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1:1 Grief Coaching Package - My 8 week, one on one grief coaching program, helps you move through the pain of grief and find peace, purpose, and joy following a significant loss.

The B.R.E.A.T.H.E Model

This model is a comprehensive and effective framework that guides individuals through their grief journey, offering them the support they need to move forward:

B. Being Clear (About who you are): Navigate through grief by fostering clarity not just in your emotions but in understanding and embracing who you are. Explore the depths of your identity to find a path forward in the midst of loss.

R. Reimagining your Life: Discover the power of envisioning a future beyond grief. Explore new possibilities, set fresh goals, and begin the journey of creating a life that reflects resilience and growth.

E. Engaging Your Tribe: Lean on the strength of your support network. Foster connections with friends, family, and community to share your grief journey, finding solace and understanding in the presence of others.

A. Accessing Your Own Inner Healer: Tap into your innate capacity for healing. Learn how to access and nurture the internal resources that can guide you through the healing process, fostering self-compassion and resilience.

T. Transforming Your View: Shift your perspective on grief by embracing a transformative outlook. Explore new ways of understanding loss and cultivate a mindset that promotes personal growth and positive change.

H. Honoring Your Loved One: Celebrate the memory of your loved one by creating meaningful rituals and memories. Find ways to keep their spirit alive in your heart and honor the impact they had on your life.

E. Embracing Change Through Hope: Embrace change as an inevitable part of the grief journey. Cultivate hope as a powerful force for transformation, allowing it to guide you toward a future filled with possibilities and renewed purpose.

Take the First Step Towards Healing
Embarking on a grief coaching journey means embracing healing, growth, and transformation. If you’re ready to take the first step towards reclaiming your life after loss, contact me today to schedule a session.

Why Choose Grief Coaching with Gloria?

Personalized Approach: I understands that everyone’s grief journey is unique. I tailor each coaching sessions to your individual needs, ensuring that you receive the support you require.

Proven Methodology: The B.R.E.A.T.H.E model has helped countless individuals find healing and transformation. I will help you discover the power of this effective approach.

Safe and Confidential Space: Your emotions and experiences will be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. I will provide a safe environment for you to express yourself openly.

Lasting Impact: Grief coaching  goes beyond just coping with loss. It empowers you to rebuild your life with purpose, resilience, and a renewed sense of vitality.

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Experience a complimentary 25-minute exploration session designed to provide insight into how my grief coaching program can support you. During this personalized consultation, we’ll discuss your unique needs, address any questions you may have, and together, determine if this program aligns with your journey towards healing and well-being



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