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  • Meditation White Noise Sound Machine & Night Light


    Looking for a way to relax and get a good night’s sleep? Get this white noise sound machine that also has an adjustable nightlight.

    There are 30 natural soothing sounds to block out the outside world. And, with 12 colours of night lights with adjustable brightness, you can do some nighttime reading before bed.

    The Meditation White Noise Sound Machine & Night Light also has a timer function so you can gradually fade out the sound and light without being startled by a sudden shutdown. Best of all, the memory function remembers your last sound and volume settings.

    Use it to prep yourself for sleep and meditation. Or take it away on business trips to sleep easier.

  • n.o.w. 432 Hz-Tuned Meditation Aid


    Practising meditation has never been easier or quicker. All you have to do is press ON, and listen for 3 minutes twice a day. Making use of 432 Hz sound therapy (without guided meditation), the two-speaker device is capable of reducing blood pressure, and anxiety, and helps you fall asleep easier.

    After using the device for 3 minutes, a customer with medication-resistant high blood pressure and anxiety noticed a drop of over 20 systolic and 12 diastolic points.

    No need for an internet connection or further instructions.

  • Rechargeable Sound Machine with Night Light


    Enjoy the ultimate in relaxation with 24 soothing sounds — including white noise, rain, and ocean waves — on this portable white noise machine.

    The five levels of warm lights make it ideal for reading at night. And the timer and memory function, lets you set it off automatically.

    This machine also doubles as a portable speaker with a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone and works unplugged on a full charge for 20 hours.

  • Stress and Anxiety Mindful Breathing Necklace


    Use this stress-relief necklace wherever you are to practice mindful breathing. Through gentle exhalation through the necklace, the device trains you to slow your breath, heartbeat, and blood pressure.

    Sometimes, all you need is a reminder to breathe deeply and slow down to alleviate anxiety and panic attacks.

    This is a great gift for loved ones who struggle with anxiety.