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The beauty of the human experience lies in the fact that we can shape our lives to be whatever we truly desire. More of us are waking up to the idea that we are the creators of our reality, but a lot of us don’t know what it means to do so. We don’t realize that energy is a game, and we are the ones moving the pieces to achieve that ultimate win, or, in this case, our ultimate reality.

How Does Energy Help Shape Our Reality?

Energy is in everything. It is the inseparable, non-tangible, binding factor for all matter in the universe. It’s the one thing that cannot be created nor destroyed; energy simply exists for us to use and create with it.

Redefining our reality starts with an understanding of how energy works in relation to our thoughts. I think it’s safe to say we have all fallen victim to what is usually called a “self-fulfilling prophecy”: when we convince ourselves that something is going to go wrong and then we prove ourselves right. This happens because our perception of the situation was negative, therefore, the energy that follows will lead to the ending that was already conjured up in the mind.

Energy flows where thoughts go. So, if your thoughts are “I will not be happy today”, your brain is going to perceive every event that day as something that fuels that narrative. Over time, this negative belief system becomes ingrained in the brain. It’s hard to create your dream reality while operating from this mindset.

Now, we can flip this around and learn to use the energy to bring us closer to the life we envision. Redefining our reality is all about shifting our perception; being able to realize that things are happening for us and not to us.

Perception is Everything

What makes this human experience unique is the fact that we all live in different realities. Our perception of life is what separates us from each other. This is why you may see one friend looking happier in life while your other friend always talks about how miserable everything is. This is simply a difference in perception between those two people.

Now, what if your friend who views life as a never-ending miserable cycle is unknowingly creating that reality for themselves? Most people are not aware that their negative thoughts create a vortex of energy that will continuously feed that narrative until they shift how they perceive the events in their lives.

How do we change our thought patterns so we can shift our perception and allow energy to flow the way we want it to? Start by asking yourself questions.

Questions allow for the brain to wake up and be ignited, especially when they are ones that go against the negative thoughts we often cycle through. The idea is to train your brain, so your automatic response isn’t coming from a “lack” mindset but rather from an “abundant” mindset.

Below will be some questions that can be used to start the process of altering perception:

  • What lesson can I learn from this situation?

This allows our mind to start perceiving events that happen in our daily lives as something that helps us, rather than hinders us.

  • Why do things always work out for me?

A big lesson in life is learning we cannot always control the outcome. Sometimes things work out differently than we planned for, which can make us feel like failures. But really, what if that happens to just re-direct us to the path we need to be on?

  • What are some positive things that have happened today (or lately)?

Re-training the brain is a process, there will be days where we perceive everything as bad or negative. Questioning and forcing our brain to see the light where we feel there is none creates new pathways where energy can flow.

  • How can I approach this situation differently?

Challenging yourself to think outside of your normal comfort zone will allow your mind to expand in the way it perceives “negative” events that occur in our daily lives.

Quick Recap

Before moving on, let’s reflect on what we know so far about redefining our reality. We know that energy is the driving force behind life. Every thought, feeling, behavior, and action we have, energy follows.

Our perception can shape the way energy flows. Again, having a negative perception harvests negative thoughts, and energy has no choice but to go in that direction. When we flip that around and re-train our brain to create more positive thoughts, our perception alters, which in turn, the flow of energy follows suit.

The Other Piece to the Puzzle

We have established that redefining our reality starts with shifting the perception in our mind so that energy can flow in a positive motion. Energy doesn’t just attach to our thoughts, though, redefining our reality is also followed up by action.

Positive thinking goes nowhere without inspired action to carry it through the finish line. Our dream reality starts with the mind, but we are humans in a physical world, so therefore physical action to match the newly positive perception must be part of the formula.

How Does Inspired Action Redefine Our Reality?

Before breaking this down further, we must understand what inspired action means. Inspired action is intentional action. To get to the point of shifting realities, a deep inner calling more than likely took place. Listening to the intuitive thoughts that flow to us without effort is the first step, and the next is turning those intuitive hits into actionable steps.

The actionable steps each person takes are specific to their reality and what they are trying to achieve. Typically, we must take steps that are outside of our comfort zone.

