Transformative Grief Coaching - Navigate Loss & Find Support

As you adjust to this new reality that you didn’t want or didn’t choose, let me help you uncover a pathway to a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

How Can Grief Coaching Help Me?

Moving forward is possible, and you don’t have to navigate your grief alone. Start your journey with me today and rediscover the strength within you.

Unlike traditional forms of counseling or therapy, grief coaching focuses on a proactive and goal-oriented approach, helping you set specific objectives while you move through your grief journey.

As a Certified Grief Coach,  B.R.E.A.T.H.E Facilitator, and Chopra Coach, I am  here to guide, encourage, and support you in moving forward while honoring your loved ones’ memories.

Grief coaching focuses on future growth, working together to establish goals, explore coping mechanisms, and build inner strength.

I offer a structured and supportive environment that facilitates personal growth and healing, recognizing that each person’s grief journey is unique and tailoring the support to meet your individual needs.

For those feeling stuck or who find it challenging to move forward after a loss, grief coaching serves as a compass. By setting achievable milestones and offering continuous guidance, my goal is to assist you in rediscovering purpose and meaning in your life.

Is Grief Coaching Right For You?

Are You Seeking Support, Not Solutions?
Grief coaching provides a safe space where you can express your emotions without feeling the pressure to be “fixed.” My approach focuses on support, understanding, and a safe space to navigate your unique journey. 

Do You Need a Compassionate Listener?
Sometimes, all you need is a compassionate ear to listen without judgment. I am here to hold space for you, allowing you to share your story at your own pace. Your feelings are valid, and I am here to acknowledge and honor them.

Are People Trying to “Push” You Through Your Grief?
Do you feel like people expect you to be over your grief by now? Grief coaching recognizes that moving forward is a process, not a race. Grief is unique journey and I will offer you guidance without pushing you through or rushing your grief.

Do You Feel Alone?
Feeling isolated in your grief is a common experience. I offer a supportive environment where you can explore your feelings without fear of judgment.

Do You Want to Move Forward, But Aren’t Sure Where to Start?
Unsure of how to move forward in your life? I offer personalized guidance to help you navigate the path ahead. I work with you to identify achievable steps that align with your journey ahead.

Are You Looking For Ways to Honor Your Loved One?
Discover meaningful ways to honor and memorialize your loved ones. We will work together to co-create heartfelt ways to celebrate the lives of those you’ve lost, turning grief into a tribute.

Do You Feel Stuck In Your Grief?
Together, we’ll explore ways to break free and move forward.

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