminal recording, you can achieve your goals and be assertive, without being aggressive.

Rewire your unconscious mind to replace negative associations about assertive behaviour with positive ones. Feel more comfortable standing up for yourself when someone disrespects your feelings, thoughts, desires and values.

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2 reviews for Subliminal MP3: Become More Assertive

  1. Customer

    4 months ago I was promoted as our office sales manager, I have always been good at my job, but when I took over as manager productivity dropped, and so did sales. There was some resentment that I got the position, and I was not getting much respect from the teams. After a month of listening to your leadership qualities album I feel much more confident and assertive, I feel truly competent as a leader, and have won a lot of respect back. The real proof is is in the figures, which this month have been the highest in 9 months!

  2. Customer

    Your subliminal self hypnosis confidence mp3 has changed my life, I can’t believe how different my life is just 2 months on! I am much more outgoing, I have a lot more fun, and feel a lot more comfortable, I can’t thank you enough!

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