Without acting, the energy has no place to flow. Opportunities can’t come to us simply by just thinking of them, we must also co-create with energy to make things happen.

Let’s Give an Example

Let’s say that in your current reality, you are not happy with your career. You envision a life where you can travel, have more freedom, and not feel stuck behind a desk. Every day you wake up dreading going into the office, and it has made your perception of life negative. You feel like life will always be stressful and you will never escape working for that terrible boss.

In this example, the person who is unhappy with their life is continuously fueling that narrative by waking up every day with the same thought patterns. They have convinced themselves that nothing will change for them. Therefore, by the laws of nature (or energy), nothing will change for them.

How does this person start breaking the chains of the current reality so they can step into one that is more aligned with their true desires?

If you answered by saying it starts with a question, you are right!

In this example, we should be asking ourselves “What limiting beliefs am I currently holding?”. We can see that the limiting beliefs are centered around not believing it is possible to find a career that is suitable for the life we want. Typically, this is because someone has convinced us at some point in time that what we are asking for is impossible.

Once we ask ourselves the hard questions, we have to put our new perception into actionable steps to reach the desired outcome. When it comes to a career, this can be anything from searching online for new jobs to getting a certificate in a trade you’ve always wanted to try or even starting out on that entrepreneurial path if that is what calls your soul.

Aligning with Your Reality

This might be obvious, but the actionable steps we take to redefine our reality must also be aligned to what we are asking for. If someone is unhappy with their career, they wouldn’t find a new job that has a lot of the same things they disliked about the last job.

If one’s dream is to create travel content so they can visit all the places they love, they wouldn’t take steps towards a desk job with 5 days off a year. That wouldn’t make sense for the reality they are trying to create.

But if that person starts posting videos of the places they’ve been that are on already on their phone, this is aligned with the reality they are trying to create. The energy now has a place to flow to that makes sense.

Focus less on every fine detail when it comes to creating a new reality, and rather on listening to the calling of your intuition.

Our Intuition is the Best Guide

Stepping into a new life or new reality pushes us to listen to our true inner callings. We may have many times throughout our lives where we outgrow the current reality we are in. At any point in time, if we are not happy with the world we have created, we have the power to change it!

Our intuition will give us gentle nudges along the way; it’s up to each of us to listen to that part of ourselves when it comes through to be heard. Intuitive hits come in as an inner knowing. We often can’t explain our intuition, all we can do is listen to it, and put one foot in front of the other when it asks us to go down a path we are not familiar with.

To redefine your reality, you must be comfortable with the unknown. As mentioned above, sometimes life will throw us off our path only to build us up to something even better. So, although we are the creators of our lives, the energy surrounding us will often take the course necessary to put us on the best trajectory towards our desired reality.

Advice For Your Journey

Making changes can feel scary, and walking into a new reality is daunting. Essentially, you are stepping into a version of yourself that you haven’t known to exist yet. Push back against what your ego tells you and go with where your intuition nudges you. Creating your reality with this mindset will allow the energy to flow more freely.

We are made to believe that we have no control over the direction our life goes. While we can’t control every aspect, we can propel ourselves closer to the version of life we want to experience by shifting our thoughts. Being aware of the limitations of our minds will only bring more self-awareness over time. Each time we’re ready to alter our reality, it will become easier with this increased awareness.

 Another thing we must realize is that each person in our life will perceive and experience life differently. This doesn’t make one person right or wrong, simply we get to co-exist while helping each other achieve our desired reality whether we consciously realize that or not.

 Time to Take the First Step

You’ve read how to jumpstart your new life, now it’s time to put this newfound knowledge into action. Start by looking at one area of your life you would like to change. This can be your romantic life, friendships, career, or any other area that needs tending to.

Once you have chosen the area of your life you would like to work on, it’s time to ask yourself questions that can start altering your perception. Again, these are questions that will spark new pathways in your mind for the energy to find a way through.

Once you have an idea of what stands between you and your desired reality, it’s time to tap into your intuition. Our intuition will nudge us in what actionable steps to take. Throughout the process, don’t forget to check in with your thoughts. As we know, our thoughts shape our reality. We won’t always be perfect, but trying to remain present in your daily life and continuing to push against your comfortability will yield you the results you desire, which is a whole new reality completely designed just for you!

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