Subliminal MP3: Improve Confidence

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Are you a wallflower at gatherings? Do you want the confidence to pursue your dreams, date, and make more friends? Use this subliminal recording to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Transform your mindset to become more confident and stop worrying about what people think of you. Get that promotion at work!

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3 reviews for Subliminal MP3: Improve Confidence

  1. Customer

    After initially being wary of subliminal tapes and alternative therapies I have now bought several of your subliminal mp3s. I have noticed several changes internally, and mainly with my internal dialog to myself. So far I have become more motivated and task orientated, and seem to be much more focussed and able to concentrate, and I will certainly be coming back for more in the future!!

  2. Customer

    I bought your ‘improve confidence’ album. Honestly I was highly sceptical and didn’t think it would work, but I tried it anyway. I have always been quite anxious about my appearance and how people perceive me, therefore have always been shy and quiet. Two weeks after listening to the album nightly I realised that I am much more open and confident around people. It happened so gradually that I didn’t even realise I had changed so much. As you can tell I am very happy with the results and was even thinking about buying some more albums!

  3. Customer

    I am a computer programmer, and I used to be very awkward socially, and nervous around new people – with my real friends I could relax and just be myslef, but meeting new people I was always self conscious. I have always wanted to get past this but always struggled.Previously I tried both hypnosis and repeating positive affirmations, and they seemed to help a little at the time, but I would always go back to being awkward again after some time.

    Last month I tried your confidence subliminals, and wow, how different I feel today compared to just a few weeks ago!!. I wouldn’t say I am James Bond or a total extrovert yet haha, but I have made massive improvements in my social skills, and just in how I feel inside when I meet new people, talk with people and make small talk is amazing. I feel much more natural.

    This last week I found myself looking forward to going out to a bar with some work colleagues – something I would usually try and avoid, but this week I was looking forward to it, and I actually had a lot of fun, which again is pretty rare for me in this sort of setting 🙂 I felt relaxed, I chatted with people a lot, and I even started some conversations with people outside of our group, my friends were actually shocked as this has never happened before haha.

    I really do feel like a new person and am making progress every day – I love your album and love that I can just play it on a morning as I get ready for work, it’s like it sets me up for the day.

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